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Jan-21-13 19:01:23
What you think?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

joey_baccardï wrote:

I'm not that fond of this idea at all, but I've been thinkin' of something similar.
It would be cool to hear the demos where Simon "tried out" for Dïet, like the demos there is with Olli, Johnny, Ivve and Dany.

Who are Iwe and Dany? And i'd like to tell that Johnny Gunn sing Chemical better then Simon. Forgive me, Simme!

Jan-21-13 18:54:25
Posting it not 'cause i wanna win the game. Just Peter gives me serious moral support
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Psychobunny wrote:

He's a real nice guy with  a witty sense of humour. He's fun to hang out and have a drink or rather a few drinks with. He understands my weird humour and snarky comments and takes them exactly as I mean them, kudos! Apart from that he's a workaholic and totally wonderfully crazy and open minded. And absolutely devoted to Crashdiet and the fans. No wonder he seldom finds time to sleep  current/tongue  Sorry Peter - so couldn't resist the last one, mate  current/big_smile

Peter has a bit weird sense of humour. It took me a long time to get used to it. But the time showed how serious he's in work. I have a lot of Questions to him. Sometimes i want that he would think more about himself.
Do you know his After Egon songs? They are really crazy open-minded things. It's worth to learn Swedish to know about what are they.

Jan-21-13 18:48:53
Posting it not 'cause i wanna win the game. Just Peter gives me serious moral support
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Hertsi88 wrote:

Yes, Peter is awesome guy, i always felt that he like big brother that i never had. current/smile

I have no good relations with almost all my relatives. Crashdiet became as family for me. The same i feel to Swedish band The Ark.

Thanks for telling this story. I even wanted to ask about what is their new vid. The guys was so splendid, specially Simme. That's nice that Peter wore red tights. Promised Simme not to take any drug. Though never tried. Liked the song very much. But want to beg Crashdiet: STAY ALIVE IN THE NEXT VID!"

Jan-21-13 18:35:25
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

mrs v. viper wrote:

^maybe that should be added to the rules thing at the top current/smile

also sorry to point out imperfections, haha but I noticed this::

"5. Do not create topics just for sake of creating topics - to get user points. Me and Peter are able to remove points if needed."

"Me and Peter", that was copied from izzie, but its extremely weird if you sign with Londodn after that current/tongue

also maybe izzie should get some.. badge or anything or introduction in that thing so people know who he is? current/smile

Do you mean that Izzie should mark in some manner that he's Moderator? If Yes, i'm agree with you.

Jan-21-13 18:30:49
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

peterlondon wrote:

Mrs. Sleazy please edit your posts instead of posting two times in a row. Thank you current/smile

Oh, thank you! Actually i'm much more used to Twitter and Facebook then to Forums. I remember Forum Rules but there are nothing about the way of creating Forum roll. I re-edited my post in right manner after knowing how i should do it, no doubt.  But i can't re-edit one post 'cause the topic is blocked. To say true it's too weird for open discussion... But how to keep it inside me?
What do you think about my drawings?
Can i add my prize coupon to my dollar card? Asking it for the future.

Jan-21-13 16:06:45
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Reckless Love with the same tittle.  current/yikes

Jan-21-13 15:59:09
Posting it not 'cause i wanna win the game. Just Peter gives me serious moral support
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Justin Kicks wrote:

Peter is a pretty cool dude for sure.. I remember the first time I saw Crashdiet here in the U.S. it was at a strange Chinese/Asian restaurant that had a stage in it.. Don't ask I know you are thinking what a weird venue haha, but anyway I just kind of walked into the place and saw the guys were unloading their things.

All of the guys came over and introduced themselves and greeted me except Peter, and I thought hmm maybe he is upset that I just kind of barged into the restaurant, or maybe he is quiet, or maybe he was just busy..  After the show abruptly ended the guys were pretty pissed off, but they hung around to talk and take pictures, and that was when I sat and talked with Peter for probably half an hour just bullshitting about all kinds of different things. At that point I realized his passion and love for what he does. His passion for the fans and for the music and for the style is unmatched. He definitely has my respect as an artist and as a person in general

It's great!!! But i have one question to you. What do you mean by "the guys were pretty pissed of"? Is it some American slang?

Jan-21-13 15:55:16
Posting it not 'cause i wanna win the game. Just Peter gives me serious moral support
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Mayte wrote:

Totally agree with both of you!

Who is the one in the middle of the photo you're using as avatar, Mayte?

Jan-21-13 15:53:39
Posting it not 'cause i wanna win the game. Just Peter gives me serious moral support
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

roso wrote:

Over time he became my favorite CD member.
His dedication is truly inspirational.
The only blog i follow.
All the work, the exercises, all goes to show he really has the eye of the tiger.
And yet the drinking and everything shows that you can accomplish results without all the Paul Stanley stiffness(I like him very much also).
Musically great, the playing and singing, and his relationship with the fans really surprised me.
Overall an amazing person.

Oh, Stanley is one of my favourite glam-rockers! He had his birthday yesterday. Greeted him using KISS fan-page. I know  that i can be nasty but thank, God that he was born that day. "cause the life goes on and we should not to focus on Dave's death. At least i'm learning to do it. Do you know Finnish band Lordi? They are really amazing KISS inspirited shock show.

