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Jan-19-09 01:46:11
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

some of their songs have Steve Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd) on vocals and some tracks have Stevei Rachelle (TUFF) on vocals.

They're a pretty cool band. Off the top of my head I think they have 3 studio albums and a live album and I think a dvd. Don't quote me on that though current/smile

i actually like seeing young ones wearing sleaze gear and getting into the image and the music.

I'm 30, and if I go to a gig I love to see 18-20 years old wearing kiss, bon jovi, warrant stuff....ect. It means that the scene is being kept alive. If they didn't the scene would die out with the last generation.

That's just like someone 18-20 seeing someone 14-16 wearing Crash gear and listening to Crash music... they are taking the spirit of the band thru to the next generation.

Yeah, the may look back and think it's embarrassing, but so will eveyone when they look back at the clothes and image they had 10 years ago.

The sleaze image isn't a new thing... Bowie and Trex fans were doing it in the 70s,  Kiss  Motley Poison and Jovi fans were doind it in the 80's and 90s... now Crash fans are doing it in the 00's.

Jan-17-09 02:29:49
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

WaspGirl wrote:

glam_junkie wrote:

DOes RIS festival rasie money or a foundation, a charity or any person or anything, ...or is it simply a get together to remember?

"REST IN SLEAZE is an annual festival, in honour of Dave Lepard (David Hellman 1980-2006).
All surplus from the festival goes unshorted to David´s Memorial Fund.
The purpose of the fund is to help young musicians to get a chance to live their dreams..."

thanks for that.

Jan-16-09 00:48:31
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

DOes RIS festival rasie money or a foundation, a charity or any person or anything, ...or is it simply a get together to remember?

Jan-14-09 23:03:49
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

here's the sellers response....

"it is original, i bought it from the band 2 years ago.
very rare.
it have
a booklet but not the poster as i gave it to a friend."

Jan-14-09 07:29:46
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

it does say 'original' though.
I might ask the seller and see what they say.

MrLee wrote:

Glam_Junkie. You post good points.

This is one of the reasons along with lack of news that i rarely post on these forum boards anymore.

This is similar with me. I have been a member since 2006 but rarely post due to alot of the people who attmept to rule this board and shoot down anything they do not agree with.

Crashcrueroxx wrote:

ive NEVER refused to share those demos? cause that would be being a hypocrit, and asshole, cause i got them from the shared site.

all ive wondered is, if you want them so bad.  why cant YOU go on the site and get them for  YOURFUCKINGSELF.

and yes..  i refuse to share the ris dvd? and its content.
? yknow.
who wouldnt?

if its starts getting ripped or whatever and sent about. everyone would have it! its rare!! and if everyone else started 'downloading it'it wouldnt be anymore.

Wow... look how you react when  you are caught out!

Here is the exact quote from the demos trading thread that has been closed...

"I get you. if i had something that alot of people dont, id sure as fuck keep hold of it, until i was sure they were a 'worthy' fan.

obviously it sounds fuckin lame to some...
im exactly the same with my hardcore superstar stuff 


I read this as you refusing to trade. Right?

And you obviously cannot read. I do not want any demos.
When some asks for the demos why not give the the link to the same site you got them from... instead of acting like an immature child and refusing to share.

BTw, please add more swear words to your posts. It makes your point even stronger that you can swear annonymously online.

Foby wrote:

Of course there is a Crashdïet mafia.

I knew it!{SMILIES_PATH}/PDT_10.gif

I see your point, but wouldn't it be easier to just ignore the posts, rather than shooting them down all the time?

Probably the only thing I don't understand from your reply is why you find it hard that someonecan be a fan a band from another country. I'm from Australia, but I think sweden has the best music in the world. I love the swedish music scene and get music by as many bands as I discover... hardcore superstar, crashdiet, sister, damaged dolls, danger, loud n nasty, zan clan, shotgun messiah, jailbait, crazy lixx, silverspoon, sharp, midnight cowboy, panzer princess, curcufied barbara, foxey,speed parade, bulletrain,... and I could continue on.

I listen to and collect music from all around the world.... Australia, Sweden, USA, Finland, Brazil, Italy, France... that's the beauty of music - it crosses all borders.

Whenever anyone enquires about Australian bands I'm proud to help them out, whereas it seems that you guys do the exact opposite, and want to keep the band to yourself. (If anyone want to know about any Australian bands... just ask) Sure new fans can be a little on the 'uneducated' side about a band, but if there are never new fans then how will the band continue?


Oh, and thanks for the civlised response. I was half expecting to get shot down myself current/lol

I don't know what peoples problems are on this message board, but some on here seem to have a major superiority complex and attitude problem. Any time someone asks as question 3-4 memebers immediately jump on the original poster and put them down.

Yet these same people are hypocrites.

