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Jul-03-13 15:23:21
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

This strange girl mailed me again though message wasn't seen in Forum mailbox. Who else has the same trouble? It seams to me that it's some robot. And that it's another 'girl" 'cause she called herself Adriana, who's 23 years old... The previous one was differ and wrote in another style. I sent her mail in spam.

May-28-13 16:07:15
Rest in sleaze
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Happy b-day, dear. I know that your spirit is still alive.

May-28-13 15:02:23
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

What does it mean: mail box shown 1 mail but i can't see none when i open it? (mean mailbox) Glad to know that this spammer is blocked.

May-10-13 17:10:35
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

Who can pass it to Peter London or somebody other from the band?

Quick mail for Peter London:
Dear Peter, I can sketch ink design on Crashdiet themes. After that i'll preserve my author's right and present the sketch for the band. They can let download it for the money. The only thing i need is to be known as its artist (Mrs. Sleazy). Also i want to tell that you can sell signed cards, fliers and even patches of paper. Fans can put them into their Cds. It will be much better then name inside booklets of Cds that can be real after long time. My sketch can be passed to you tomorrow morning. I WANNA HELP YOU as you help me!

Feb-25-13 15:36:55
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

What about the rule "Make your posts using mostly white shift"? 'cause i found some posts in violet colour. It was bad for the eyes.

Feb-22-13 10:29:24
Decided to create own roll instead of PM to Peter 'cause i want to know other fan's...
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

mrs v. viper wrote:

Just do what you feel like doing and feel is right for you. End of discussion, really...

Thank you. I was thinking for two days about who i am and what i want. And it's not important what i am - Metalhead or Metal fan. Actually i like Punk and Gothic styles, too. Think that i should not sank in it all completely not to loose myself. Any case it would be much worse without rock at all. current/big_smile

Feb-19-13 11:28:47
Decided to create own roll instead of PM to Peter 'cause i want to know other fan's...
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

beautïful wrote:

@ Mrs. Sleazy

Rock'n'Roll is a multifarious culture with it's own aesthetics, traditions, rituals, art, history and shit. If you are interested, you might grow into it, become a part of it. But calling it an act will offend people.

_ _ _ _ _


If anybody asks me what glam rock is about, I'll answer "It's like Lady Gaga, but with distorted guitars."

I didn't mean to call rock N roll style an act. Just had no opportunity to grow up with it and had to read about its features. Nothing more. But California, some photos of drunken Lepard and some other facts (it's his totally private deal, i won't touch it) made me think if i'm really ready to be a part of it. Rock music is great and different. Rock clothe is very beautiful and various. I know a lot of great bands with the greatest men in the world. It's all i will take with me. But i'll think what kind of life i will take. It's a bit sadly for me... In the same time i don't feel that i'm weak being truthful for myself.

Feb-17-13 15:56:45
Decided to create own roll instead of PM to Peter 'cause i want to know other fan's...
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I see nothing bad in reading something about the things that are totally new for me. Or in tagging  myself with something positive for me. Intuition is good but it can be good to add some instruction to use. One day i'll be used enough to new things and to new life. And after that i'll be able to tear off the tags. I don't want to turn my life into chaos by headless  acting.

Feb-16-13 10:45:21
Decided to create own roll instead of PM to Peter 'cause i want to know other fan's...
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I could read in WikiHow (splendid thing, btw) that a novice should not say i'm Punk, Goth, Metalhead, etc. But i know that i'm not a poseur 'cause i really like these kinds of music. It makes not to being worry too much if somebody would call me a poseur or not.
I tried to spend some time to get high points and it took really much time and energy. Still wonder how another fans manage to get very high points and to have time on something else.
The thing i really dislike is discussions about David's death. I would like to do him more alive for us. But i have nothing better then imagine him as Sleaze Guarding Angel.

