I’m sorry about the lack of updates yesterday. I was at physiotherapy early in the morning haha, yes sometimes I do feel old, then I was supposed to have the day off but was called in at work which suited me quite good actually but in all this chaos I forgot to update my blog :). Simon came over at 6 or so to wash clothes and use the internet, which was really nice as I haven’t seen him for about 2 weeks actually, strange, usually we see each other more or less every day :P.

Tomorrow we’ll fly to Düsseldorf to play at the Shout it out loud festival, it’s been exciting to set the whole thing up to say the least but I think most things are under control now. I think we play at 9 and it’s probably gonna be awesome and finally there will be some instagram updates. Sorry for the silence there lately but the last 2 weeks haven’t been that visually appealing so to say haha.

Well I’m at work so I guess I should work instead of writing all this, will get back to you later! Luv ya as always.


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  1. Psychobunny says:

    Awww, poor Simon doesn’t have a washing machine or internet in his new flat? Tzk, maybe you should move in together, hehe.

    Thanks for your mail – it really pisses me off. I’m almost never ill but when I am it is always when I least need it. Bah, I was so looking forward to seeing you guys again and Viper and whoever else will be there from the forum. Sometimes I definitely hate life *morose*

    Anyway, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do either ;-)

    • peterlondon says:

      Simon doesn’t have a flat, he lives in a storage area.

      Yeah it sucks we don’t get to hang out this weekend!!! Next time…//LONDON

      • Psychobunny says:

        Argh, the poor man. He deserves better I think. On the other hand you’re gonna be on the road most of next year as well so maybe he should rent a trailer ;-)

        Next time for sure and good luck for the show. I know you’re gonna bring the roof down.

      • Heather Breeze says:

        Holy shit dude. As I said, I’m writing a story based on your trip to America for a college course…but since I don’t know much about you as people, I changed your names and made up stories about your lives. BUT THEY’RE ALL ACCURATE. Like in the story, the singer, Axel (who is Simon in real life, of course) doesn’t have a flat either (but instead of a storage space he breaks into houses and squats.) Holy crap. I have no words right now.

  2. kamd says:

    its became a important part to check bolg update every day! Have to adimt that I’m addicted to it~ anyway,enjoy the festival and take care www

  3. tintenfisch says:

    Great that everything is under control and you will come (I was a bit afraid :-) )! Can’t wait to see you live again, it’s been almost 11 month since the last time for me! Have a nice trip and see/hear ya there!

  4. Bex Nash says:

    :’( and there was me for a second thinking his situation had changed! I hope his other friends are looking out for him. It’s hard being in another country and not be able to do shit for him. Good job he’s got you guys! Can you make sure he gets food in his tummy please :) Glad the physio went well. Will you be playing any new stuff at SIOL? Take Care Wonder London ;p

    • peterlondon says:

      He has food, no worries :). No place to cook it though I think ha ha. Naahh we haven’t rehersed lately actually to be honest ha ha but I’ll try to have something played in the PA system :P //LONDON

      • Bex Nash says:

        That’s cool. I know what it’s like to have been on either sides of the fence. Along as he’s got food, is safe, warm, dry and and relatively happy. I’m happy. Swear I’m part “care bear”. Be good to play tomorrow. People there have missed you guys :)

  5. I’m lookin forward for the instagram, especially when it comes to tour ,it means funny and cool pics. The whole band are already heavy live, soooo more you play and older you get… the better you gettin’ suppose.

    It’s a joy to read the blog . I do understand that/if you’r not able to updating every day and that you’re a busy guy.

    Have a nice weekend, bye-bye-solong.

  6. Marmetal says:

    Enjoy the festival in Germany Peter and have a good time there my friend! :)

  7. JD says:

    I’m looking forward to Saturday but I was a little worried, too and I´m glad you will come. Good Question of Bex: Will you be playing new stuff at SIOL? yes,yes,yes????
    I love to read your blog, Peter. Keep it up and an eye on poor Simon in „storage area“.
    CU :-D

  8. Jenny says:

    Yeaaah :D I so look forward to see you live on saturday :D
    It´s the second time for me ..
    And the way to Düsseldorf is long, so we have to drive there early :D
    hahaa the hole sunday we will be in train on our way home and we can´t stay anywhere in the night from saturday to sunday, so I guess we`ll sleep at the station until the first train is driving :D This is gonna be pretty funny I hope ..

  9. Viper says:

    Peter, in case you read my last mail:
    I will ake it after all :D will be so good to see you!

    in case you didn’t, don’t bozther to do so now!

  10. Nadine says:

    Poor Simon :(
    He deserved better.
    I hope his situation is rapidly improving.

    have fun on your concert :D

  11. Heather Breeze says:

    I need to move to the other side of the pond. My husband played back video of your performance in Las Vegas on his phone last night and it made me so happy and I forgot all of my problems again. <3 And I just wish I could help you guys with anything at all, but I can't from here. :( I love you guys like crazy, have a great show and a good day at work!

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