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ROXY RIOT 69 wrote:


Yes, I finally got a new one ! Nice mint condition.

I now feed my dog Trixter records instead.

sepultura belo horizonte wrote:

I will post this now to you!!!
See ya

nothing has come thru to my email.
maybe use megaupload or rapid share and send the link?

do you know where the actual show can be downloaded?

Dec-22-08 06:45:33
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Foby wrote:

of course, it feels better to have a demo "for myself", than sharing it with the whole Crashdïet forum.

sorry, that's the whole point I do not understand.

So, is the reason you won't share with the people that requested it because:
1) out of respect to Dave Lepard and his family, or
2) becasue it makes you feel better that you have it and other don't

Clearly from your response above it is choice 2)

Hiding behind the 'respect for DL' aspect makes it even more disrespectful now that you have even said yourself you are doing it becasue it makes you feel better that you have it and others dont.

Anyway, each to their own..... current/big_smile

Dec-22-08 06:03:35
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Foby wrote:

Of course, there's "I have them but I don't want you to have them{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe03.gif " in there too. But it's true, I mean, I have songs that very few have, and of course I'm not sending them to anyone I find worthy (and that's max 3 on this forum). Because I have them, and you don't. The world sucks, eh?

Hugs, kisses and love /Fobylicious.

Wow, you're a bigger fan me then.{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe25.gif
Sounds like highschool all over again.

Simple..... if the band didn't want these discussions on the offical forum then they could simply delete them. Problem solved.

I doesn't worry me if they do delete these threads becasue i'm not actually after the demos. The only reason I said anything is becasue of the elitest attitude of some of people on here... that is what annoys me.

If you have the stuff and were given that by the band then just say nothing. Saying 'I've got them but I won;t share them' just makes you look like a brat.

Dec-21-08 23:19:34
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

... but I still haven't heard how it is disrespectful wanting to hear than bands 'old' demos.

To me it just sounds like "I have them ,but I don't want you to have them"

New demos, yes I compeltely understand, because they are potential upcoming releases and no band would want their future material released mainly for commercial and copyright purposes.

Old demos, well... that's where the band came from and I can understand how big fans of a band find it exciting to uncover the past of their idols. Hardly disprespectful IMO.

In saying that... I'm not actually after the demos myself... I just find the whole argument frustrating and can't see the reasons why people won't share old material (even though the stuff is already out there in cyberspace)

Dec-20-08 11:18:06
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

so if demos are not to be  spread... how did you all get them? even for you to get them they must have been spread to you, right?

....and I don't see how keeping them to yourself shows more respect than sharing? Selling them... yes I understand but giving them to other people, I don't see how this is disrespectful.

if people dont trade them freely, you will find people will jst end up selling them, and making the  'disrespect' far worse.

I think people are actually showing more respect wanting to hear what the band did in their early days, and not just what a record label released.

just my thoughts.

They are some awesome tunes... just the way I like my music.
Plenty of sleaze with some nasty attitude!

Do you have any demo or cd we can buy?

Keep it up!

hitomi wrote:

But I think you can make collage or something by those  current/smile

Yes, that's what I was thinking... still too good to throw away.

I posted about this about a year ago when it first happened, but never got around to posting pictures. Well, here they are....

Have you ever wondered what a crashdiet record tastes like?!?!?!

Just ask my dogs!

I hope they enjoyed it becasue it was one expensive meal.

Dec-03-08 11:03:27
Topic: L.U.S.T.
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

here's a video of them live.....

Dec-03-08 06:23:28
Topic: L.U.S.T.
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Yeah, not bad.
Had their ep for about a year now. I think they have some new stuff coming out soon.

Feb-07-08 00:32:58
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

i saw hardcore superstar play in Australia last week. What an awesome show!!!

Vic also came to Australia in place of Thomas. I would have loved to have seen the original line-up, but Vic did a great job.

Definitely a band to go and see if you get the chance!

theo wrote:

Haha, I haven't met you aswell have I?  Also after

We can only hope I guess current/big_smile

I'm PM'd Peter London to find out about the HCS tour a while abck, and he while they are not doing that, they are actually looking into an Aussie crashdiet tour. Hopefully somethin good comes from that.

I think HCS will get a good turn out. I'm only doing Melbourne. Would have loved to have done syndey aswell, but I'm already doing Melborune-Sydney-Perth for Bon Jovi the week before so money may be a little short.

Krash wrote:

Anyway to get the thread back on topic. I think Crashdiet could do well in Australia, if the gig was put on with the right support bands, that people wanted to see.

The only problem would be unlike the US or Europe, it's hard to line up a lot of dates (even for major bands), is there much of a scene anywhere else apart from Melbourne and Sydney?

I'm from Adelaide and I think they'd get a good crowd here. I'm talking for a club show.... They're not gonna pull a thousand people, but maybe a couple of hundred. Crucified Barbara pulled 200+. They'd definitely need to focus on melbourne where they'd probably pull 500.

There is a club here in Adelaide that just play glam/sleaze/hair metal after midnight. I went there on the weekend and it was pumping.... maybe 150-200 people.... and that's with no band - just music playing and beer flowing. I was amazied at seeing all the 18-20 year olds dressed up like it was 1986 all over again. I haven't seen hair that big in a long time.

If anything I would be hesitant about Sydney. I went over for Stevie Rachelle / TUff... and Sydney was dead.  Not sure if the turn out to bands is always like this, or this was jsut a once off.

With HCS coming in february, I think it would give  agood indication as to whether crashdiet would be successful over here. If Crucified Barbara can do it, then I'm sure crashdiet could do it.

i thought that the issues we were discussuing were related to the topic.

"bring crashdiet to austalia -> there is no glam scene here -> yes there is, what about the bands like..."

in my mind that is still on topic. 

oh well....

the reason I originally asked the question is becasue I was thinking of gettng the logo as a tattoo, but wanted to know what the symbol represented.

Kayla_123 wrote:

it would be great if crashdiet came to melbourne with hardcore superstar,its a shame that australia doesnt really have a big glam scene.
I wish i lived in sweden lol.

The glam scene in Australia is ok. Bands like Deadthings, Hell City Glamours, Diamond Sins, Sebasrocekts, Million Dollar Whores.... are all keeping the torch burning.  Do you ever check out any of these local bands?

thanks folks.

i thought there may have been some sort of symbolism behind the combination of circles and crosses in that configuration.

if anyone knows any more about it please add your views.

Izak_Acid wrote:

It represent CrashDïet.
I think it is a thread about this somewhere..  Please search before you make a thread.

Ummm... I did do a search and I can't find any search results related to this topic.

I could have guessed it represents crashdiet, but I was after the meaning behind it. It must have been derived from some meaning.

If you have a link for the thead, please post the link. Thanks.

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