Thank you Madrid!

We wanna thank all the fans who showed up in Madrid. We had an awsome night!
SOLD OUT!! Thanx to the promotor who took such good care of us and thanx to Gauntlet.


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11 Responses to Thank you Madrid!

  1. XiLaii says:

    Nice to hear things are going your way instead of the crap you’ve had to put up with recently :D

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Sounds like you guys are on the right track – keep rocking!

  3. LOURDES says:

    Thanks to all of you. Well done guys in Madrid. Such a brilliant band!!! Stay like this!!! Planning Rock Sweeden Festival (this year bands are amazing)…but not sure…by the way, only one concert in a country, it´s not enough… just a comment for the next time….Nice to know that there are bands with a very good live on stage and contact with people. I STILL BELIEVE!!!

  4. Marmetal says:

    Yes, definitely good to hear you in good moods and happy! :) And that there are still good promotors who can take care of you well :) . Makes me happy to read it. Glad you enjoyed Spain guys, now have a good day!


  5. Ken Crash says:

    It was an amazing concert with energy enough to power the whole of Madrid for a year!
    The place was packed and really rockin’.
    We where a lucky bunch to be there, enjoying the show!
    All the best to the most radiant band in the world.


  6. FayCd says:

    Glad to hear that Martin!

    It’s totally “sweet” !

    Keep on rocking!

  7. Vains says:

    Haha! Dritbra.
    Hehe, jeg mista R.I.S CD’en min og den var borte i 2 måneder. Så jeg bestilte en ny CD med en ny T-Skjorte…Og rett etterpå fant jeg CD’en i den gamle veska mi x_x
    Og nå har jeg mistet The Unattractive Revolution…Hehehehehehehh! Jeg skal lete etter den, når jeg finner den skal jeg aldri miste flere av CD’ene deres -.-

  8. filip says:

    nån kanske kan svara på detta men hur gamla är alla i crashdïet“???

  9. Thatsi says:

    Cruz och sweet är typ 32, london 29 men eric vet jag inte.. =P :]

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