Would you buy a shirt from this man?

Pictured is me with our US tour t-shirt that we printed for the recent tour we did in the States. We would now like to get rid of the very few we still have left!

The price for this beauty would be €23 / £19 / $28 / 189kr plus shipping (europe €5.50/£4.60; worldwide $9; sweden 29kr).

Since there are so few shirts left I don’t see the point in adding them to web store, so instead, if you’re up for getting your sleazy hands on this one we’ll do it this way :

Send an e-mail to merch@crashdiet.org letting me know which size you want plus your delivery address.

I will get back to you with a Paypal money request.

(If Paypal doesn’t work for you get back to me anyways and we’ll find a solution)


S 4pcs
M 3pcs
L 8pcs

XL & XXL sold out.

They won’t ever be available online again after this so be quick :) .

…and it’s Saturday for god’s sake so cheerz and drink a few for me tonight :) .

Yours truly,


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9 Responses to Would you buy a shirt from this man?

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Hehe, I would buy almost everything from that guy ;-P Thanks for the great deal.

  2. Marmetal says:

    I’d buy everything too if I had something in my pocket ;) . Nice design though! :) And I’ll drink a green tea for you Peter, hope it’s good enough :D . Sleep well!

  3. Rush says:

    Too bad that I actually don’t have enough money, but the design is nice! I think that they will be sold out very soon. :)
    It seems like you usually cut off sleeves of your t-shirts…. Or not? :D

    • peterlondon says:

      I definately do, I should make a tutorial for that because it’s kinda tricky before you get into it, but, well, I promised a London hair fix tutorial a long time ago and still haven’t manage to pull that one off. I need more free time haha. Cheerz //LONDON

      • Rush says:

        Well, I’m afraid that in my hands the final result would be terrible and I’d totally destroy the poor t-shirt. :D So I hope that when you”ll have enough time and energy, you’d do the tutorial for us!
        Thanks for answer :)

      • Marmetal says:

        Then there’s two more things to do on your bucket list :D . We remember and will not let you forget, haha :P .

  4. Sharkie says:

    NO, absolutely not. There’s something fishy about him.

  5. Nadine says:

    I would buy one from this guy ;)

    Is there a shirt for girls too ??
    I don’t carry men T-shirts. ;)

  6. Crizzy says:

    LOVE the hair!! you should do it like that more often :D

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