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Sep-22-14 18:57:32
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Marmetal wrote:

^ Calm down, everything's gonna be alright current/smile. And since you're home alone, watch some movie or listen to music loudly, at least you won't disturb anyone current/wink.

Oh, I did both. current/smile I also read a book, and did some Internet surfing. Unfortunately my choice for a movie was bad - I watched a horror comedy about the end of the world - so now I have to do more reading , so that I can get into a mindset to finally go to sleep.

Good night everyone!

Sep-22-14 17:42:45
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Currently feeling pretty freaked out! I'm staying alone in our home tonight for the first time in a long time (husband's in a business trip and the kids are at grandma's), and I can't sleep, because my mind is playing all these tricks with me. Well, it wasn't actually a trick, when a little while ago I heard noises just outside of our second floor bathroom window. I had to see what was going on, so I stuck my head out from other window and came face to face with a hawk that was sleeping on the window ledge.
We were both a little startled, but I was so happy it wasn't any kind of robber; It was a less that a month ago I witnessed one morning three police men chasing a criminal through our yard. I have been a little jumpy after that.

Sep-22-14 17:21:34
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Marmetal wrote:

peterlondon wrote:

Wondering how we can bring back some action to this place current/big_smile

New album followed by a tour could be one of the ideas current/tongue.

Hear hear!! I'm with you on that one current/wink

On another note. You can obviously choose the color of the characters, but is there an option for blinking characters?

Apr-22-14 09:36:00
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Last night, after a night of drinking, my husband came back home late at night with two CDs for me. (Well, he had bought more CDs for himself, but that he had remembered to check for bands I like was touching.) He had bought the Japanese versions for Hybrid Childrens Stardom Is Here and Black Rains License To Thrill. (I already had both CDs with European versions, but am always on a lookout for the Japanese versions with the bonus tracks). It was a really nice surprise this morning - made me really happy! current/smile

Apr-08-14 14:36:42
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Still Accepts Fast As A Shark. I don't think it's gonna change for a while. Sigh!

Apr-08-14 14:30:49
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Marmetal  wrote:

katribear  wrote:

It seems that other people have been busy too, because the last month has been really quiet in here...?

Not really, everyone was just waiting for you current/tongue .

Ha haa! current/smile I'm pretty sure that the consensus would be more under the line: "Oh shit, the bich who yaps on and on about insignificant things is back. Argh!" current/tongue

It's funny how I can go on and on about meaningless things on the Internet, but in real life, I'm not the type of person who likes their own voice - I usually speak only if I have something important to say. Well, I guess the facelessness of the Internet lets us to be something we normally aren't!

That said, I'm going to follow in suit and yap little more. current/tongue

Applying nailpolish is something I can't do! I'm pretty sure, that any guy who frequents on this forum can do a better job than I do. Today was my sons first day at school, so I wanted to have pretty hands that would have mached the rest of my pretty outfit (first thing on a busy morning wasn't probably the best time for it current/sad ). What I ended up having, looked like I had tried to make a tunnel through the Earth with my bare hands.

Apr-07-14 14:51:15
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Surprise, surprise... Accept: Fast As A Shark current/big_smile

Apr-07-14 14:48:05
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My six-year-old son loves Accepts Fast as a shark song, so for the last tree weeks we have been playing it in constant repeat. First 10 times we listened it, I was really amused (he is really delicate boy, and usually likes pretty songs, so I was really surprised that he took a liking for a song like Fast as a shark), after that I got really annoyed, but now, after 100 times of listening to that song, I'm again amused. I just don't understand why my son likes that song so much???

Apr-07-14 14:33:27
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I've been so busy the last month that it would be so nice to take a break from my life and hibernate for a month or two. At least I've gotten rid off my insomnia... I've slept like a corpse the few hours I have had dedicated for sleep.

It seems that other people have been busy too, because the last month has been really quiet in here...?

Sheila  wrote:

I feel I look like a country singer once I put on light or blue jeans, haha.

I just bought blue jean skirt yesterday, and my husband was really against it. In his opinion, it made me look like a country singer. I bought the skirt anyway, because I liked it (if I like something, I don't really care what other people think about it. I just like to wear clothes that make me happy), and because I don't trust my husbands opinion (he thinks, that the only proper color for clothes is black). current/big_smile

Marmetal wrote:

Weather got better, sun is shining, it's nice and warm so I went out of my dark cave for the first time in a couple of weeks. Result? Troubles and police, I'm so fuckin' reckless... Time to lock myself in again for a month or two.

current/big_smile I'm sorry for laughing - it must have been a really shitty experience for you - but that was funny.

