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Feb-04-10 11:13:25
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

after only 1 listen i'm getting a skid row - slave to the grind era vibe!
(not saying it sounds like slave to the grind, but a similar sleazy/aggressive aura to it)
f**king brilliant!

i checked out the website and no english translations there.
i'm guessing the mag is in Swedish too?

seabloom wrote:

I'm there for sure, it's a tradition already...Third time! This will be awesome!

btw.... awesome profile picture u got there!

I read that the new single will be avaialbe with Sweden Rock magazine.
Anyone know if this will be an exclusive to the magazine, or will it be availalbe to purchase as a regular single?

If anyone can grab a copy of the mag and singel for me, would be appreciated. PM me if you can help.
Would be good if the band could grab a box full and sell it thur the merch shop.{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif

Feb-02-10 03:52:48
Category: Archive & Trash

that ones my vid.... glad you guys liked it.
unfortunately the guys only played a short set that night. would love to see a full show sometime soon.

ok, hope this works, cos i've never done this stuff before....

any problems, let me know.


Mrs V. Viper wrote:

great pics, thx so much for sharing!!
And OF COURSE we want more  current/big_smile and didn't you say something about a video?{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif

yeah, i do have a video of 1 track too (a new track).
just gotta workout how to put it up.... any suggestions

Finally got the opportunity to put up some of my pix from this gig...

Will post some now, and some more later if people want.


i have some pix from the gig, and a bit of video (1 song).
i only got back into australia a day ago, but when i get the chance i will post some for all to see.

BTW, great to meet all you guys in Gothenburg, and then to share a few beers i Stockholm. I had a great time! Thanks for being so hospitable.


Nov-28-09 05:26:30
Category: Archive & Trash

man, that's fucked up!

oh well, HCSS rock also. ANy idea who will replace Crashdiet on the finland tour!

How about Scene D'Chryme, Suicide Hotline or Parasite City?

Nov-18-09 14:29:09
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

thanks for that great info.

yeah, i did do a bit of searching on the net and came across some pages. the problem i had was working out what the actual addresses were when reading the pages. (the addressess are a bit differnet format than what i'm used to reading).

thanks for sending me in the right direction{SMILIES_PATH}/PDT_10.gif

Nov-18-09 11:22:42
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

Just over a week away before i jump on a plane and head over to finland for the gigs.

Don't spose anyone can help me out with the addresses for the venues?
(I know the cities and dates, but can't see actaul addresses listed)

Also if anyone knows of any cheap accomodation close to the venues (cheap hotel or backpackeers, or whatever...) any info would be appreciated.


peterlondon wrote:

I'd suggest iTunes if you want our album as crappy Mp3's current/big_smile. Or even Spotify, if possible current/smile.

I'm afraid we're not really allowed to sell mp3s ourselves from our two first albums,
I guess we would need liceneses and stuff from Universal to do something like that...

But offering downloads in the webshop is a nice idea and definately something we'll look into in the future!


If you can't sell the album tracks, how about demo downloads? People seem very interested in these, or do Universal own the rights to these too?

Is this the same reason that the video clips aren't on the dvds? (Universal owns the rights?)

Anyway, I'd give the the webshop 10/10 at the moment.
International shipping is expensive no matter where you order from, so this site is not any more expensive than anywhere else.

Shipping speed is fantastic!
Items are fantastic quality, and the service is great too.

Defintely one of the best, if not the best webshop run by a band.
Keep up the good work!


Damn, now I see Reckless Life, Plastic Tears, and Santa Cruz are playing in Helsinki on the 19th December. I'm very tempted to miss the 2nd Gemini 5 gig to see this one.

here's how the tour is shaping up so far....

any suggestions for gigs still welcome as i'm happy to change / update any of these.

Dec 2 2009
Hardcore Superstar / Crashdiet @ Tampere 

Dec 3 2009
Hardcore Superstar / Crashdiet @ Turku 

Dec 4 2009
Hardcore Superstar / Crashdiet @ Helsinki 

Dec 5 2009
Hardcore Superstar / Crashdiet @ Joensuu 

Dec 9 2009
Bulletrain @ Malmo 

Dec 10 2009
Hardcore Superstar @ Malmo 

Dec 11 2009
Innocent Rosie @ Copenhagen 
EYE @ Motala  @ Brygget 

Dec 12 2009
EYE @ Motala @ Brygget 

Dec 16 2009
Chains @ Stockholm @ Club Riot Act, Pub Anchor 

Dec 18 2009
Gemini Five @ Stockholm @ ANCHOR BAR 

Dec 19 2009
Gemini Five @ Stockholm @ ANCHOR BAR

WaspGirl wrote:

glam_junkie wrote:

just adding Gemini 5 to the itenary... my last 2 nights in stockholm.
F**k yeah!!!!!

When and where are they playing?

pub anchor 18/19 of dec in stockholm (i think... from memory)
check their myspace page, dates are on there.

just adding Gemini 5 to the itenary... my last 2 nights in stockholm.
F**k yeah!!!!!

booked my flights today so it's all happening!

still keen for info on any other shows if anyone knows of any during this time frame.

got my leave approved yesterday so will hopefully book my flights today.

my rough plan at this stage.....

Leave Adelaide on the 26th November

26th November - Sydney, Australia : Pretty Boy Floyd, The Next, White Widdow, Torch Le Monde

28th November - Melbourne, Australia: Pretty Boy Floyd, The Next, The Deadthings, Diamond SIns

(Leave Australia on 30th Nov and land in Tampere Finalnd on 1st December)

2nd December - Tampere, Finalnd: Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet

3rd December - Turku, FInland: Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet

4th December - Helsinki, FInland: Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet

5th December - Joensuu, FInland: Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet

(between 5th and 10th would love to catch any finnish bands if they play, such as Scene...)

10th December - Malmo, Sweden: Hardcore Superstar

11th December - Motala, Sweden: Eye

12th December - Motala, Sweden: Eye

16th December - Stockholm, Sweden: Chains

20th December - Stockholm, Sweden: Crucified Barbara

21st December..... Fly Home

That's only rough plans, so things will probably change.
Yes, i know it a lot of travelling, but I'm used to it. Sometime i travel (drive) 500km for work in 1 day.
I will get a Finland-Sweden eurail pass which gets me 10 travel days.

Jack Daniel's wrote:

Haha Ruma's long island ice teas are expensive, take one in ale bar pikajuna which is on hämeenkatu, im always there, its good and cheap! one 0,5 beer is 1,90 current/wink

hmm i can chekk some bands for you at some point, there's something for sure during december current/smile

great! any help would be appreciated.

i'm guessing you'll be going to the crashdiet/hardcore gig?

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