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Jack Daniel's wrote:

in tampere there's always some gigs heh current/smile

let me know if you hear of anything happening in December!
are there any cool sleaze-glam rock clubs that run each week?

Hi Folks,

Looks like I'll coming all the way from Australia to spend december in finland/sweden.
I definitely wanna catch the Crashdiet/Hardcore shows in Finalnd, and then Hardcore in Malmo.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any other good gigs happening in December, as I wanna see as many gis as I can in this time.

Any info appreciated.


Aug-14-09 07:46:16
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Forum: Music lovers

will have a look when i get home. think the one I have has 4 tracks.

Aug-13-09 10:26:41
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

looks cool. will have to have a listen when I get home.

love all these obscure recommendations that people post so keep it up!

Aug-13-09 10:21:18
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Forum: Music lovers

got their last album. (Pedal to the Metal... or something like that)
Apprentyl the first one is totally heavy... and crap! You heard that one?

Touring Australia very soon. I might go check them out if the'yre not to expensive.

Aug-04-09 13:43:28
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got my EP today.

these guys are awesome!

Jul-16-09 14:10:57
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Forum: Music lovers

they sent me a mysapce message today asking for my address again... so maybe they will send it again.
Maybe they saw this thread....?

Jul-16-09 02:19:06
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I'm after the actual ep. (I like having the original)
Would be interested in the non-ep songs you have though.

Jul-14-09 12:16:18
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

UnholyRage wrote:

i'll check what i can do man. even though i don't know the dudes personally. im thinkin' bout buying a copy of my own. so when i do it, i'll buy you one too. the EP doesn't cost that much so the money wont be a problem. only the shipping and stuff. but i guess we can do it that you pay the shipping at the arrival or something. i'll check what i can do and tell you about it.

great! let me know how you go.

Jul-13-09 02:24:10
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Forum: Music lovers

yes, I asked them what happened and they said they would send out another copy. That was about 2-3 months ago.
I asked them again about 1 month ago.... got no reply.
I asked them again last week.... got no reply.

Pity, cos the songs sound good.

If any of you guys are able to pick me up a copy personally, I'd glady pay for it.

Jul-12-09 05:43:00
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Forum: Music lovers

UnholyRage wrote:

A new band seems to have popped up here in Greece lately, playing sleaze. Their name is Cyanide 4 and have been mostly influenced by Hanoi Rocks, L.A. Guns, Crashdiet, Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, Faster Pussycat, Hardcore Superstar, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper etc etc.
Worth a listen if you ask me, so if you feel like you have some time in yer hands...you can listen some of their songs here:

good songs.... but..... I ordered their ep from their myspace site....paid for it and never recevied it.

Jun-10-09 14:01:36
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

it's not too bad. definitely better than 'speed princess', which was horrible.

Jun-02-09 09:27:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Road Ratt - s/t
Drama Queen Die - Making a Monster
Drama Queen Die - Angel With Filthy Souls
Drama Queen Die - s/t
Charlemange - s/t
Pistol Dawn - Conversation Piece
High Noon - No Turning Back
Gynger Lynn - s/t
Wrathchild - Live In London (dvd)
BB Steal - Heartbeat Away (7" - fully autogrpahed by original line-up)
Wednesday13 - Bloodwork

Jun-02-09 02:24:33
Category: Off Topic

sounds awesome!
looking forward to a release.

May-14-09 09:19:42
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

traciitrash wrote:

the new singer sucks. change the band name and logo now this is not crashdiet . i don't know who have heard the demo with him(singer jailbait) on it but it sucks!  and the time is there now more then it ever was change the name and if you want to honor david then fucking change it.

all i can say hipocrites!!! and that includes the record companie

keep it sleaze


I think changing the name will be abandoning Dave. Keeping Crashdiet living is the best tribute to Dave IMO.


exactly my thoughts!

May-01-09 03:20:32
Category: Off Topic

Awesome glam-punk!

Apr-24-09 06:51:54
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

fizzy suxx wrote:

so fuck off this fuckin' DJ guy!!! http://www.crashdiet.org/components/com_agora/converter/{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe25.gif

sounds like you don't actually know who he is.

he played with beautiful creatures, helped out with Motley's 'SOLA', played with Sixx AM.

I'd take him over the curernt band.

Apr-08-09 15:00:40
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Was this an 'official' crashdiet release?
I have seen the 2003 demo picture sleeve but not this one before.

http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/album-gr ... -l-en.html


why not release sometihng different

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