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Jan-17-13 10:00:34
Our monthly merchandise contest officially starts NOW
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

mrs v. viper wrote:

^thank you all!

My congrats, Mrs Viper. Going to be next winner. I'll find the way to support your Streeteam page. Just tell me how to put links and photos in Forum messages. I have lots of beautiful fan & fashion arts but having difficulties in publishing them here.
Also want to ask what makes you feel yourself a kind of weird. I'm weird 'cause i'm a bit Punk, a bit Goth and ghost believer.

Jan-17-13 09:40:21
Our monthly merchandise contest officially starts NOW
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

First of all i want to thank Peter for the opportunity to let me earn my first money with help of glam-metal band. It was my new year wish 2012. Even drank a whole glass of champagne to make it come true. It was an crazy act! Made promise to Simme not to drink so much anymore. Fuck U, Cruz, 'cause i had dull sober celebrations this year.
Going to do my best to win! To show that i'm hard-working, artistic , serious and deserve to be the professional of rock.   know that i may be freak, deviant and even shocking in experience. BUT the Freaks are people, too. Everybody has the right to express his mind.

Jan-13-13 10:05:41
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Dear Peter, can't not ask if somebody paid for making his name tattoo on your ass. Was it serious or one of your jokes again?
I lost my opportunity to get personally signed Cd that's makes me sad. And it's not easy to admit that i've lost half -price Cd. The world seams so cruel if you have need to count every dollar... Can i restore my chances to get personally signed copy (sure, for full price)?
Should i be shy if i'm not able to be free in payment?

Dear Peter, it's very nice that you called to the Forum again. I'll find your new promotion material and say what i think about it. As for the badges, i have some designed for you. Worked specially to see if i can create something worth such good-looking band.  Search the result on Official Crashdiet FB page as private mail. YOU"RE SAVING MY ASS MORE THEN AN YEAR. BUT I NEED TO BE MORE FREE IN MY PAYMENT. I KNOW THAT"S IT"S MY PROBLEM THAT I"M NOT ABLE TO GET MORE MONEY. BUT GIVE ME A CHANCE TO BE MORE USEFUL FOR CRASHDIET BY LETTING TO CREATE MY VISION ON BADGES AND SO ON.
Kind regards. Vilma Hellgirl.

All songs are good. But i choose Queen Obscene 'cause it brought Dave to me. Generation Wild 'cause it demonstrated how great Simon is. And Alone 'cause i just love it.

From Wikipedia, when i was searching information about Reckless Love. Just noticed photo of their second Cd and said "I want them" even without hearing any of songs. Now they are among my the most favourite bands.

Let me say my opinion. I've listened to this song for two times. I agree with these ones, who says "It's like G. W. album". And i agree with these, who says "We need polished studio version" and "It's just a song". But i'd like to say that the first and the third albums have equal sound if to say about music. The thing that really makes them so different is The Voice and character of frontman. Dave is Dave and Simon is Simon. Just take two Cd booklets and compare them to see the difference. For example, i see free Punk world in Dave's work. Simon has his own style of metalhead, and he manages well to continue Dave's beginning. Olli also created pretty good thing and we should be gratitude to him because he survived the band in the hardest time. We still feel lack of Dave but just imagine HOW IT WERE TO THEM At January, 21? I wish nobody to pass through it... So, let them create whole thing, buy it, listen for several times and only after that say your opinion. At least i'll act in this way. The thing i's like to get with it is a photo of Simon with blue hair and Martin with red one. But it's not true 'cause i wait a photo of naked Simon! But to say seriously I'd like to say that the sense of Crashdiet is not only in good music but in the texts. - It's the thing that needs thinking and rethinking. And what can you say about the topics knowing only one song even without reading the text?
Presently i can't escape from feeling that we, fans, forgot about is Generation Wild as song. Now we try to learn Simon what songs he must sing and what T-shirt he must wear (though we even don't suspect it from ourselves). For example, the most of us could even believe that he may wear T-shirt with photo of Britney Spears (It was demonstrated on Facebook) What would be next with us? - Shell we say "We don't love you, Simon, 'cause you like her?". Stop it and give him his own choice! Moreover, he looks well wearing it and he's a guy, who may like her as a girl.
And about lack of fantasy on modern scene. At's enough to remember any Eurovision! But i don't think that a metalhead should listen glem-metal only. For example, i also love Gothic|Symphonic metal that sounds differ. Some Goths prefer it to Gothic Rock (it's another genre!) I agreed with them because there's nothing better then Nightwish. But i wasn't shy to get list of Gothic Rock bands and to try all of them. It took me some days on you-tube but "LAM" (London After Midnight) and Lacrimosa really kick! And we have "Old Merry" classic rock bands. I love Queen, KISS and Motley Crue. Together it's more then 50 albums! Also i'd like to taste Punk Rock and Viking|Celtic metal. The Ark is differ then Crashdiet but i so love them! Reckless Love, The 69Eyes... I should stop now because there is enough information for thinking

