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Apr-18-12 13:47:12
Mötley Crüe + Crashdïet + Hardcore Superstar
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

So i'm in a need for internet flyer of those tree bands promoting the gig in 7th of June! I'd mostly use it as internet advertising + helping to arrange the pre fan meeting party that day..so if there's anyone who can make some simple good looking flyer with for example small pictures of each band and the gig date that'd be awesome! I'm not so good at those...

Thanks, Mimz current/smile

woops and so the bands are Mötley Crüe + Crashdïet + Hardcore Superstar and http://www.facebook.com/events/277478675637544/?ref=ts  (as you see they're using only mötley's pic..)

http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/405358_329162170447938_224759370888219_1069149_1758371212_n.jpghttp://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/400837_328418500522305_224759370888219_1066450_640665549_n.jpgHere some shots..!




Oh haha Sister's "Would you love a creature" is another one i still listen daily, it's just so perfect! current/smile I asked the singer if they have some link where you could download them current/smile Would be great if your friends liked them too current/tongue

Haha great to hear! "Cripple" is the newest demo and what i've heard it's closest to the style they gonna use with the album + they gonna have keyboardist in live performances! current/smile

I have to admit i sometimes used to listen "identify" many times a day xD

Here something you friends of such bands as Rob Zombie, Him, Korn or Korn could like! Really talented band who do this with serious burning and they are just recording their first album! There are lots of high quality demos on youtube or on facebook!


My favourite song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbGU6rMI … WDVgfnz08=

Give me your opinions which the band would appreciate or like them on facebook! At the moment they are only doing gigs in Finland but maybe with little help..current/wink


mrs v. viper wrote:

I really hope this doesn't get another one of those "fight about" subject surrounding the death of Dave Lepard :S

Exactly my first thought when i heard about the book and i was very disappointed while reading some comments here and on facebook about some people's comments and opinions..some of them just should be kept to themselves..

Mar-07-12 03:14:17
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

Great to see so many people coming from abroad, welcome! current/smile I know there's gonna be already so many familiar faces that giantic party has to be planned! Some kinda meeting somewhere would be cool before the gigs, among crash fans. I live about ten minutes from where the gig is taking place so i can be one of the ones to arrange it! current/smile  anyone interested?

Mar-27-11 19:31:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

okok that helps thanks! for a moment i felt myself like some granma not knowing hot to use any electric device..heh

Mar-26-11 04:07:56
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

Ok thanks that helps current/smile altho i still find the meanings of the colours confusing. Anyway thanks girl! current/smile Luv

Mar-26-11 01:37:09
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

Can someone help me? Ive stopped using and writing to this forum almost completely because i dont understand how the marks works. I see all the different colours etc but i see no logic which of them informs me about new messages i havent read yet.

I'd love to continue using this forum after so many years but now it just irritates me..is it just me not understanding or have i some set ups wrong or what?

mrs v. viper wrote:

Well, I'm sorry then That I'm not fucking psychic and didn't check another bands website

i just have to say for example me myself posted straight quote from 69 eyes homesite about that matter into this topic...

well im too bit disappointed about that short gig time for diet been one of many travelling to see crashdiet but i think what someone said 8 songs each band would be even worse idea, equally shitty short gig for every band dont sound good to me ;/  well anyway, im also huge fan of the 69 eyes so im am very very exited after all and hcss is just a big plus for me. i wouldnt mind if hcss had the shortest playing time because im not the biggest fan but it all depends on that what you like the most. im just happy they're  doing the gig anyway

Mar-18-11 01:14:40
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

Anyone have a party plan for Friday in stockholm? Those not going to gothenburg? We are gonna arrive early and spend all day there so places with good happenings on friday, im in!

we have arranged our trip now, me with the least money gonna sleep in some shared room with random people, let's see what fun i can get out of that current/wink

Sweden, here we fuckin come! Nice to see you people irl ive talked to here! Let's have a beer or two! Ah

Mar-05-11 03:37:15
how does it counts?
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

P. fizzy Suxx wrote:

log in = 5 points etc.

Hmm i wonder how it goes when for example i am always logged in automatically when i open the forum becaused ive marked "remember me". Not that i post so often i could beat you but i do log in daily, at least for now..

Mar-05-11 03:27:20
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: The trash can

"blogbot" haha, love the humour x)

Mar-05-11 03:24:09
Category: Archive & Trash

Amazing once again, you know crash fans, we have th best one we love haha

Mar-05-11 03:10:55
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Cat Stevens - Father and son

Mar-01-11 11:29:22
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

Amazing that i can see all my old pictures ive posted here through out the years, i didnt have them myself before now, great!

Am i right if i assume that the only way to log in/out is to do it on the front page? Or havent i just figured out yet where the forum login part is?

I dont like the alpha(?) point system, at least until i see it wont start a massive "i write whatever where ever to get the points" hysteria...

Great job boys and thanks for all the energy used on us current/smile

Mar-01-11 02:53:36
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

ok ok i wanna delete this whole post right away, posted it too fast under the influence of few....... beers and already finding good features out of this..just cant find the "delete post button"..ignore haha! Thumbs up

Mar-01-11 02:39:18
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

What has happened? I have no idea how yo use it, ok i will figure it out in time ofc but why?

*huge confused face*

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