Sheila wrote:

Tattoo time today.. Uuugh current/big_smile

Jealous current/tongue

MissHurricane wrote:

University stuff is eating me alive, I don't have time for anything else than doing fucking worthless projects and writing my thesis in between... Oh damn. Something new here, guys? Hope you're all fine.

I must sound weird, but I'm actually jealous of your life too... current/wink I miss university life!

Mar-07-14 14:27:57
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As of late, I have been walking home with neighbours little girl and her high-school aged older brother after picking my son from preschool. It feels just so weird, but my son is friends with this girl and they want to walk home together. Not that I care what people think, but out of interest, it would be nice to hear how people who see us view our little group; One half Japanese and very tall (for a Japanese) young man walking in the front. One half Japanese little girl and one half Japanese little boy walking hand in hand in the middle, and me, tiny European woman walking behind everyone pushing a little boy in a stroller.

mrs v. viper  wrote:

this day was so borderline up and down and weird, I don't even know where to begin. It wasn't bad tho.

also sex toys.

Weird day with sex toys, hmmmm.......OK! (Thumbs up!)

Marmetal wrote:

I'd say it's both age and life situation, because as far as I remember, I never was the kind of person treating musicians like gods (well, maybe except Metallica, heh). They're people too, they're not better or worse. We gotta respect and we can admire 'em, but that's all basically.

Now that I think of it, I don't think I have treated any musicians (or any other people) like gods, ever. But that is probably because of my own issues. I have always had to bust my ass to earn anyones respect, people usually take an one look on me and diss me as little girl, so I'm kind of returning the favour. If anbody want's me to respect them, they have to work hard to earn it. There isn't too many people I look up to.

It's a cool thing to see the band we like performing live, but it's just a rock show. I don't know, maybe I'm too old for it or just burned out. I'm not sayin' I won't ever attend any concerts again but for sure I won't wet myself at night because of that, hah

Try going as long seeing bands play live than I have (last time 2007), and you'll have a completely different view on that. Trust me! I'm starting to be so desperate, that I think the next time any interesting band is coming here I'll leave my kids on my mother in laws doorsteps, ring the doorbell and drive away as fast as I can. current/tongue

Got to go, monday is my son's birthday, so we are going tomorrow to Disneyland. Have to leave tomorrow morning before six, so that we can find a parking space and don't have to wait too long at the ticket counter.

Mar-07-14 12:35:14
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Kraljosovina  wrote:

Judd wrote:

I have no class today

Lol! I read that totally wrong xD


Lady in Black  wrote:

amazing concert of Steel Panther yesterday night, I'm really satisfied, they are great and very nice !! current/big_smile

Jealous! Would you like to change lives with me?

Marmetal  wrote:

Making enemies is good current/big_smile.

Beside listening Backyard Babies, you don't seem to like people too much... current/big_smile

Raven Phoenix wrote:

I've finally finished decorating my new home! Wooohaaa!

How did you do it? We've lived in our "new home" for 2 years and still not finished decorating.

Sheila wrote:

Realizing that I dont have any lessons at school tomorrow. Woho current/big_smile
And I just saw a video me and a friend made years ago.. Hahahah. We were almost free to choose what we wanted to do at school, it just had to have something to do with travelling. So we made a video where we "travel" to Germany, Mexico, France and China. Doing "typical" stuff and talking the language in every country. The things we do are so stereotypical that I wouldnt dare to show it to anyone from any of the countries, and we are talking google translate-language.. Hahah current/big_smile But it was fun to see again.

Sounds just like the stuff that comes really popular in Youtube. Maybe you should think on going viral. current/smile

Mar-07-14 12:08:13
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@Marmetal Ok, I might forgive you two if you want to destroy the mankind (I'm not the biggest people person in the World), but stay away from me and my family while you're at it. current/tongue

Mar-06-14 16:23:57
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Marmetal  wrote:

Yeah, but it's not just about people only interested in rock. More of a whole thing actually. Like people posting photos with musicians, telling they're gods or someone like that, I find it quite childish. I have my heroes too I love and respect, but everyone's just a human being after all. With this kind of difference they're famous and talented, heh. Or people getting so excited about concerts. It's a cool thing to see the band we like performing live, but it's just a rock show. I don't know, maybe I'm too old for it or just burned out. I'm not sayin' I won't ever attend any concerts again but for sure I won't wet myself at night because of that, hah.