[url=http://http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.444517558894543.111610.215733058439662&type=3]Dedicated to Dave. My own author works.I tried to share the link some days ago but i failed. Maybe i'm not good in posting on this forum because i'm novice there. Who can tell me how i should post the links? But i think i can publish my photos on my forum profile.
Also i'd like to say that i know Crashdiet from Cruz Era only. But i know Olli and Dave as well. Dave is the closest to me. I can't not think about his suicide... I feel like i knew him alive for many years. It's curious to say but Olli was main reason why i decided to try Crash and i could expect from myself that i'll like other frontmen more them him. But it doesn't mean that he is a bad singer. He's just from another band.

Dear Peter, Eric and Martin (and Simon), i tried to publish my link in this post. I'll try to remake it later if i'll fail today. But it's not some photos or pictures of Dave. It's something different. I need to write some lines to explain everything.
First of all i still reason to act my life as my dear sleaze angel. (Don't ask me more about it. Just read how i introduced myself). But i won't do it because i gave him word to life for him and to continue the deal of his life. Of coarse, i'd like to be famous in Swedish showbusiness as Rocker-Amazon. But i decided to begin with little task - to create something for Crashdiet and to show you and your fans the result. For example, this link shows sketches of the things that could be cases for Cds or jewelry (Simon's piercing, little chains, etc) . I could ignore such "simply" idea but...
I was between waking up and sleeping in the morning some months ago. In that moment i felt that somebody touched my ankle. I can't explain, who i understood that it was Dave but i understood it as his signal to action. And from that moment we became as close friends. I'd like to write more about it. But i can't imagine your reaction. I add here that they said that i have the ability of astral traveling during my sleep (It's shown in "In The Raw" video) and i even could meet Dave there. At least i believe in it. He was warm and good. He still kicks!..
PS. I never used drugs. I drink only several glasses of champagne per year. Hard-rock makes me even more sober then i was as pop fan. You can see my sketches and on your official facebook page. Dave almost forced me to write this message today.

May-29-12 15:21:58
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Well, Peter wrote "don't shy" and i'll do my best to follow his words because he's my  Icon of sexual freedom. Thank you, Peter for moral help in this hard task! Why is it so hard? - you may ask. First of all i became so tired to be as conservative good-girl that i turned into Rocker-Amazon. My avatar showshow i feel in sole. It doesn't mean that i'm as Generation Wild to the males. It mean that i feel myself like boy and girl in one person that doesn't make me homosexual though i'm very fond of the gays. Such things as flirt, sex, love romance aren't for me and about me. Glem-Rock is more then music genre. It's my Engine. Freddie Mercury is as heaven father for me. Dave Lepard is my saint. You can find full list of my favorite bands and hobbies on my profile here. I could be more traditional writing about myself  and to find more "friends" . But i'll betray my love to Crashdiet and The Ark. Hope that you'll understand me and won't laugh or pollute Forum of our favorite band by vulgar comments. I'm so tired to live in constant fear to be misunderstand and ridiculed. But i know that Dave blessed me to write such kind of intro and i'll pass though shame with his spiritual help.
PS. You know now who i am, Mr. London. Tell me then what made you to sing a song about Third Sex? I'm passing though almost all the things you described there... Can you write some words to support me?

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