Tired but happy

Yesterday’s photo shoot was really awesome! Damn, we’ve never looked this good! I’ve re-invented myself damn it, I wore clothes I haven’t used for years, I used to wear all these gypsy clothes and now I can’t imagine why I ever stopped wearing that. Well, actually I can, I had a few years where I didn’t feel that good, 2006 – 2008 or something. Well I’m a much happier person now which gives more energy to deal with hair and clothes and stuff!

Well, I drank a bottle of BRÄNNVIN SPECIAL yesterday so I was pretty drunk when I got home, then I went up early for work this morning so I’m a little disconnected right now to say the least. Still I’ve started working on our forum – got big plans for it that I hope to be able to pull off – I’m not as computer-nerdy as I used to be but hopefully I remember some stuff!

Hope you’re having a nice Friday all of you :P . Stay in touch!


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10 Responses to Tired but happy

  1. Marthy says:

    “I was pretty drunk..” … I imagined it hahahaha :P
    Happy to hear you happy London! I’m happy too :) (too much “happy” in this words!)
    I’ll finally go to the cinema with the guy I like, we’ll see Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock! Can’t wait!
    Hugs xo

  2. Psychobunny says:

    The pics Sweetz linked in Twitter look awesome. Especially Simon and the snake – veeeery nice. Hope to see more soon.

    Have a great weekend (yeah, I know you don’t like weekends but still…) and be good. I mean bad – in a good way :-P

  3. Chardonay says:

    Haha nice to hear alot of positive news of you!
    The pics look awsome, wanna see the rest also now :p
    Maybe you should go back and shop even more in your own clothes :D
    you”ll never know what you can find, after al these years XD

    Happy to hear yesterday was a succes!


  4. Suvi Linnashovi says:

    You look really good in photos! I’m glad that you feeling now good :)

  5. Gaia says:

    Feels great to hear you so excited and positive! :D I nearly gasped when I saw Simon with that snake, I mean…he’s damn hot hehe and that pic is just perfect. Can’t wait to see the whole photoshoot.

    Have a nice week end and try to take a rest, if you can. ;)

  6. Marmetal says:

    Good morning Peter :) . I’m very glad to hear about your enthusiasm and that you feel much better with yourself, it’s important. I am sure the photo shoot was pretty killer and that the effects and results will be very satisfying :) .
    Also interested to hear about the forum as I’m quite used to this place so it’s great it’s not totally forgotten ;) .
    Have a good weekend my friend! :)

  7. Viper says:

    all thius sounds so completely amazing!
    and from what I’ve seen, yes, yes you’ve never looked this great :D
    cheers to the re-discovery of gypsy stuff haha. I’ve been trying too evolve into this pirate-gypsy chick for ages, ( I mean I’m into folk music after alll, yes…) but in the end it always turns out I can’t be bothered and go back to my black jeans/black hoodie tomboy style. guess it’s a low self esteem thing.
    haha. canb’t wait for next year :D
    Also, it would be sooooo cool if the forum was coming back to life!!!! <3

  8. Kraljosovina says:

    Haha sounds great! xD

    For you who don’t know…”BRÄNNVIN SPECIAL” is like the cheapest “high alcohol level” booze that you can buy in Sweden :P

    Along with “Dworek Vodka” and “Svensk Gin” of course, which I believe Mr London is very well aware of ;)

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