Oh, you meant that with your original post. I hate to break it to you, but it might be the age thing. When you are getting older, you just start to see things in different light. If it's any consolation to you, there is other people like you, who don't see these "god-like" musicians other than people who have to take a dump like the rest of us. current/wink

Mar-06-14 16:01:20
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Kaaoksen ystävät - Pietari Brahe

(Old friend has been spamming my Facebook page this week, so I finally went and listened their new song. Not bad!)

Mar-06-14 13:39:44
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I have some extra time on my hands tonight, so I might think about this a little. current/smile
What are my life dreams, hmmm....

1: I know this is a bit lame, but I would like to work behind the scenes on "Mythbusters". It would just be so much fun to build all the weird gadgets they make.
2: I would like buy and renovate an old factory building and make it home (made out of bricks, not corrugated iron).
3: I was thinking that I would like to have a cow or a horse in my livingroom, but I probably couldn't live with the smell, so I go with Mini Cooper. So I want to have a Mini Cooper in my living room. (Don't have a faintest idea on how I would get it in though. Or out. ???)
4: I would like to be a writer, writing novels as living. Would have to learn to write before that dream would come trough. current/big_smile Never gonna happen.
5: For some reason, I would like to have a stairs which lead to nowhere in my home. current/big_smile I don't no why, but I actually really want them. I would also want to have many weird features in my home, like secret rooms and maces as garden. I think I might have had too boring childhood, or something. current/tongue
6: I would like to live alone in an old log cabin in the middle of nowhere for a while, just to see if I'm as introverted person as I think I am.
7: I would like to learn to take as good photos as the real pros.
8: I would like to go back to university and study something. I don't know what I would like to study, probably little bit of everything, but I really miss that time of my life. current/smile
Extra dream: That ^ GunsNCrüeSWE doesn't succeed with his second dream. current/wink

Those were my big dreams, and none of them will ever happen. The only dream which I would like to come true though, is that my sons would live a long and happy life. And that nether of my sons dies before me. I don't think I could live anymore if I'd had to bury my own child.

Mar-06-14 12:21:37
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For me food = better mood. Every time I start feeling that I would like to kill all the people around me it's a sign that I have skipped some meal. After I eat, I'm happy as a clam again, and nothing can make me mad. current/big_smile It must be some kind of survival instinct.

Sheila wrote:

I just finished a paper for school, woho current/big_smile I still cant understand why I have one document where I write the paper, and three seperate documents with notes. xD And with notes, I mean mostly bullshit I remove from the paper, because I dont like it, but I dont wanna delete it. Just in case.

So you actually make four times the work to get the paper done. current/big_smile

Marmetal wrote:

Fair enough. I listen to things from country to extreme metal so it's not really about different rock genres, but rock music generally. Got tired of it recently, same with people who are so passionate about it and what I cannot comprehend lately, heh. It's just a guitar music after all.

Well my music taste doesn't deviate much from punk, hard rock, metal, but I can understand if you get tired of people who are passionate about rock. It's just so hard to communicate with people who are passionate about just one thing, because they don't usually want to talk about anything else. It really gets boring after a while. Especially for someone like me, who gets interested on new things on daily basis and tries to go 500 miles an hour on every direction at the same time. current/wink

mrs v. viper wrote:

I was just browsing this forum a bit and ugh. I'm not that dwelling on the past kind of person, but the "good old days" on this forum were awesome. Kinda miss Axl's and JBs (and sometimes izzie's) pranks, the könsrock references, discussing how semen tastes, Xilaii's level headed comments in heated discussions.. the heated discussions...being pissed of by fizzy... I remember when Generaton Wild (the single!) got played on the radio the first time and we all were on the online radio to hear it, and people ditched school for it.

is it very wrong to be a bit miffed those times didn't last longer?

You have had a pretty interesting conversation here at the old times. current/big_smile

Mar-06-14 09:36:09
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

OK, even though I'm not agreeing with you, I can kind of see why you are so upset about the release Illegal Rarities vol.1. current/wink  I hope you don't lose your faith on the band though, because I'm pretty sure their intention wasn't to piss off anyone with the release of these old songs. They must have some kind of reason (other than greed, I hope) for why they are doing the things the way they are doing them.

Mar-04-14 11:51:11
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mrs v. viper wrote:

Has anyone actually read Into the Wild? juts saw the movie again and thought of it might be worth it?

