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Saturday, 06 August 2011 17:29
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  • Bxstar commented on the blog entry The meaning of... ev...
    6 months ago

    Hey you! I'm listening to you guys right now as I type this!! Listening to the demo collection :) I've told Martin this. In 2011 I was listening to Skid Row on my old ipod whilst on FB (nothing was happening much on there) so I got up to make a cup of tea and I remember feeling like I had missed out on the whole awesome band thing, you know, the attitude, the style, the shows and great songs. I remember standing in the room looking at my ipod and I sighed and wished from the heart that I had a band to believe in. I NEEDED a band and at that moment - the computer pinged. It was Johnny Gunn who posted about how he's never heard so many people sing to his lyrics before. He posted a video of you guys doing Chemical in Islington. It was like my Fairy Rock mother had felt my needs and granted my wish right there and then. That was it for me, I swore that I'd do anything I could you support you guys. I haven't gone away. I know I've been a bit quiet but I'm here and always will be for you guys (band) and as a friend. When you want me to kick start the UK train just let me know. I'm not going anywhere :) Just because I haven't been blowing up your FB page and messaging, doesn't mean i'm not checking in and not thinking about you.

  • Bxstar commented on the blog entry 2014, I salute you...
    8 months ago

    <3 You'll come out on top!! Thinking about you!! xx

  • Bxstar commented on the blog entry London's observation...
    11 months ago

    Happiness it awesomeness!! Glad to hear you're happy! Happy London is the best London :) x

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  • Bxstar commented on the blog entry Alright... baby step...
    12 months ago

    Wow, this place is looking good!!!! Yes it's been awhile, I know i've been shit at keeping in touch, sorry!! Looking forward to the book, could it challenge Motley's "The Dirt"? Haha. So how have things been? I really need to catch up on everything. I have emailed you, but clearly you're down with the sloth's ;) I promise to be around alot more, if you I "have" and "do" miss you and the others. Just contending with other that are doing my nut in ha!! Take care xx


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