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Hydeist wrote:

Yeah..but english is a world-language, you like have to learn it to survive, haha. And it's a good thing..if it wasn't for english.. all we crashdïet fans couldn't be collected to one place like this and talk to eachother, ne? ^.~

English is requiered here, and then you have to choose another language (Spanish, Germany or French.. and Swedish/English if you're having trouble with learning english) and after that on some schools it's optional if you want to read another language (you can then choose between the 2 others you didn't choose).. after this.. when you're out of the 9th grade.. and keeps going 3 years on another sort of school you can choose between more languages/stop studying a language if you want to..

mine tetcher try to learn me swedish??
words like; pankaka.. hmm, now i know they ar sick

Randee wrote:

It sounds cool, but unfortunately I can't understand anything.  Maybe I'll have to try and learn Swedish.  Which reminds me, do people in Sweden speak Swedish, or is that like saying people in America speak American even though we speak English?  Sorry thats a bit off topic, but I've always wondered.

ohh.. not god.. but you can learn current/smile
i speak swedish^^

im siting her and lisen to a crashdïet intervju(?) "in annika Lantz P3"
OMG! you gays sound so funny:P
"Jag va med först, Jag startade" -dave current/tongue
but.. all talk on the same time:P


"jag är en lungn pojke igentligen"  current/lol  current/lol

Feb-18-06 02:26:25
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Rock on man!

im thinking about a crashdïet tato to.. hmm,
just the head of the membars and Crashdïet beside.. mm,, have to finde som good pix:P

Rest In Slaeze Dave Lepard
I miss you

Lepardmannen Rock on in Rock ´n roll heaven!

Randee wrote:

I bought shirt transfer paper and printed pictures off of my computer onto the paper, then ironed the transfers onto my shirt.

ver can yuo bye shirt transfer paper?

peterlondon wrote:

We are actually going to release a DVD with live-footage, backstage material and various footage....

ohh!! love you!
must have it


goch.. hod did yuo get the pix on the shirt, and it loks so grate??
add and explain current/smile

do enyone have photos on daves tatou´s??

Feb-16-06 19:30:46
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

you make them too HOOT current/smile

Feb-16-06 19:07:22
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Ambill wrote:

Twisted Metal

Twisted sleaze..
or Twisted glam maby

Feb-16-06 19:05:10
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

fuck the chainz??
naaw not god

Feb-16-06 18:11:56
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

LoveSweet wrote:

peterlondon wrote:

Crashdiet wrote:

Who do you think is the best guitarist in the world? I think my vote will go to Slash current/smile

I think Martin Sweet is #1. current/smile.

hehe yer right! Martin Sweet is the best! n the hottest!..hehe!

i think the same current/tongue current/smile ^^
martin sweet is sweet

peterlondon wrote:

thanks alot for the photos you've sent us so far... keep sending current/smile


shuld i send the movies to?
i have like 4 from falun 29/10 current/smile
(en urläcker posa när musiken är slut film current/wink )

Feb-14-06 16:15:45
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

oyess that video's awesome!! current/smile

Feb-13-06 23:35:03
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

today i draw this pix current/smile
and its for all pepol ho know dave current/big_smile

Crashdïet: … ydave3.jpg

dave: … ydave4.jpg

im not so got at drawing, but it´s the best i culd do  current/roll

Feb-12-06 17:39:46
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Rock on man!  current/big_smile

Feb-12-06 15:29:21
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

LoveSweet wrote:

When I was there yesterday, After Peter, Erik n Martin had played riot in everyone n breakin' the chainz, I been looking for Martin coz he promise he will be there.. N when I found him I start to crying!.. He comes to me n said: "Det e ingen fara lilla gumman" or something like that. N he gave me a big hug! I wanna die!! My sister took some photos on us. I miss him already!

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