Another day in the life of London!

Fuck, yesterday was boring but I was good, I’ve had all these lose pieces of papers, receipts and reports laying everywhere for ages but now they’re all sorted and it took only 15 hours with only short breaks for food to do it :P . Feels great to have it done though, I feel like a new person basically :P .

Today I went up early as always to do the web store’s stock inventory too and that’s is almost done too, I’m simply awesome.

All these things help to keep my mind busy with other things than alcohol, if you can’t overdo drinking at least I have to overdo running the company of the greatest sleaze band on earth right? Hahaha…

However in all honesty I’m starting to look forward to a little break actually but tomorrow I’ll have my 17 hours shift at work and I’ll even work nights the whole weekend (another safety precaution). Well well it’s almost Christmas, then I can rest, maybe.

Oh yeah and would you like to know how much I made from one whole summer of touring and a short tour in America? €550. That’s what a Swedish roadie get’s paid for one show only. At least some of the roadies we had before. One can only hope that the next album is well received amongst fans & critics he he he :) .

Off to a meeting now, talk soon!

Yours truly


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16 Responses to Another day in the life of London!

  1. Elena PrettyLittleThing says:

    Hej kompis :)

    Great to know that you feel good and that you share it with us too! It’s a good period for me as well, can’t wait for Christmas actually, how do you usually spend those days?

    Just wanted to leave a short reply and send you a big hug :)
    Take care!


  2. Psychobunny says:

    You’re awesome indeed – well done! I hate paperwork with a vengeance. The most boring task ever. It’s amazing how much paper we still produce despite the computer age.

    550 bucks??? That’s a joke and a bad one too. Makes me glad I have a regular job with a fix salary, boring as it is at times. But your life is much more fun and exciting so you can’t have everything I guess. But you should never stop trying!

    I’m 200% covinced that the new album will make lots of money now that you conquered the US as well. Btw, what happened to Sweetz DVD project? Haven’t heard anything about it for ages. I’m sure it will also bring you guys quite a bit of extra cash.

    Now back to work (yawn). Have fun at the meeting.

    Oh, did you get your new SIM card by now? Hope so.

  3. Chardonay says:

    Hahaha your really an awsome but also a crazy person! 17houres geeeh! Thats alot!
    The most houres that i worked on 1 day is 15 and i was broken and feeling like an zombie…
    Hope you’ll get your break/holliday soon! (and some beeter paychecks for the next album) :p


  4. Gaia says:

    550€?! Must be jocking, right? That’s insane!D: Well, I guess sometimes being a rockstar is not all a bed of roses as one can imagine, hehe. But still I wouldn’t mind swapping for a while the steady (but often boring) life of mine with the intense life of yours. ;) Btw, I just watched Sin City demo teaser and I fucking love it, I’m sure the whole album will be awesome, no need to worry about that man!

    Time to go on writing my thesis now. *yuck*

    Have a nice day.

  5. Sanna says:

    Hej Peter! jag ha tänkt på en sak, har dom andra killarna också jobb? Var jobbar dom?
    ha de bra!

  6. Nadine says:

    Yes,you’re absolutely right :)
    OMG !! 15 hours ?? Is that your serious ??
    That’s hard and Paperwork is so boring. But it has do be done.There’s no way around it.
    550 €…….. Are you kidding me ?? That’s a joke or ??
    i guess being a rockstar is hard but really cool :D
    The new album will be better, you’ll see. And you will give many cool concerts.
    I hope you will give many concerts in Germany :D
    I’ll wait for you guyz :)
    Have a nice day and don’t overwork you Peter :)

  7. Sammi says:

    $550 euros?! Thats crazy!!!

    You’ve probably thought of all this stuff, but in case you haven’t…

    - You guys could easily charge higher ticket prices here in the USA.. NYC was only $13 and my friend that went to the LA show said it was $15. You guys could get $25 to $35 for your tickets. You had people that flew in from Canada and people that drove 12 hours, etc (there could have been people who came further, these were just the ones I met). If people are willing to travel that far they’re willing to pay $15 more dollars.

    - You also should demand a percentage of the bar. A lot of venues over here (not sure if its this way in europe) will pay a band a percentage of bar sales if they sell over a certain amount of tickets. You need to have it in your contract that if you sell over a certain percent of the tickets (lets say like 75 percent of the tickets sell) that you get $1 or 50cents or some other amount per drink sold from the bar.