Feb-15-13 12:20:53
Decided to create own roll instead of PM to Peter 'cause i want to know other fan's...
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Here is interview: Checked to see that it's not posted here. Title
The thing i liked more then everything is that Crashdiet wants to make people think about themselves and don't afraid to change their lives. I'm only an year in Sleaze and an year more in rock. Still remember as i saw you, guys, first in Wikipedia. It was a photo with Ollie as cover-art of The Unattractive Revolution. The first expression was Vampires. The second was Hungry Vampires. The third - they will be portrait of my future life. The first action was to get my dinner. The second - to clean my room. The third - to take my pretty rosy embroidering  from my wall... 'Cause i won't be "Rosy princess" any more.
It's not easy to be a Metalhead. I'm just learning to act the right way and to use this Forum. It's always hard to be another then the people around you. But i hate complaining. In any way i needed the changes and i've got them.
I want to say that your Game on Forum is a change to get the first money from music attraction and it's better to spend time here under Peter's eye then somewhere "with clue or bottle". But any changing of life needs not only courage but time and actions. Think that the Game provokes spending too much time here and too much of energy that can be spent in vain (it's my private vision, i had no idea to hurt somebody's feelings). I'm  don't mean that you should stop the Game. But think that you should create Alternative Game that would provoke positive changing of life. I have no idea what kind of game it can be at least now. But i need something more serious then endless posting. But i want to be the winner, too. Though not " right now".
Also i want to beg to create lighter atmosphere around Dave's name. Somebody called him Sleaze Angel. Maybe it's worth to give him status Protector of the band or so on?
PS. Here are something i want to add after some time from beginning of this roll:
I didn't mean to call rock N roll style an act. Just had no opportunity to grow up with it and had to read about its features. Nothing more. But California, some photos of drunken Lepard and some other facts (it's his totally private deal, i won't touch it) made me think if i'm really ready to be a part of it. Rock music is great and different. Rock clothe is very beautiful and various. I know a lot of great bands with the greatest men in the world. It's all i will take with me. And it doesn't mean that i have no rock spirit. But it's based on hard work, independence, self-control, discipline and believing that Whatever happens, The show Must Go On. Hard life turned me into Iron and i can turn off my tears during seconds.
I'm much changed by Crashdiet. But these changes turned me into serious person, who wants to keep sober life, speak in quite voice in old-fashioned manner, read serious books, cross-stitch pictures and to be a bit more elegant. It made me to respect you, guys. You turned me into something more then simply metal fan... I always wanted to be in your flock. And i'll continue to be your loyal fan. Forgive me if my words hurt you. But i realized that "Rosy Princess" can grow up and turn into Dark Queen. And now i want to listen a bit of Lady Ga Ga.

Feb-11-13 15:07:45
Category: Off Topic

emilio wrote:

I like the sound, sounds massive.

Can't be said better. Johnny has fine voice and special look. Think that even Dave likes it when he looks from the heaven.

Feb-11-13 15:04:35
Category: Off Topic

nage wrote:

Silly Willy, you go to paypal, down there it asks NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT? Choose to pay with card. current/wink At least so I heard you can do it.

I'm using cards & moneygram and i used Swift for abroad orders with no problem. Think that this short list will help somebody else.

Feb-11-13 14:59:25
Category: Off Topic

mrs v. viper wrote:

I'd love to buy some, but I don't have a paypal account and they don't suppoert anything else.
And no, I will not get a paypal account for that!

You're really wise if you decided not to get Paypal. It's too serious thing to create something that has deal with money. You should not get it if you have no idea to use it regularly. There must to be another way to get what you want. At least i prefer to use my own way instead of bending under circumstances.

Feb-11-13 14:55:17
Category: Off Topic

I like this band. Hope to have some Cds before i'll die. Do you know that Peepshow changed their name to State of Panic. Is for me it sounds cooler. But i like Peepshow as tittle so well.

