The best day of my life, so far!!!

I had such an awesome day today!!!!

The following happened :

1. I’ve finally managed to hire my first personal assistant – a dream I’ve had for years. I’ve always felt that I needed longer days – or learn how to clone myself – but the right strategy is probably to ask for help :P . Now I can do it without feeling bad because this person get’s paid haha, his first day is on Monday so expect a full report on monday evening :) .

2. I bought a pair for Underground shoes that I’ve been looking at for ages, and I got them for free (because our awesome manager knows some people :P ).

3. I’ve wanted to have a pair of red leather pants for soooo long, probably 10 years or something, but I’ve never found a pair that fits good with the exact right tone of red, but a few days ago I found a pair, in my own wardrobe haha, but they didn’t fit but today I modified them to make them fit and they look soo awesome. Especially together with my new shoes! :)

4. My band looks better than ever and we’ll prove it on our first “next era” photo shoot tomorrow! There’s gonna be pictures taken for the album booklet and for the press. It’s gonna be sooo much fun.

5. I feel (and hopefully look) skinnier than ever – and all I did was skipping the carbs. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was that easy! :) I’ve also been way more energic than ever – that’s also a consequence of my new diet. I’ve felt fat my whole damn life, and also tired – but those days are over now. LCHF for life!

Time to sleep because I have to get up super early as always!

Luuuuv ya! :)



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23 Responses to The best day of my life, so far!!!

  1. Carrie says:

    Sounds really good! I wish ya guys luck to the photoshoot, have fun and make cool photos (how couldn’t you, you look so awesome already)! :]

  2. Brandon Holtry says:

    Awhhh it’s so nice too hear that you had such a great day! :D It couldn’t happen too a better person :) you deserve it more then anyone London!

    I can’t wait too see the new photos and I can’t wait too finally get my hands on the new masterpiece.

    Be safe out there and keep being happy. It’s great knowing that you are :)

  3. Viper says:

    this is soooo good to read! I hope I get to that place someday too…
    not to be whiny, but I am a tiny bit jealous now :(

  4. mica magallanes says:

    GREAAAT HONEY! I’m so happy for you! :D

  5. Marmetal says:

    That is amazing blog post, something many of us wanted to read, I’m sure! :) It’s great to see you happy because of not one reason, not two… not even three! But more :D . Personal assistant will surely make your life more calm so you can get more rest and you don’t have to worry about every little detail. Best of luck! Cool to hear about your pants and new shoes, looking forward to see the “new era” photos, whatever you mean with that ;) . Just don’t change your look guys too much, you look the best already, no need for radical metamorphosis :P . Skinnier than ever? Are you trying to say you’ve reached your goal of… what was that, 68 kilograms? :) If so, congratulations! Your positive approach and enthusiasm is contagious so, thank you ;) . Have a good night Peter!

  6. Chardonay says:

    Okay, peter last thing that you are is fat!!! Don’t get too skinny!!!

    But im really happy for you, my boss always says after a dark time… the sun will shine!!! Or i you feel like darkness/insequeritie is surrounding you… Search for the crack in it, and you’ll feel better!!!

    Or be like you and hire someone in to help you with some of your work. :p

    I wish you alot of fun and good luck with your new employee!!! :p


  7. Emilie says:

    So happy to hear this! And I can’t wait to see the pics of the upcoming photoshoot :D

  8. Rush says:

    So glad to hear so good news from you! :) It’s always nice to know that someone else is happy. And can’t wait to see the pants and shoes too, heh. ^^
    Good night and enjoy your next day! :)

  9. Psychobunny says:

    Glad to hear you had such a great day. Good luck with your PA. Hope he will survive :-P

    Where is a picture of you in your new outfit, hm? Can’t wait for the press photos either. Have fun!

  10. Oda says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you hired a PA :D oh and we want pictures of everything! Also it’s good that you’re happy with the way you look :)

  11. Oda says:

    And one more thing. I know you don’t drink and that’s really good but if you were to start drinking again just make sure you drink with care because the LCHF diet can be tough on your liver because of all the fat you eat and if you drink on top of that, you’re gonna end up with a fried liver. Wich wouldn’t be to much fun… So just a heads up :) god now I feel like a concerned mother xD anywayz have a good day!

      • Chardonay says:

        Are you crazy!!!

        Once a day, thats unhealthy peter!!!
        Don’t turn into a anorexia patient!
        If you reache your goal of 68 you should stop with losing wait befor it goes wrong…!

        Your pretty in your own ways, thats something my parents &friends learned me!!!
        Atleast try to eat 2x a day… only once is not healthy!!!

        We need a peter on stage with a lot of energie… Not an zombie without energie, that can pass out any momment…
        I hope you reache your goal soon… But
        dont turn back too alcohol abusing

        also… You should be very very very
        proud on yourself with what you’ve
        reached so far. :p
        i wish you ofcourse good luck further…

  12. Great to hear that!!! I’m so happy for you =P Kisses

  13. kamd says:

    cool.a big day~

  14. Kitty says:

    This is a post I like to read!!! Full of strenght and positive!!!
    Keep going like this, your happiness comes first.. if you reach it, you’ve reached the top! Congrats!! :D

    Big hug!!

  15. Elisa Marcon says:

    I’m SO happy for youuuu!!!
    Finnally i see you happy and this thing make me happy too! :)
    I think that you deserve all the good things which have been happening!
    A big hug!! :D

  16. Nadine says:

    It sounds awesome :D
    I’m really exciting about the photos.
    And of course i’m exciting to see you in your red lether pants :D
    push your sexy ass in the lether pants, take a photo and post it in the blog ;)

    The main thing is that you feel comfortable with your body.
    If you feel alright, life can`’t be better.

    sleep well my dear :)

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