I gave up on trainspotting. it's on the same difficulty level as Clockwork Orange with all those words no one seems to actually use.. the language is just so difficult. Has anyone read it? Might get a translation and then read the original again...

Well, I haven't read Into the wild, but I have also seen the movie, and it really put me off from reading the book. (For some reason I seem to be in the minority of people who didn't like the movie.)

As for Trainspotting, I read it in the original language around the time the movie came out. I remember it being a very hard read, because if I remember correctly, it was written in some (Scottish?) accent. I managed to read it trough, but I was studying in an international school at the time, so english was like a second language to me back then. (With all these spelling mistakes I'm making it's hard to believe, I know, but because I haven't used much english in the past 10 years, my ability to write has really deteriorated.)
I remember liking the novel - back then I was really into that kind of stories - but my reading tastes have changed a lot, so I can't really give advice on whether you should read it or not. Maybe it's time to go and find it from my bookshelf and reread it, so that I could give a real advice on whether anyone should read it or not. current/big_smile That way I could also read the sequels and know who is who and what is happening.

Mar-04-14 06:14:58
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roknrol  wrote:

Hi to everybody, on my mind I am planning to make an european trip as long as can save enought money (I am from Argentina), it might be this year or the next one.
I don't want it to be the classic tourist visit. I'd like to get to know the places in a different way...
As many of you are from different countries from Europe, I would like read your suggestions and advices about it. Which places to visit, time of the year to go... Anything you think that I should do if I go there...

There is lots to see in Europe, and much depends on whether you want to see cities or scenery. current/smile

If you want to see city life, I would suggest to go and see praque. I don't really know, if it's liked by other people, but I really like it's gothic atmosphere. There is plenty of tourists in there, but if you want to have less touristy experience, I would recommend on just walking around without any destination and see if you can find something interesting behind the next corner. It has always worked for me. current/wink

If you are, on the other hand, more interested on the scenery, I would recommend a trip through Scandinavia. You can get from Helsinki to Stockholm by ferry. (Some of the ferries take a quick stop at Åland, which is an island between Finland and Sweden and most definitely a beautiful place to see.) From Stockholm, you can get to Oslo by train (Or by hitchhiking as I once did.) . The Norwegian coastal line is a very unique and beautiful place to see with all of the fjords, but I'm afraid that you would have to rent a car to see it. Or find someone willing to show you.

Mar-04-14 05:33:51
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

As it seems that only the guys are complaining about the remasterings of the songs, it just made me wondering if guys listen music differently than girls, because even if I hear the difference between the original Too Hot To Stop and the remastered version of it, I can't really say that I would like one version better than the other. For me it feels like I have acquired just a new song to my collection, like they are 2 differnet songs, and I can keep them separate from each other.

I have also always felt that guys are much more aware of the little details in the songs. For example, my husband is into very technical bands, and he can hear if someone plays even a one note wrong. I on the other had don't like if bands get too technical, because in my opinion it makes the music more mechanical and less human. I like to listen music that has some emotional value to me. 

Starting to get really out of topic, so better stop here. Sorry!

Mar-04-14 04:14:38
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MissHurricane wrote:

First, my flatmate locked me up in the appartment and forgot her keys from the outside in the door... So I had to jump out of the window (1st floor, maybe 2 metres or more) in order to get in time to the lecture

That most definitely made me smile. current/big_smile It sounds like something out of a comedy movie.

@karagrace99 It sounds really nice that you have a friend who likes the same kind of music than you do. None of my friends have ever liked the same music I like, so I feel a little envious of you right now. current/tongue

My friend made me really happy when I gave her photos I had taken of her son, and she said that photos were good enough to enter a photo contest. I'm not usually vain (I haven't shown any of my photos to my friend in the whole 6 years of time I have known her), but I must admit, that it felt really good to be praised for a skill I had used a lot of time and energy to master.

Mar-02-14 03:45:37
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

mrs v. viper  wrote:

even more nostalgic now, really can't understand why peopel don't get what's happening with this release :S

Don't worry Anna, I'm pretty sure there is tons of people who have more exited view on this release, me included, but they haven't voiced their opinion yet. current/smile

I must admit that I'm one of the people who has heard all those songs before, but I still bought the CD. From my point of view, buying the CD is only right thing to do (I must stop my tought there, and mention that it's extremely difficult to write when there is a kid trying to climb on top of your head.) OK, so most bands are trying to make their living out of their music, so my reasoning is, that in order to hear more stuff from them, I have to support them by buying their music rather than go for the illegal download sites. I just want to make my contribution, so that the bands I like don't quit because they can't affor to live out of their music and choose to do something else instead.