Do you mean Dave, Mrs. Viper? I've read some your posts and i'd like to say that i like them more and more. They' re are alike the things the other write. I fond of things that are a bit better or dark. Maybe it's 'cause i'm the same.
I love Dave even more then i'm allowed by my fan status. Still can't be used to his death though never knew him alive. I think that everybody has his civil right to part with his or her life if it's impossible to go on with it. But i also know that A MAN CAN' T ESCAPE FROM PROBLEMS  BY COMMITING SUICIDE 'cause the life goes on after the death. BUT I"M NOT ALLOWED TO GO ON WITH THIS TOPIC HERE. I understand that i can hurt by word another fans and Dave's family.  But i'm not able to shy that i have mystic gift. Tried to make a roll about it 'cause it's really hard to keep it within me. But this topic is blocked.
PS I'm not judge Dave too strongly though he torn my heard to pieces by suicide. Though i'm his fan only one year.
Roberto, you can be so stubborn...

Jan-20-13 13:20:06
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

axl whïte wrote:

Rules, nope, don't like it. But as we've said, guidelines would be helpful. Just don't forget that there's a riot in every rebel without a cause that's breakin the chainz.

To quote Johnny Rotten, "I choose to do what I want to do and nobody tells me what to do. To me, there is no order, but there is respect, loyalty and a sense of values."

So my suggestion is basicly that we show new members what the forum is like and what would be the ideal way of handling things in here. Maybe I've been to harsh on some members, sometimes it's my ironi and trolling addiction hehe and sometimes I just had a bad day. Anygay, I'm sorry if anyone felt offended!

But Peter, since demotrading is such a touchy subject sometimes and frequently brought up. Could you and the other boys just make an official statement saying what you think of it? Are some songs more okay than others? etc

I liked this mail. It's full of Crashdiet spirit. I can have bad days, i know that i can hurt by word. Sometimes i feel myself a monster. That's why i'm keep myself under control 'cause rock isn't the same as Anarchy (mean goverment state, not a song) Think that we need some basic Rules:
To respect yourself
To respect the others
To respect the Time
To let your Spirit be Free.

Jan-20-13 12:51:50
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

Miss Obscene wrote:

I'll continue the discussion we had about the English rule...current/smile

I think the English rule is good, since nobody needs to feel left out of a discussion. We have the chat where we often speak Swedish until someone else pops in, then ofc we change language current/smile and I don't see that as a problem.
Buuuut I would like some rules about personal attacks about stuff that aren't relative for the discussions. Like when I recently was being called a Nazi for wanting some people to stay on topic. That’s not okay, not at all. We have something called freedom of speech, but that comes with responsibility. I had one or two things I wanted to say back to this person after this immature and unnecessary attack, but I didn’t because I’m being the bigger person. I love this forum, but if there’s anything I’d like to change with it… it’s this.

I'm for English rule 'cause English is basic language in international communications. It's comfortable for me to be known for whole world here. But i can use this language fluently. Think that bad knowing of English should not be a matter of not making posts at all. Maybe we need to set translator here. And we should remember about respect to each other. It's not clever to call somebody a Nazi, moreover without really serious need. Think that it would be enough to say "Anyone have Freedom of choice".
Miss Obscene, i know how the words can be hurtful. I went to the Forum knowing that i can get negative answers. But i also know that i'm higher then it.

Jan-20-13 12:43:11
ones of my favourite art-work 'cause is complex-looking
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Thanks for the answer! These rules are very easy to remember. I recall that i could read them when i was registered  here. But there is nothing about Don't make posts one after another. You need to add it to the list.

Jan-20-13 12:35:42
Posting it not 'cause i wanna win the game. Just Peter gives me serious moral support
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

First of all Peter is splendid and serious on stage. No doubt that he really enjoys the thing he does.

Peter has pretty voice. I know Swedish a bit that allows me to understand his After Egon songs. They sound strange and it's said at least. But i know that the Swedes see nothing dirty in discussing openly sex matters. I agree with it. Peter learns me not to be shy. It makes me if not complex-less at all but feeling much easily then an year ago.

Peter wears skirts. I feel the wish to wear male rocker's jackets though can't understand why. Peter, now you know why you are so important for me - i know that i'm not alone.

Peter keeps constant contact with Crashdiet fans. Thanks for inviting me to the Forum.  I'm trying to do my best here. Learning to avoid mistakes.

Kind Regards, Peter.

PS I found it a pretty idea to create an area for the ones, who feels need to express his best feelings to  favourite band members. Hope that you'll like my idea.

Jan-20-13 12:07:18
He's so expected in one thing - to be Unexpected
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Fhina wrote:

You mean, to show his bum?

I guess there's not a lot motivation needed. He just did it, just for fund and probably very spontanious?!? current/big_smile

Yes. Actually i made this roll to find anyone, who was present on that show. Who knows, maybe Simme was telling something.

Jan-20-13 11:45:00
He's so expected in one thing - to be Unexpected
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

beautïful wrote:

What act do you mean, the one with the chainsaw?

No, this one http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=464800646911473&set=a.421993007858904.98516.421968754527996&t Thought that i posted it in my question. Managed to do it after about 5 attempts.

Jan-20-13 11:37:04
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I managed to create a short FB page about Strarlet Suicide. It was funny for me that somebody listens to their song now.  current/big_smile Meantime i listen nothing, just working at this Forum now.

Jan-20-13 11:31:56
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

beautïful wrote:

Hardcore Superstar - Hateful

I listened to only one their song - Run To Your Mamma. It was splendid!!!

Jan-20-13 11:29:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

SallyCruz666 wrote:

Bon Jovi - Always run to you

I need to try Bon Jovi 'cause it's name appears so often among the Glammers.
PS Sally Cruz666 has pretty FB page about Crashdiet.

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