One example.... the whole issue of  refusing to share or trade demos and  that the whole idea of uploading them for some else is unthinkable. I'm not syaing it's wrong or right but some of the same people that were stringing this line and were so against sharing the demos (er crashcrueroxx, foby and mrbjoornhave) coincidentally are members of another site which is set up specifically for dowloading just this material. It can be seen that Crushcrueroxx has even downloaded the same Crashdiet demos she refuese to share.

So why when someone else asks for the same material did she not direct the new peoson to this same site. Instead the response was a chorus of 'we don't want to share' and something about people bieng 'worthy'.

I don't understand this whole attitude....

Recently someone asks about the Crashdiet dvd and the response the person gets it 'why didn't you buy it when it was avaialbe' or 'we don't want to share it' and then 'rub it in'. I'm not saying that you have to share it but if you don't want it, just say nothing. Why have a go at the person that is asking? Grow up a bit...

Just seems every time I check into this site the same 'kids' are having a go at someone else and trying to rule the roost... like some sort of 'Crashdiet Mafia'. Relax a bit, chill out and answer peoples questions in a polite way, or otherwise say nothing. Everyone is here for the same reason,...the band and it's music, so stop trying to make this baord some sort of bully board.

I'm not doing this for my own benefit (i have the 7", the dvd, the cds, the jap cd, the promos, the singles, the posters, the t-shirts, the demos... blah, blah, blah) , so I have nothing to gain by this post.....but at least show a bit of respect to the newer people that join this board and are interested in the same stuff.

Just my rant for the day.

this same seller is selling this ep all the time. I don't know how many copies they have.

$100 is only their listing price too. It has not reached the reserve. I think you'll find the reserve will be around the $170 mark.

they sold one a short time ago for $US200... see here: … dZViewItem

Early last year one also sold for $US300 on ebay.

Mine was far cheaper than all of these.

Jan-07-09 00:43:12
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

5 albums doesn;'t necessarily mean 5 'studio' albums.

They may do 2 studio albums, 2 live albums, and another greatest hits album...

mrbjoorn wrote:

Izak_Acid wrote:

WaspGirl wrote:

I shouldn't think that the record companies read this forum...

Of course they don't.

What a coincidence, that's my thoughts too!

I don't think he was asking for the  record company to read his post. There was punctuation in the title that inferred that he was asking us to read his post about Universal Records.

The title is "Universal Records! Please Read This", not "Universal Records Please Read This".

Anyway, I think he has a really good point. A record label not even knowing or realising that one of their artists is on tour.

I think the reason behind this is becasue I think Crashdiet are signed to Universal (Swe), not worldwide. If this is the case then other branches of the lable, who act independantly, woulnd't know or be worried about what the other branches are doing.

ROXY RIOT 69 wrote:


Yes, I finally got a new one ! Nice mint condition.

I now feed my dog Trixter records instead.

sepultura belo horizonte wrote:

I will post this now to you!!!
See ya

nothing has come thru to my email.
maybe use megaupload or rapid share and send the link?

do you know where the actual show can be downloaded?

Dec-22-08 06:45:33
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Foby wrote:

of course, it feels better to have a demo "for myself", than sharing it with the whole Crashdïet forum.

sorry, that's the whole point I do not understand.

So, is the reason you won't share with the people that requested it because:
1) out of respect to Dave Lepard and his family, or
2) becasue it makes you feel better that you have it and other don't

Clearly from your response above it is choice 2)

Hiding behind the 'respect for DL' aspect makes it even more disrespectful now that you have even said yourself you are doing it becasue it makes you feel better that you have it and others dont.

Anyway, each to their own..... current/big_smile

Dec-22-08 06:03:35
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Foby wrote:

Of course, there's "I have them but I don't want you to have them{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe03.gif " in there too. But it's true, I mean, I have songs that very few have, and of course I'm not sending them to anyone I find worthy (and that's max 3 on this forum). Because I have them, and you don't. The world sucks, eh?

Hugs, kisses and love /Fobylicious.

Wow, you're a bigger fan me then.{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe25.gif
Sounds like highschool all over again.

Simple..... if the band didn't want these discussions on the offical forum then they could simply delete them. Problem solved.

I doesn't worry me if they do delete these threads becasue i'm not actually after the demos. The only reason I said anything is becasue of the elitest attitude of some of people on here... that is what annoys me.

If you have the stuff and were given that by the band then just say nothing. Saying 'I've got them but I won;t share them' just makes you look like a brat.

Dec-21-08 23:19:34
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

... but I still haven't heard how it is disrespectful wanting to hear than bands 'old' demos.

To me it just sounds like "I have them ,but I don't want you to have them"

New demos, yes I compeltely understand, because they are potential upcoming releases and no band would want their future material released mainly for commercial and copyright purposes.

Old demos, well... that's where the band came from and I can understand how big fans of a band find it exciting to uncover the past of their idols. Hardly disprespectful IMO.

In saying that... I'm not actually after the demos myself... I just find the whole argument frustrating and can't see the reasons why people won't share old material (even though the stuff is already out there in cyberspace)

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