Still jetlagged, wtf?

I managed to not sleep a second during the night. Fell asleep yesterday at 3 pm and woke up at 10 pm – so I spent the night looking over my financial situation, which did not really help the falling-asleep-process at all :P . It’s so fucking difficult to make any money at all in this business because everything around is us so expensive – back in the day bands got tour support money from the record labels – but we haven’t got a single dime for that of course so we have to pay all the expenses on our own. And it costs alot to travel that’s for sure. Our crew needs to paid as well, obviously.

I’d love to keep talking about the music industry and you’ll definately see more of that later on :) .

I managed to finally get a few webshop orders shipped earlier today. Still, there are loads of people waiting for their orders. Hope you guyz got my e-mails at least. I¨m hiring extra help during the weekend – so hopefully we¨ll be back on track by sunday!

Well, it’s getting late here and I really need to catch some sleep. I have to work tomorrow. U wanna know what I do? I’m a personal assistent. The best job in the world. Invented in California, my favourite place in the world, by the way. You guyz are smart :) .

Btw, I found a picture of me and my favourite aussie Trent. Don’t know where it was taken but it looks like I’m sleeping. Trent was with us in the US but now he’s back in Australia. He’s one of the best guyz I’ve ever met – Trent I miss ya loads! But you already now that of course :) .

See ya tomorrow! Night night


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  1. Chardonay says:

    Thats true, you hear from so many artist/bands that it cost a lot and not forgetting the download era we are living in! That destroys also alot of new bands & musicians…
    I hope the best for you guys, cant wait for the new album already pre ordered it!


  2. Natasha says:

    Ha music business talk… I’m right in the middle of my thesis and I’m quoting & quoting you on that! Best of luck with these financial probs, maybe when your ass is black with inked names the future’ll be brighter? :D hehe new business model I should talk about I guess!! Hugs & kisses xxx Nat

    • peterlondon says:

      Haha, funny, I was so drunk during that interview so you might let me check my quotes before you publish, OK? :) //LONDON

  3. Psychobunny says:

    I guess it’s not easy living the dream but it’s worth it, right? Seeing that you have the same every day trouble than everybody else proves that you’re just human as well which is good. And sharing those woes with us and being so downright honest about it is exactly what forges that special bond between you and your fans. And that goes for all of you guys. Keeping your feet firmly on the ground while your head sometimes is in the clouds is better than building castles in the sky and keeping a blind eye on reality.

    Personal assistant, hm? Depending on what you’re assisting with – can I hire you? :-D

    Gah, I shouldn’t try to be coherent at 5:30 in the morning without coffee. Keeping my tablet beside the bed is sometimes not such a good idea..

    Anyway, hope you were able to catch some sleep. Have a productive and stress less day. Mine will be filled with useless meetings today. So much for productivity on my side. It will be one of those too much coffee and getting nothing done kind of days. Me hates them.

  4. KATIA says:

    Hello Crashy Guyzz,
    welcome back to Ikea Homeland :-) happy to hear your american tour was a blast, and yes, i do understand that music industry is kinda vampire bloodsuckers but this is why i want to refer to what you wrote in your post London…they do not care for your healt either so, please, do it on your own. Have fun is good, alcohol abuse is not, dont get wasted as many past bands did and still do. Dont wanna sound like an old boring mom, just sayin these words flowing from my heart cuz i wanna listen to your music at least for the next 20 years so use your mind!! Your music is so inspiring and you all are so talented, please, dont get wasted!! ROCK N ROLL IS A STATE OF MIND!
    Best of luck guyz, you deserve the best, and sure we’ll meet soon in Italy! m/ MUCH LOVE TO MY FAV GUYZ :-)

    • peterlondon says:

      You sound like a wise girl for sure! We’ll be in italy during the first half of 2013, no doubt about that. I miss Italy, can’t wait! :) See ya during 2013 I hope :) Take care! //LONDON

  5. Marmetal says:

    Hey Peter,

    that’s sad to hear about the financial situation and how music business “works” now… We live in difficult and rough times, that’s for sure. When you can’t even make proper money from your passion and dedication, of course hard work too. Back in the days, 20-30 years ago you’d be sleeping on money and you’d have your own personal assistant ready for your every call. Very interesting thoughts and conclusions, wish I could talk to you about that more because it is an interesting topic. Try to sleep and have a good day!


  6. Minmin says:

    Hmmm I don’t have anything special to say but I just wanted to let you know that this blog is very motivating, inspirating and it often makes me smile too :) I lovet that never-give in kind of positive attitude that conveys via these blogs :)

    Hope I’ll be able to save enough money see Crashdiet many times in 2013, can’t really wait :)

    All the best for you!

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