So much to write – so little time

Someone asked where I get all my energy from and if it aint ADHD it’s definitely LCHF ha ha, or just the fact that I’m happier than ever with my personal situation in life, not sure.

Woke up at 7 this morning to sort out some logistic issues with the merch and it feels great that it was finally taken care of :P . Once home I started doing some more webshop orders, then rest for 30 minutes and then a quick walk to the grocery store ha ha and then some running on top of that because I weighed myself this morning and I didn’t lose ONE GRAM during the last two weeks, and even though I don’t believe in running for losing weight (it just makes you more hungry which makes you eat more) I’ll still try to keep up with the exercise for a while and we’ll see where that takes me :P .

Gotta shower and all that now real quick and tomorrow I’ll have to go up at five so I’ll just pop some pillz and pass out ha ha!

Got so much on my mind but I hope to be able to do a few blog updates from work tomorrow :P .

Luv ya! Good night


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10 Responses to So much to write – so little time

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Harhar, and I still believe you’re the hyperactive týpe too. You remind me of a rubber ball sometimes, going boingboingboing all day *G*

    Gotta get up at 6:00 in the morning tomorrow as usual during the week but I’m in a klling mood that early while you are probably in a good mood. Nobody in their right minds speak to me before 9:00 and my 2nd cup of coffee *G*

    Anyway, thanks for the quick update and don’t overdo it with the pills my friend. Sleep tight, sweet dreams and take care, ok? You’re not 20 anymore after all ;-P

    Luv ya right back!

  2. Angelica says:

    London, you should dance if you want to lose some weight and still eat all you want.. with me it works as fuck ahah :)
    goodnight :)

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Oh and on a happier note – I found my bone necklace yesterday, yay! It had been hiding between the couch cusions *G* It’s a very short chain consisting of smaller and larger bones made of solid silver. I really missed it a lot. Glad you found yours more quickly.

  4. Ciara says:

    Well running helps ahahhahahah, its just a matter of time i lost lots of kilos by running and kick boxing ;)

  5. Erika says:

    Your teory about running makes me smile ahah mmm well I think that after a running you can eat everything you want without feeling guilty, because you’ve done your best for losing weight ahah u.u but maybe if I keep on eating just because I run a bit, I’ll become a fat muffin ahah :D Goodnight

  6. Heather Breeze says:

    That reminds me! Message me again if you run out of melatonin before you return to the US. I’ll be around, since, you know, I like you and all. :)

  7. Chardonay says:

    Haha dont take to much pills… We need you on stage in januari XD and running can help losing weight but can also creat more muscles so you will be a bit heavier cuz of the muscles, try to just eat healthy maybe it works… I lose weight if i work alot or stressed allot…
    Its also not the right way, but it works… :(
    Well atleast good night en a good night sleep can also be good for your

  8. Marmetal says:

    Your energy, motivation and determination gives me a good feeling too, so thank you! :) Take care of yourself and be careful, have a nice day my friend! ;)

  9. Jenny says:

    Admit it :D Are you sure that you are not drinking gummy bear juice??
    You know what I mean?? :D There was this children´s program on TV which was called “Adventures of the gummy bears” :D They jumped around like balls…
    Hahaa :D
    Yeah but when you realize that you overwork, relax okay?? :)

  10. Nadine says:

    Ha ha ha you are really like a rubber ball ;)
    you always do something and you don’t stop doing something.
    I like energy loaded guyz :D
    don’t overwork you and take care of you health.

    good night Peter and sweet dreams :)

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