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Feb-09-06 21:49:41
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

klittbritt wrote:

Well I´m obviously guilty becoz anyone who gets close to me get psychiatric promlems, get depressed and /or suicidal. It´s like I´m spreading some of plague. So, now yet ANOTHER one of my beloved seems to be knocking on heavens door... Just a question of time before e dies, I know it. So, please, beware of me, I might look innocent but I´m dangerous as hell....

And I don´t know why and I don´t wanna be

Luv for fukks sake! Honesty! How can that destroy people? current/sad

but maby all of you're friends were unhappy before they met you.

Jan-23-06 23:32:43
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

MissPain wrote:

lepardlOveRr wrote:

crashdietforlife wrote:

MissPain wrote:

crashdietforlife wrote:

man i miss you , , and i still dont get it , you´re gone !  current/sad
you´re the one i´m living for ..

you´re my star ... i miss you

We all miss him darling . . I´m feeling with you !
I´ve cried and cried, and there´s no more tears to cry..
I´ve emptied my body of water. . . Love . take Care hun´.
//Miss Pain,

hmm .. yeah i know . .
i´ve cried so much these days and it feels like im dying.

you're not the only one

but remember the nice n fun moments,
im always laughing when i think of when
he told us a funny story about martin in malaysia
he was so funny
n we have to make him prod

We all have to make Lepard proud...

Jan-23-06 23:16:11
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

yes that was very well written!

R.I.P Dave

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