Twelve shots on the rocks

When I woke up this morning at 07.45, a little hungover, my first thought was this great album that I haven’t heard in years! I have so many memories from the time when it came out, it was in 2002 and they were gonna play at the venue “Klubben” in Sweden, I put on all the makeup I could find, spandex pants and teased my hair and went on the bus by my own and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, I wasn’t a big Hanoi fan before but that changed once Michael came on stage, damn, I was young & kinda though rock n’ roll was dead but he proved me wrong that night :P . My sister was with me too, she’s the one who introduced me to Michael Monroe when I was a kid (the Not fakin’ it album) and I think she was just as shocked as me ha ha.

Since then I’ve been collecting Hanoi stuff on a regular basis and they are my absolute favorite band in all categories.

Check this album out if you have missed it!


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  1. Psychobunny says:

    Hmmm, I do have that one around here somewhere. Haven’t been listening to HR for ages. Guess it’s time to

  2. xilaii says:

    Haha. That’s actually the album my Dad showed me first. No way back from there :p There’s a couple of HR vinyls I keep meaning to ask you about actually!

  3. cammi says:

    hell yeah, i absolutely adore them.
    i missed them on new years eve in helsinki back in 2008/2009. they were playing there at 12 and a friend of mine was on the guestlist and could bring a friend with him. so he called me, but i unfortunetaly was in the middle nowhere and couldn’t make it to the city.

  4. Val says:

    I love this band and this guy! :)
    My dream is to see him, but he never comes to France :/

  5. Marmetal says:

    I really like Michael’s work, and especially mentioned “Not Fakin’ It” and his last album “Sensory Overdrive” I believe the name is, also like Hanoi stuff. Not as big fan as you are and my knowledge about them is very slim compared to yours but he’s doing real rock ‘n’ roll and he’s a very talented person with charisma. And the song from “Twelve Shots On The Rocks”, it’s… “People Like Me” (?), was one of the first Hanoi songs I’ve ever heard. It remains as one of my favorites to this day. Cool! Enjoy your Sunday :) .

  6. Tintenfisch says:

    12 Shots on the Rocks was my entrace to this kind of music and it’s still almost completely on my player, it’s great! Never saw them live, sadly, but Michael solo in London last year after Crashdiet. It was a great evening :-) Both my favorite bands in one evening. And Andy McCoy was in the audience as well, but I was too astonished to talk to him :-) You have this awesome Hanoi Rocks patch in black and yellow, I was searching for something like this a long time but couldn’t find one. Does someone know a more specialized merch shop for things like that?

  7. Elisa Marcon says:

    Seems as a story of me and my brother..when i was a child he give me his cds of Ironmaiden, Queen…and other rock’n'roll bands!
    He save me by commercial music! xD
    Now i am 20 years old i listen ONLY rock’n'roll! ;D

  8. Helena says:

    Michael Monroe rocks and so does Hanoi Rocks as well. Seen them many times now. Michael was the one who got me into listening to Stiv Bators and Dead Boys. So much good music from the past (especially the ’70s) which at least I’ve totally missed.

  9. CrazyDÏETfan says:

    There’s a few songs I like..but I’ll check out the album anyhow! :)

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