I'm also happy to hear the remastered versions of the songs. I guess I'm a bit of a succer for hearing all the different versions of all the songs I've heard. current/tongue

And for those people who think that the 17.51 Euros is too much, hands up, how many of you put more money down your throats when you are having a night out, and is it too much money then? Come on, CD is a CD after all, and it will be with you for much longer time than the beer and won't give your a hangover the next day. current/wink

And for the sell out part, selling only 999 copies won't make anyone millionare. In fact, it makes only 17 492.49 Euros profit, but the net profit will be only a fraction of that, because of production costs, taxes, etc. My prediction is that you can calculate it in only months in which this release will keep the band financially sound. And besides, you can be "a non sell out band" if it's only a hobby, or if you are in the age group you can ask your parents the money for rent, but neither of those relly applies for the guys in Crashdiet. And here we are coming back to the fact, that you need money so that you can eat and have a roof over your head. I don't think too many of us would do our jobs for free...

I just finished listening Rest In Sleaze (haven't listened it a while) and got this horrendous image of a butt crack of one of the moving company emplyee who helped us to move eight years ago, from one of the songs (I had forgotten that I associate our moving with this particular song). I won't say the name of the song, because the power of imagination is so great and I don't want to ruin this great song for anybody else. I just hate when good songs get tarnished with unwanted memories. current/sad

Feb-25-14 09:46:02
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Marmetal wrote:

katribear wrote:

For me, the most romantic gesture would be, that my husband would wash the dishes without whining about it. current/big_smile

Haha, that made me laugh because it means I'd be a very romantic person for you (I wash dishes every day without complaining) current/lol.

Oh, I love you already, will you marry me? Just kidding! current/tongue I love my husband and would not change him for anyone else in this world. Even if he has this little flaw of making a much ado about the household chores.
You seem very nice person though, I hope you can find someone who can appreciate you as you are. And yes, no fussiness in the washing dishes part is very nice quality in a man! current/big_smile

More love songs for my list (even though the Valantine's day is over, and even though I'm not a romantic person at heart. current/tongue ):

L.A. Guns - Ballad Of Jayne
Judas Priest - Prisoner Of Your Eyes
Opeth - Face Of Melinda
In Flames - Evil In A Closet

Feb-25-14 04:52:10
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I can't understand why I always get so perfectionist when I'm doing anything really. I just use excessive amounts of time to do even the simplest things. Like right now, my eldest son will "graduate" from gindergarten in a few weeks time and I have promised to do a welcome board for the graduation ceremony. Because I have only a 300 yen (about 2 Euros) budjet, I have gone above and beyond to do the board with scrap papers and other hand out things. I have used over 20 hours of work (time I could have used for sleeping) for a thing people look at only two seconds and which will be thrown away after the event, and I'm still not happy with the result. Next time I should just buy a crayon and a paper...

GunsNCrüeSWE wrote:

Have anyone here experienced quick changes in their personality?
Like... over a day? Often changes are over time, not sudden.

No, can't say I have! I don't think my personality has changed even in the long run. current/smile But your change in personality sounds interesting, hope it's for the good and not for the bad. Would be much obliged if you would keep us posted on how the change is going for you.

mrs v. viper wrote:

Also I'm all for people being able to rent here now and then, I've done it often and it always helped but can we just let this become a place again where we talk about music and stuff again aswell instead of just whining around in this thread all the fucking time and spamming the what are you listening to thread?! Pretty please?! We've had this before :S

Yes, I'm all for the conversation part. It's interasting to hear what other people around the world are thinking about the things I feel passionately about, and because of the different views I get to rethink the validity of my own views. But I can also understand that some people might be just too shy to share their opinions, or too unsure of their english, or just too busy with their lives, or they are just hanging around to hear any news of the bands doings... or something.

Marmetal  wrote:

mrs v. viper wrote:

Marmetal wrote:

Broken heart never heals - and that's the painful lesson I get to learn every day.

A little tough love:
then you're learning the wrong thing out of the lesson. it does heal if you allow it to. it can leave alot of scar tissue that can cause problems yeah, but it does heal. I'd be the last person to say that we can decide if we are happy or not and all that crap people tell you, but it IS in our hands how we deal with things and how bitter we are towards life. For me saying "it never heals" is just something people say when they need an excuse to give up and want to feel sorry for themselves instead. Don't be that person.  Hope dies last unless you murder it.

