I must say that I’m overwhelmed by the number of encouraging comments attached to my last post, he he, thank you guyz!

And yes, therapy really is a good thing and I’d say it’s something that everybody would have use of, you know, just to go there once in a while and check things, haha… It’s so easy to get stuck in negative patterns, damn it, sometimes you need someone with experience who can just guide you a little bit through this insanely difficult thing called “life”….

Well… happy to say that I’m feeling better nowadays… was going through some photos from our old site and found some good memories in there, haha. I uploaded a few too to this site as you might have noticed already…

It actually amazes me a little that we’ve been to all these places… While the tour is going on you ain’t got much time to reflect over things, and when you get home everything is chaotic for a while too. So I’m taking a moment right now to reflect over the last 3 or 4 CRASHDÏET-years…  We’ve actually done a lot of stuff… and played a lot of shows… no time wasted he he.

I’ll keep looking through the photos as they make me smile. That’ll be enough therapy for today. :)


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8 Responses to Therapy?

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Dunno, I’d probably drive every therapist mad sooner or later ;-P Good thing I’ve never been the depressive kind despite a lot of shit that happened in my life. I say everything that makes you smile (like old photos and memories) or laugh or just feel good is therapeutic. Goes for people as well. Enjoy the pics and memories and all the things you guys have achieved so far. I’ll drop off on the couch now with a good book and a bunch of grapes – my therapy for today ;-)

  2. Marmetal says:

    Great, great post Peter! Believe or not but today (!) I was looking through photos from the tour I’ve been to, for the first time in a month or so. Just like for you, it brings back memories, being in all these places, doing all these things, feeling… alive. For me everything is still chaotic, coming back home was quite traumatic. And it still is, to feel so empty and worthless. I see we feel in a similar way, what doesn’t surprise me at all. Thank you for your thoughts friend, hang in there.

  3. Judd says:

    Peter, glad you’re better, life is not easy but with a smile it’s better ;)
    So continues to do what makes you happy, you know that here you have a great support.

  4. Raven Phoenix says:

    I’m happy to know that everything is going right! Sometimes you need to stop and look back to see there are a lot of very good things between the difficulties. Best wishes for you!!! Hugs!!

  5. Tammy says:

    Hi Peter,

    So great to hear that. :-) Keep with the therapy, stay focused and positive. It can and will be a little tough at times but always know there is help from everyone to get you through . Reflections are always a good thing and can usually put a smile on your face. ^_^

    Hugs from Vegas. :-)


  6. Tomoka says:

    I love you, and I respect you Peter.
    Your happiness is our happiness.
    We are always support you whenever, forever.

    I live in Tokyo, yes it’s far from your country.
    But I’m praying for you :-)

  7. Terror Coco says:

    I was so worried as i read that you got problems.. i know how you feel. I’ll make a therapy too. But i can’t discribe how happy iam that you feel good now :3
    Love and biiiig hugs from germany ♥

  8. PrimalScream91 says:

    Photo’s are an essential part of my life, and it’s not because I’m “living in the past” it’s just an easier way to see where you’ve been. Thinking back on memories and taking it all in!

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