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May-01-13 02:36:01
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

hi ChaosGirl and Justin Kicks current/smile

May-01-13 00:23:22
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Thank you Mz. Hyde current/big_smile

Apr-30-13 22:26:17
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

mrs v. viper wrote:

Welcome young lady!
I'm glad you found your way in here

you knew i would eventually current/smile

i went to London and Southampton current/smile was gonna go to nottingham but i couldnt afford it current/sad but i had tons of fun and i was nice talking to them all for so long! current/big_smile

Apr-30-13 20:55:20
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
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SallyCruz666 wrote:

Welcome Britoni!! Have a good time here=)

thank you current/smile

Apr-30-13 20:39:39
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Hi my name is Britoni im from southcoast england, im nearly 20, and i run the ToxicRose UK street team, i love glam/sleaze/rock, I'm engaged to the lead guitarist from Hollywood Trash..... yeah thats about all i can think of right now current/big_smile

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Mcinsanity: oh still.. Hope you will feel better soon! :(
KerLondonLepard: thank you.. I hope it too :(
Mcinsanity: klock is so much, and i have school tomorrow :( Tomorrow i think i can talk little bit later.. and Peter I hope you 'll figure everything out :) Good night everyone!
Mcinsanity: clock* :D
KerLondonLepard: Good Night my friend :D
Legion: I can't post again..
FrilansReklam: test the chatt hi all
FrilansReklam: hi again
KerLondonLepard: Hello :)
Carl Tap: hi
KerLondonLepard: Hi! :)
Mcinsanity: Hi! :)
Mcinsanity: I ordered shirt in M-size ;)
KerLondonLepard: Great! :D
stinger: Hello :)
Mcinsanity: hey! :)
KerLondonLepard: hey :)
Mcinsanity: How are you everyone? :)
KerLondonLepard: I'm fine now! :D thanks and u?
Mcinsanity: I'm fine :)
KerLondonLepard: :D
KerLondonLepard: Anyone there? :)
thaisaltessor: Hi !!
KerLondonLepard: Hey! how are u? :)
thaisaltessor: I'm fine thanks :D what about you?
KerLondonLepard: I'm fine thank you :D
thaisaltessor: Where are you from?
KerLondonLepard: Italy! My name is Sara,nice to meet u :) and u? Where are u from? :D
thaisaltessor: Nice, I would like to meet Italy *-* I'm from Brazil! My name is Thais, nice to meet you too sara :D
KerLondonLepard: :D Nice Brazil :) I'd like to visit :)
thaisaltessor: Cool! I loved your tattoo to peter ♥
KerLondonLepard: Ohhh! Thank you so much ♥ ♥ ♥
Mcinsanity: hey! :)
KerLondonLepard: hey :)
KerLondonLepard: Hello :)

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