You said it in a very smart way, thank you. But, I'm the kind of person who likes when things are clear. So when I believe in something and put a lot of feeling and heart into it (be it a thing, event, person, whatever) - it's the real deal, you know? I get more open and available, my heart is there too so when suddenly, for no particular reason, someone throws it away and break given (and very beautiful) promises... this is just not right. It means for me to not do it again because usually I don't do something what already caused me pain. It's quite simple thinking, I know. But it's just what it is so my heart decided to leave and tell me "I'm outta here" current/smile.

Please don't give up on love! I know it hurts so much after a bad break up, I've been there too, and I think most people could say the same, and it feels like your heart has been shredded to pieces, but that feeling will go away. If you'll keep looking, you might find someone who shares the same view on love with you and makes you wonder why you ever loved the person who broke your heart.

Thread like this might be all ready existing, but I couldn't find one, so starting a new one. current/smile

So the idea of this thread is to tell about your memories which are related to Crashdiet songs.

I have a bit weir way of linking songs with memories, (I think I have all ready told about it at some point), so don't take my examples as examples. Write the type of memories you have. current/wink Anything goes.

Here is just a few examples (I'm writing between doing various household chores, so I don't really have that much time.):

It's A Miracle: Every time I hear this song, I remember how I woke up in the middle of the night in our old house. It's really dark, and I'm all alone, because my husband hasn't gotten back from work, and I feel really sad and alone.

In The Raw: This song reminds me of the day when I was in an underground CD shop with my husband when I was pregnant with my first son.

Die Another Day: The memory going with this song goes like this. It's winter time, and I'm driving our car using this short cut which goes between rice fields. It's all ready sunset, my husband and my older son, who at the time was just a baby, are sleeping in the back seat. The air is all golden and you can see the shadow of Mt. Fuji in the horizon - which looks like it's on fire, because the wind is blowing the snow on top of it - while the sun is setting behind it. I have a picture of Mt. Fuji, taken from our balcony, in which the mountain looks bretty much the same as in my memory. Lets see if I can attach it to this post.


I have other memories too, but will leave them for later day...

Feb-18-14 12:29:15
Random fact 'bout yourself
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When I was studying at university, I also worked as a live sound engineer at a local youth center for an year to earn some cash. I'm like 153cm and back then I was only 38kg, so it wasn't probably the best fitting job for me, current/smile but I had so much fun.
Because I worked for the town I was living in, they were really cheap, so my job description included everything from building the stage and setting up the PA-system to doing the sound engineering for the live shows (I usually did the monitor mixing, but for some rare cases got to do the front of the house mixing too  current/cool  ). At weekends we did band events, and weekdays any odd jobs around the city that needed a PA-system.
I must say, that it was the most physically challenging job I've ever had - that stuff is really heavy, and the guys I was working with were always really amused when I was trying to move some of the heviest equipment (always betting on how far I could move something  current/neutral   ) - but it was also very rewarding job to have. 
Sometimes we got to help the professional live sound engineers when there were some bigger events in the town. I have a little mixed feelings about those though. At one level we learned so many things we didn't know, but on the other hand, I was always reduced to the coffee girl whilst the other guys got to help with building the PA-system.  current/mad While I was working with "my guys", I was always part of the group (one of the guys), but when we got to work with other people, I was always singled out as the "girl", and no-one took any notice that I was actually good at what I was doing.
Albeit that, It was really happy year (didn't do much studying though. current/tongue )

Feb-18-14 11:33:31
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I feel actually quite content today. What a strange feeling. current/yikes

MissHurricane wrote:

I already can't wait for the Olympic Games to be over.

I'm so with you there. Just can't understand the fascination with sports. Albeit, for some reason, I have managed to miss the whole Olympics this time around. current/tongue

RHSIXX wrote:

Thinking about wich song i should learn first to play on guitar, getting my first guitar next week! Jackson JS12 Dinky + Line 6 Spider IV amp!
I can't wait

Good luck with you guitar practice! I hope you have more patience with it than I did: I tried to learn to play guitar with my husbaind's guitar, but the first time I tried to tune it, I broke a string and I got my finger hurt. I got so mad with the thing, that I hid it in the darkest corner of our closet, and since that day, I have never tried to play it. current/big_smile I have had better luck with other instruments though, I played piano when I was in primary school and bass when I was in junior high, but with guitar, I have only hate, hate relationship.