    - If you want to do a tour that will get you a LOT of exposure, the tour doesn’t pay much, BUT you’d probably make a TON in merch sales, play the VANS WARPED TOUR. You don’t even have to do the full 2 month tour, a lot of bands just do a week or two on it. It’s a big traveling festival (that is mainly rock.. they’ll occasionally have a pop act or a rapper on it) with about 80 or so acts that hits around 35 cities here in the USA each summer, There’s about 5 stages, skate ramps, and hundreds of booths selling merch and other stuff. Pretty much every teenage American kid has attended at least one Warped Tour in their life (I went to about 5 during my teen years). That tour helped launch the careers of bands that are/were huge here in the states like My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, 30 Seconds To Mars, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Katy Perry, Gym Class Heroes, etc. It’s a grueling tour, especially if you do it without a tour bus, BUT it will give you massive exposure to the American teenage market and you’ll sell a lot of t-shirts.

    RADIO / TV/ Promo
    - You should study the Taylor Swift (awful singer, but making a lot of money) model of success. No record label or anyone was interested in Taylor Swift (you guys at least have a label), so to get her name out there her father and her manager took her around to EVERY country radio station in the country and had her personally perform for them. This is how she launched her career. When you play the United States next you should try to visit/do in studio on air performances at whatever the major Rock and or Top 40 radio station is in that city.

    -You should also go after performing on Morning news shows (the US versions of a shows like TV4′s Nyhetsmorgon), every major city in the USA has at least 4 to 6 local TV stations with those type of morning shows. They’re usually in need of interesting segments to fill up time with, so they wouldn’t be particularly hard to get on.

    - Also to get airplay here in the US, you need to (or have someone over here to this for you) email as well as send physical copies (even if they’re just burned, but printed would be better) of your album plus photos/bio/press kit to every top 40, college & rock radio station, or at least the ones in the major cities.

    - Magazines… You guys should try to get into rock magazines over here like AP (Alternative Press), Revolver, Metal Hammer, etc.

    - You, Simon, and Martin are really good looking, you could also try the magazines that appeal to the teenage girl audiences. Those seem run articles/photos more off of payola so you’d need the label or your management to get you in there.

    - Also late night tv shows. You should see if you could get booked on Last Call w/ Carson Daily or Jimmy Kimmel or one of those type shows. Those talk shows always have a band on every night and they’re not always anyone super famous. This is probably the hardest of all the things listed to get.

    -Last but not least.. You should try to get your T-shirts/Merch in Hot Topic and Spencers. Hot Topic (Punkt Shop or w/e its called in Sweden would be the most similar thing to it) is a store in pretty much every mall here in the USA that caries punk, goth, scene kid, and raver clothes as well as band t-shirts and merchandise. Spencers is similar but they carry more novelty items such as classes, mugs, wallets, etc with band logos on them.(I haven’t been to Spencers in a while so they might have changed a bit.. But Hot Topic still caries all band merch)

    You guys are AMAZING… I really hope you do great with your next album and make it huge over here! :)

  8. Janina says:

    Thanks Peter! I got my iPhone case today :)

  9. Marmetal says:

    I really like reading your thoughts and updates. Do not like too much reading how many hours you work and how little you earn though ;) . You deserve way better! But I am sure that with the upcoming album and everything connected to the release and promotion, you will be able to get to another level. It’s your fourth album and now the band is stronger than ever. You have following all over the world and fans everywhere and with your dedication and just pure honesty, because you obviously do it for passion, you can’t go wrong! Hope your meeting was fine and I’m glad you’ve got all papers sorted out :) . Have a nice evening my friend.

  10. Erika says:

    ”I’m awesome” ahahah yeah of course you are, I don’t know how can you do so many things and at the same time works so much.. You have a secret u.u ahahah :3
    I’m sure the album will be great, your music always helps me when I’m sad and is with me when I’m happy too, it means very much to me, so I can’t wait to hear all the new songs and see you guys on stage :D have a nice day Peter (:

  11. Viper says:

    Peter I absolutely love what we could hear of Sin City!
    I sort of thought you could never reach that top level for me personally (!) because I believe there’s always the right music in the right time, and once you chnage you can’t go back to that feeling, but you just might prove me wrong!

    hugs x :)

  12. Elisa Marcon says:

    ‘it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n'roll’ quote ACDC.
    Don’t worry Peter, in a few years I’m sure that you will fill the stadiums!
    or at least I hope so for you!
    in my little here in Italy I’m trying to do everything to get to know to more people possible!
    a big hug!! :D

  13. Mimmi says:

    Om jag fattat rätt så är det runt 5000 kr? Gud vad tråkigt. Ni förtjänar mer ! Man tjänar mer på ett sommarjobb.. Hoppas nästa år blir bättre på den ekonomiska fronten!

  14. Kraljosovina says:

    What the? What? Wtf? €550???????

    Would really like to know what the average pay is for Crashdiet doing a show?

    Cause if that really is what’s left after taxes and payments to the crew etc…that’s just not right :S

  15. Kalypso says:

    € 550,00?! The “starving artist” is saying hello again…What a shame. But I’m sure the new album will give you a HUGE kick forward, the demos alone sound amazing!!

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