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GunsNCrüeSWE wrote:

Use Your Illusion was not overproduced. Oh wow, they had a piano! They must been so overproduced. Well the vocals could have been rawer. But it was not overproduced at all. I really like the spaghetti album. I love the original songs and Guns N' Roses made some of them more listenable.

I didn't exactly say use your illusion was "over produced" (but i think chinese democracy was  for a GnR album),.... i said "a bit over the top in prodcution" in reference to UYI. There's a difference.

The production maybe not be over the top by todays standards, but in 1991, ....and compared to what they had been doing leading up to that point i thought the production and song writing was a bit egotistical and pompous. Prior to the 'Use Your Illusion' albums no one could have ever predicted they would have released 2 albums side by side with tracks like Civil War, Estranged, November Rain, Don't Cry, The Garden or Coma.

I'm not saying they were bad albums or songs, but for those who grew up with Appetite and Lies, that was not what GNR were about. They were a group of dirty rockers who had risen from the streets of LA playing backyard parties benlting out 3 minute angst-ridden songs, and all of a sudden they were releasing double albums with 10 minute epics and studio work they would have never thought otherwise if it hadn't been the millions poured into the band by Geffen. So, no... not over produced in a modern sense, but in my opinion definitely over the top in terms writing and production comapred to what the band had always been about.

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Oh yes, i agree. But it wasn't over the top even for 1991. But yeah, the guitars,the vocals and such weren't even close as dirty as on Appetite. But most of the songs are pretty raw. I kinda liked the piano. It felt very 60-70's. Which i liked. I mean 14 years and Dust N Bones. Who does not love songs like those. And they wouldn't have been even half as good without the piano. But yeah, November Rain for example is very beautiful, but should it really have been a GN'R song? And Estranged for is basicly Slash showing off and Axl being whiny. And a think I dislike with the production is that the guitars are kinda dull compared with AFD. It just feels lost in the mix. It sounds kinda bluesy. But not that aggresive. On Appetite For Destruction Slash's guitar was panned to the right while Izzy's guitar was panned to the left. On UYI Slash guitar was center/right and Izzy's guitar was on the left at a very low volume. It sounds kinda muddy. And not that sharp. And all the strings does not belong in GN'R. I want a bass, two guitars, drums and vocals with maybe some effects on it to make it sounds thicker. And that's all i want.

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glam_junkie wrote:

(but i think chinese democracy was  for a GnR

not only for GnR... :X

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I "know" the band for quite a time now (almost 22 years or something) but I only saw some old & new band members playing live last year: GN'R (new line up of course), Slash & Duff both with their own bands. I grew up seeing the band when Matt Sorum replaced Steven Adler but Izzie Stradlin was still there ... So yes, of course, I miss the old days but then the line up is quite amazing and seeing Axl live for the first time was quite a moment for me!!! There were of course some songs where I missed the presence of Slash like during "November rain" or "Estranged" ... I love all the album "Chinese Democracy" included.

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