Marmetal wrote:

Fuck life, fuck health and fuck people, so basically all the source of pain and disappointment.

Unfortunately, all things you need to survive in this live. current/sad Hope you can get all in the tolerable level from the fuck level.

mrs v. viper wrote:

Worried about my big brother. He's been struggeling with a burn out syndrome for a while, and now has gotten 2 more kids and a new home in a relatively short time, aswell as our mother doing not so great health and business wise. he's the most sensitive and compassionate person I know, and he seems to go through a bit of a rough patch lately, so naturally I hope it doesn't get too much for hium again :S

Kids and new home, oh I can soooo understand if he is under much stress. If he is also the type of person who takes all the burden of other people around him as his own, he must have it hard. current/sad I hope he can get through whatever he is going through without grumpling down. All the best wishes for you and your family, I know it's not much help though. Sorry!

Sheila  wrote:

What a morning. I found out last night that the tickets for Steel Panther was gone. I was sure they were print-tickets, so I was gonna print them, but apparently they should have come by mail. So I was looking around for them untill sometime around 1, before I called the ticket company this morning. Looong wait, i was number 60 in their queue. they made the tickets into print tickets (you have no idea how happy I was!), so now the tickets are fixed and ready for tonigt current/big_smile Cant wait to see them again.

Well, no pain no gain. current/tongue I hope all the hard work made the concert feel more special. current/wink

Feb-18-14 09:54:22
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mrs v. viper  wrote:

I might not like roses and kitchy songs playing at candle light dinners, and I have a bit of a problem with pdas haha, but instead I have this Bonnie & Clyde ideal of strolling run down towns with someone, getting totally pissed without having to be ashamed the next morning and eating at take away places at midnight, probably freezing as hell. I think that is romantic too.

Yes, maybe a little off topic, but it's good to break the rules sometimes. current/wink For me, the most romantic gesture would be, that my husband would wash the dishes without whining about it. current/big_smile

MissHurricane wrote:

At least SOMEONE can't say anymore I'm too tough

I don't think anyone has ever said me tough. current/big_smile It seems that I'm one of those girls that you take one look at and feel the irresistible need to protect. (Here one of those smilies that hit their head on the wall.) Ok, I get I might look a bit delicate, but it doesn't really correlate with my personality.

Addings to my list:

Mötorhead: Love Me Forever
Shotgun Messiah: I'm Your Love
Pat Benatar: Promises In The Dark
Lynam: If You Leave
Lullacry: Into Your Heart
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Desire
The Damned: Love Song
(There are many others too, but you all have all ready said them and I don't want to be repetitive.) current/smile

Feb-18-14 08:53:40
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The Clash - Lost In The Supermarket

Feb-18-14 08:49:33
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MissHurricane wrote:

Sorry, I just had to.
Happy Valentine's day everyone, bwhahaha.


Hahaa! current/big_smile

Feb-13-14 11:54:44
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I used to devour books, any kinds of books I could get my hands on really, but lately I haven't found the time or clear enough mind to read anything more than fluff.

Here is some of the books I have read time and time again:

Deborah Spungen - And I don't want to live this life: a mother's story of her daughter's murder (This book is about the life and death of Sid Viciou's girlfriend Nancy Spungen.)

W.P. Kinsella - Brother Frank's gospel hour (Funnu short stories about the life in American reservations around 70s.)

Mervyn Peake - The Gormenghast novels (Titus Groan / Gormenghast / Titus Alone) (Very dark gothic fantasy with weird characters. Unique!)

Terry Pratchett (I just like his sence of humour and way of putting words together. Too shame he has alzheimer's now. current/sad )

Neil Gaiman - Smoke and mirrors (Not a fan of all of his books, but like these short stories.)

Stephen Fry - The Fry Chronicles (I just have so big crush on Stephen Fry. I just love his intelligent humour and his eloquent way with words.)

P.G. Wodehouse - (I found his books solely because of Stephen Fry)

Jane Austen (Always when in need of a little romance, I turn into Jane Austen, Gone with wind, or Alexandra Ripleys Scarlett.)

Diana Wynne Jones - Howl's moving castle (I know it's a childrens book, but nether less I like it.)

Robin Hobb - (When in mood for fantasy. I like the trilogy with the living ships.)

Robert van Gulic - The judge Dee mysteries (Someone else has mentioned these too current/smile )

Anne Rice (These have been mentioned here so many times that I had to mention them too current/wink )

S.E. Hinton - Rumble fish (Someone mentioned Outsiders all ready.)

