There ain’t so much going on

I’ve been wanting to write this update forever but nothing worth telling you about have happened lately and my mind’s been a little too busy with various things to write about maybe life in general and stuff like that. I’m a little tired of telling you about all my jobs and my lack of sleep bla.bla.bla ha ha ha :) .

I was, however, at physio therapy this morning, and I’m proud that I made it there, it’s a little boring (and I’m pretty good at avoiding boring things) but I know already that it’ll do me good. I don’t think my weak back could take one more world tour without lot’s of proper exercise from now until we leave. I’ve got a little more than 3months until the tour starts so I should be alright by then :P . And skinny too! I’m so strict with my food intake, no compromises at all just like with everything else I do I guess :P .

Well surprise surprise I’m at work right now and I’ll also work saturday and sunday nights which is good, I get to sleep at work and get paid isn’t that the best job one can have?

Still I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t need a normal day job anymore to just survive basically. Let’s hope that day comes in January / February next year :P . Gotta keep your dreams alive, right, even after 30. Ha ha!So fucking much looking forward to going on tour again with the 3 of my best friends. We’re such a gang! The best family one can have.

Well, I have to wrap it up here because I’m going home in a little while. Hardly slept anything at all last night, hope for better luck this time!

See ya around!


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20 Responses to There ain’t so much going on

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Ah there you are. I wondered if you dropped from the edge of the world or something ;-)

    Yep, you better take good care of your back – one surgery is enough I’d say. And when I think about all the crap they cut out of you *shudders* But don’t overdo your diet either or all we’re gonna see next year is a bass on sticks with a blond mop *GG*

    You know what? They should put your picture next to the definition of “workaholic” in the dictionary. I’m really very impressed at how much work you manage to get done in just 24 hours. I think maybe you’re possessed by a demon or something, hehe.

    Good luck with sleeping and hopefully sweet dreams!

  2. Annie says:

    Oh man, you don’t need to be skinny to be a handsome guy hahha. But you should maintain good health. Oh, don’t forget to keep us update about your job :) Good night.

  3. xilaii says:

    Any idea when you’re back on this little island and such? It’s almost been a whole year since I saw any of you and I miss you a lot ;(

    • peterlondon says:

      Ahh yeah, hell I though about you just the other day. I miss you too! We won’t be there before April I’m afraid :( //LONDON

      • xilaii says:

        You shoulda texted me or something! D’aw thats still ages…. but it could be worse haha. Let me know when you can say for sure and start confirming things. My daisy is really bored! Haha. :3

  4. Chardonay says:

    Haha, your definitly a workaholic!
    I hope your back will get better and your insomnia, sleeping is the best thing after a hard day at work…
    Take care my friend and your health should be on the nummer 1… It has no use to have a sick peter on stage with a painfull back…


  5. The Baron says:

    Take care of that back London, I had to take 3 weeks off work this year due to a back injury and I did it tying my shoe (Don’t laugh!) Anyway just thought I’d share this with you, I got off work early morning and went to the beach for a surf and pulled into the carpark and the car next to me had a massive Crashdiet sticker on the window! A great start to the day! Stay fit!

  6. Erika says:

    You dreamed about palying in a famous rock band and your dream came true, now you are the bassplayer of Crashdiet and you play allo over the world.. Keep on dreaming, your dream will surely comes true, maybe with the next album maybe with another one, you DESERVE it (:

  7. Marmetal says:

    At first I read psycho therapy, then I realized it’s me who would need that. Just kidding ;) . Good that you’re making steps to make improvements to your health and back problems. It indeed should do you good. Glad to hear you’re still doing the best you can to make your dreams come true, keep it up. They’re reachable for you. Have a good evening my friend!

  8. Marmetal says:

    Oh, and something fun for you!

  9. Jenny says:

    Hej Peter! :)
    I´m interested in one thing: did you work so much when you´ve been in school, too? :D hahaa Then you would´ve been a very good student :D
    Take care of your back dude.. Hope to see ya soon again. I am still angry because of this fire alarm at shout it out loud festival :D

  10. Vale says:

    We’re all looking forward to see you guys on tour!!

    Take care! :)

  11. rainy_kate_sleaze says:

    yeah can’t wait for you to come back to australia cause i will bring peter plushie up and you can see him <3

  12. Brandon says:

    Be safe out there buddy! I don’t want you hurting yourself being such a workaholic haha.

    Btw, I love Sin City from what we can hear of it :) makes me super proud too live here that my favorite band in the entire world wrote a song about this place. Kinda makes me think its about me and my dad haha :)

    Miss you guys! Keep in touch!

  13. Dragon7 says:

    Is there something wrong with your mirror??? Fit is good but too skinny is not so much – you need as much energy as possible for the tour! Talking of which, if its 3 months time any hints as to when or where yet? We shall be at Castle Donington England for the Friday of Download Festival as Slipknot are headlining, it would be good if you could get a gig there that day, otherwise any London venue would be good for us Brits to catch up with you guys and get our Crashdiet fix! Going to Club Koko, Camden, London Wednesday to see Wednesday 13 – very appropriate for Halloween!! Looking forward to the new album xxx

  14. Hendrix White says:

    Do you have snow in Stocholm to right now cause we in estonia have it alot all ready, it camed down like ower night about 10 cm and i am fucking angre about it. i want summer agen!:-D

  15. Kraljosovina says:

    The fact that you guys, a world touring band can’t live on the pay you get from your music sales, merchandise sales and “gig money” is just not right.

    I get that smaller bands that just tours in small places in their own home country can’t make a living out of it.

    It just feels that something doesn’t add upp. Somewhere something has to be “wrong” (for real, or morally idc (basically the same thing)) with the ammount you get paid for things or the ammount you pay for things.

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