At last some youtube photage from Wacken:

I forgot to tell you about that day…
We had a blast from the day we arrived at Wacken. The hospitality was amazing!
I have never seen such a backstage area before… I guess it´s a result of 22 years´history.
The crowd seamed hung over as we went on stage at 13:00.. But as the show went on it got better and the area was soon packed with people. Afterwards we did a signing session, unfortunately they only gave us 45 mins so a lot of people were left out. Sorry about that!


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4 Responses to Wääkken

  1. Andrea says:

    Don’t worry! Sooner or later. It’s something! (=

  2. Psychobunny says:

    There will be plenty more as soon as everybody recovered from the weekend :-P

  3. Marmetal says:

    You did what I wished for, the setlist! :) Thank you for that and for your post, glad you had a good time! Wacken is a history, a legend :) .

  4. MrsCorpse says:

    I skipped Dir En Grey for the M&G and it was totally worth it. Thanks a lot for the autographs and photos :)

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