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Nov-27-10 13:42:50
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I think it'll be Hardcore Superstar in Uppsala 11/1. Then Crashdiet in Sundsvall 28/1. And then Moto Boy April 18...

Nov-27-10 00:36:50
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Riot In Everyone - 41 (+)
Queen Obscene/69 Shots - 9 (-)

Nov-26-10 23:38:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Thrill Me - Crashdiet

I'm glad you approve of it, Peter. It was touching to be there...

Well, this post comes a bit late but hopefully that doesn't matter current/smile.

I went to David's grave November 7th, All Saint's Day, to light a candle. And you can't imagine how beautiful it was. I've been there plenty of times before but that night it was magical. It was so magical it was hard to snap a photo. But I tried and thought I should share with you guys who couldn't make it there.


can't choose just one... but overnight, breakin the chainz,the buried song... back on trakk.. native nature.. in the raw (cuz it's so sexy  current/roll  http://www.crashdiet.org/components/com_agora/converter/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif )... and the rest of the songs haha!

I e-mailed Stadsbaren, Sundsvall about age limit cuz I'm underage too, and they said "hopefully there will be no age limit at all, otherwise you'll come in with an adult guardian" current/big_smile

Nov-26-10 20:47:26
Category: Archive & Trash

Ivy_Deville wrote:

You swedish guys (or a geographic genius, I don't care current/tongue);
Can someone tell me where in Sweden these places are?
I live in the middle of Norway, pretty close to the border,
and trying to figure out what's nearest.

Help? current/tongue

hmm Sälen is pretty close to the border. in the middle. like the same latitude as Lillehammer if the map is correct!

Nov-26-10 20:12:56
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Well, alrite then. better get started, right?

i'm Sara and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. A great place to live since it's in the "middle" of the whole country hihi. And only just 45 minutes from Stockholm! And I can also visit David's grave every once and a while.
I'm a bit schizophrenic person, and I embrace every moment I go thru (good or bad). I wouldn't survive without music, art and literature (geeky and proud of it) and at a very young age I decided to dedicate my life to liberation and freedom and music. And writing! Besides school I write tons and tons of poems and novels. it's like the voices in my head never shuts up!

Well, favorite bands... Lady Gaga, Blue October, Crashdiet, Alter Egon, Mötley Crue, KISS, WASP. And I'm addicted to concerts! So yeah.

Nov-26-10 19:39:07
Category: Archive & Trash

i believe you forgot uppsala...? anyhow, c ya in sundsvall!

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