Feb-10-13 10:51:40
Who has some of them?
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I could watched old Simon's band only ones on You-Tube. But it was version with modern Cruz. It's hard to say if i liked it 'cause i wasn't used to their sound or maybe was simply tired. It doesn't mean that i'm not interested in it at all. Just want to know more. Specially to see some video materials with young Simon. He looked so hot and extra-sexy on photos... It's interesting to look as he moved. Think that the rest of girls will understand me.

Feb-10-13 10:41:37
Think it would be funny to discover fav. song's background.
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

riKki reKkless wrote:

Mrs. Sleazy wrote:

Maybe i'm so close to Crashdiet 'cause it's the most extreme band i know.

Without trying to offend you, but what exactly makes you think, Crashdiet would be the most extreme band you know?
+ You said you are working in the music business? What are you doing?

These guys seams to know all my "naked " secrets 'cause i see all my weak and strong sides in their songs, vids, photos, actions... It makes me to describe them if not extreme but special & severe. But i'm here for Peter, Martin, Simme, Eric and Dave not 'cause i'm going to demonstrate really everything that's in my head. 'Cause everybody should have something private.
Presently i'm working under fashion for American-Swedish heavy metal band Wolfqueen. It's more friend then official work but i'm just studying to work with any sort of rock band. Everybody should begin with something. They liked how i draw and i decided to try. I'll demonstrate here what we could create (both band and fashion) That's why i have enough time for this Forum.

Feb-10-13 10:26:15
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Thank you, guys, to stay alive in the final. Even two thanks for Simme. It was very cute to see naked Peter under shower. But i have to admit that i didn't find your demonstration of rock N roll style of life was too optimistic. Think that it's real state of things without make up. I'm not of this type. I can scream and shout, i can spend hours discussing my fav. rock bands but i can't stand any alcohol and not to think about Tomorrow at all.

It was expected and unexpected. Guys, you were owesome! I'll try to get money to order your new Cd as soon as i can. But i also to get Cds of Lordi. Hope to catch both bands this year.

Feb-10-13 10:03:18
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

GunsNCrüeSWE wrote:

Mrs Sleazy... HE IS DEAD. What would it have mattered if he talked about his depression, You weren't a fan then even(neither was I, atleast not Enough to care). You don't know him.

Well... I was thinking under your words for some days. You wasn't his fan then so as me. But i wanted to say that it's not o'k to hide all emotions inside of heart or brains. I'm not alone, who was crossed at him and i wasn't alone with such emotions. Just read posts of Mrs. Viper. But we both changed your opinion about his actions. We know that it's too late to think about what could be. I even decided not to touch this subject anymore. It's really the best way to show my respect to positive Dave's side. Think that everybody should do the same though i realize that the topic of his death will be discussed for a long time. 'Cause new fans will come with their right to show their feelings. But it doesn't mean that i won't to talk about Dave at all. Just will be discussing his songs and style.
A note for Dave:
I live one year as Crash fan and this year wasn't easy. It wasn't easy to know that you're dead. I was used to blame you for giving no opportunity to save you. Used to blame the people near you 'cause probably there were nobody you knew to tell about your real state... That's why it was hard to trust to your family though i'm keeping some facts from my own mom. But i feeling much easy now. You didn't saved but they saved Crashdiet for us, your fans. Here i want to thank your family, Peter, Martin, Olli,and Eric for recovering your band from the ruins:
Tack sa mycke.
I decided not to focus on your death. 'Cause LIFE MUST GO ON.

Feb-06-13 15:05:12
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Motley Crue
Black Veil Brides
Reckless Love
Twisted Sister
Deff Leppard
The Ark
Nightwish with Tarja though have nothing against Anette
The 69 Eyes...
Whole list will be too long and i'm discovering new bands very often. I'm fond of symphonic bands, sometimes even Black Metal. I'm fond of Gothic as style. Sure, nobody can't pass away calmly seeing Ville Valo. I'm as Punk by character and i like Punk style, sometimes even Horror Punk (It's all came after G. V. banned clip. Simme! I don't know if i should thank (fuck) you for giving me such habits)
PS. Fuck you means Thank you . Used by Freddie Mercury.

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