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  1. Julie says:

    please, come to Poland. You’ve got a lot of fans here :D

  2. Antonio says:

    Return to Madrid (Spain)!

  3. Waiting 4 U in Russia!!!!!or we have to go to Sweden by huge crowd…someday))

  4. Sonia Zgz says:

    I met you last year and I love your music. I hope to see you in Spain as soon as posible! You are great!

  5. Muckelz says:

    Hope you will have a show on your own here in germany and not again on a festival :D . Get to know you in Wacken 2011. You were so fucking great *.*!! I was flashed XD.
    See ya in Mulheim ;)

  6. Fans of Denmark says:

    Hey guys !
    Won’t you please come to Denmark soon, we would love to see you live, great music, and keep going ! xx ;)

  7. dusan says:

    Serbia maybe?
    You got a lot of fans here.

  8. Lucie says:

    Czech Republic!!!
    You were the best in the Basinfirefest! Come again :)

  9. Hendrix White says:

    We want you in Estonia! We all love you here!

  10. Kalypso says:

    We want you back in Vienna!! Or even better: One of our rock festivals in this area (Burgenland) ;) For example Nova Rock – kind of the austrian “Wacken” – would be surely great for you! (and me ;) )))

  11. Libbey Huffine says:

    It would be the coolest thing ever if you guys came to Indiana! <3

  12. Anarchy says:

    Heya bitchzz!! You are awesome, come to Croatia we need some good music!! ;)

  13. joey says:

    Italy! at “new age club” in Roncade!

  14. Nadine says:

    Come to Cologne in Germany.
    you’re fans waite ;D

  15. Ilse♥ says:

    Please come to México!!!!!!
    I ♥ you guys!!!!! ROCK ON m/

  16. Poley says:

    POLAND POLAND POLAND !!! we’re waiting for you !

  17. Marc says:

    So looking forward to seeing you guys in London in April, and I also can’t wait for the new album to drop through my door. The new video /song Cocaine Cowboys is fucking fantastic so I’m expecting much more from the album! You guys rock! m/

  18. londonlove says:


    *in poland are the most beautiful and sexy women in the word, u know ? ; D

  19. Dudes when.are you hitting the uk again??? And is there any chance my band illflower could open for you guys on UK dates?

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