Soumi Perkele

Alright, just arrived to the venue with loads of people outside, some had been waiting for 24 hours, in this Finish cold, that’s pretty impressive, I’ve probably never seen anything like this in Europe before. To everyone who were there – I hope you realize how much these things means to me. I’m the happiest man on earth :P .

Gotta start getting ready for the show, big thanks to Finland for welcoming us in this awesome way :P Cheers!


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8 Responses to Soumi Perkele

  1. Fhina says:

    Awww! Peter!
    That’s awesome, see you in a bit! :)

    Fhina//Streetteam :)

  2. Naddu says:

    Finland loves you! ;-)
    See you later! :)

  3. BabyJane'sSlut says:

    Aaw, we’re happy to make you happy :D I would lie to say it wasn’t even that cold (it’s always cold as Hell in here hrr) but we HAD to see ya guys and make sure to be in a front row as we did! xxxxo komm tillbaka ♥ Missing u already.

  4. Tiia says:

    The gig was so amazing!! Thanks for a great time at On the Rocks and Bar Bäkkäri Simon,Peter,Martin and Eric :) !! Love Ya ♥

  5. Petra says:

    Wonderful to hear that we make your happy! That long waiting was totally worth it, I do not regret my decision ever :D Yes it was cold as hell in the night but still what I would not do front row…Amazing show, what can’t I say: THANKS!! Hope see ya soon, miss you all ready <3 It was one of the best day of my life totally!

  6. Thanks alot, both gigs were awesome and night on bar bäkkäri totally best!! It’s really funny that I found picture of myself on your Instagram!! Thanks a lot /Tommy

  7. Starla says:

    1000 kiitos for amazing show! Finland was waiting for it soooo much! you all are rocked so damn hot, so we haven’t frozen, in spite of cold weather) come here with more gigs as soon as it will be possible)

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