Charlaine Harris (Quilty pleasure)

Seb Hunter - Hell bent for leather: confession of a heavy metal addict (The name says it all.)

Agatha Christie (I love the character of Hercule Poirot)

Tales from the thousand and one night (Have been reading this book since I was a kid, and I'm still enchanted by it.)

Aristotle - Ethics (Not  an easy read, but makes you think.)

Sylvia Plath - Bell jar (Classic! Stuck with me since high school.)

Edgar Allan Poe - The masque of the red death (My favourite short story of him.)

George Orwell - 1984 (Animal Farm is mentioned so many times all ready.)

Thomas More - Utopia, Dante's Divine Comedy, Homer - The Iliad (Before I could read in Japanese, our local book shop had only the classics in english. These are the ones I liked.)

Aldous Huxley - Brave new world (Read this first time in high school english class, and it left an impact.)

Charles Dickens - Christmas carol (Must read at every christmas time.)

Right now I'm reading (I always read several books at the same time. Always one book for every mood.):

Vince Neil - Tattoos & tequila
John Milton - Paradise lost (Not an easy read, so not usually in the right mood for it.)
Kristin Cashore - Fire (Easy read fantasy with no vampires, yes!)
Neil Strauss - The game: penetrating the secret society of pickup artists (hmm. I might not be the target audience, but I still find it as an interesting read.)
Astrid Lindgren - Mio, my son (Reading this for my kids.)

This post got so long,  current/yikes  sorry! I just couldn't find my edit button. current/tongue )

Feb-13-14 09:48:17
Sleaze, Glam rock/metal, etc. how did become one?
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Raven Phoenix wrote:

Gothic style is my favourite but sometimes I prefer to wear chains and ripped jeans and sometimes I want to wear more sophisticated clothing (specially to go work on the office) but honestly, I have the same problem with music:  I can't choose only one style!! hahahahahaha

Maybe that is the best approach to selecting your clothes. current/smile Just put on what you want according your mood and not get stressed out of looking certain way.

RHSIXX wrote:

i remember someone shared a song on twitter of Motley Crue and i was like wow this sucks and they look like girls LOL..

And 2-3 years ago i thought let's just look motley crue up again and then i just fell in love with them!

I used to have longer hair but then i wanted to join the army and cut my hair short but i failed there big time, so now i'm growing it out again ;D Can't wait!

I think it might been the same for many people. current/wink Good luck with the hair growing part. current/smile

Raven Phoenix wrote:

katribear wrote:
I would like to be able to pull off more sexy style, but I'm too small and baby faced for it (only 153cm, and still at 33 people ask for my mom when I go open the door without makeup), so it doesn't look good on me. I'll leave that style for the people who are better equipped to pull it off.

Surely you look great with any style you want to wear!!!

Oh I have tried, but it looked weird. Even I noticed how off it looked. current/tongue

Judd  wrote:

I wear T-shirts of bands, leather jacket, necklaces... and i love it! and if anybody looks at me weird...fuck them! current/wink

Oh, leather jacket, I have wanted one of those forewer, but they don't make them in size hobbit.  current/sad  And there is now way I could make one myself; leather is one of the hardest materials to work with.

Marmetal wrote:

Haha, that must be so damn cute, we wanna see you current/big_smile. And since you're small, you fit well into Japanese society I guess current/tongue.

I didn't choose Japan as destination by accident. current/tongue It feels so great to walk in any store and find cool clothes and shoes in your size. For me Japan is heaven on earth! current/big_smile

Feb-13-14 08:02:47
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Marmetal wrote:

Mötley Crüe will visit Japan next year, so your husband can already be sure about that.

Will go there! Have to make sure to buy the ticket at the same minute they start selling those, because if you are not fast here, you'll end up needing binoculars to see anything.

Feb-13-14 07:05:09
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Marmetal wrote:

The afternoon wasn't that cool though as I almost lost consciousness, no fun.

And that leaves us all wondering at what you do at afternoons to almost loose your consciousness for!? current/tongue

Feb-13-14 06:57:11
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Coldrain - Chasing Dreams

Feb-13-14 06:43:06
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I so don't have any romantic bones in my body (but still making hand made chocolate to give my husband tomorrow o.O , hmmm.), and don't usually like love songs (too mellow).

Anyway here is my list:

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Played in our japanese style wedding. The ultimate love song for me.)
Aerosmith: Can't Stop Loving You
Billy Idol: Catch My Fall
Alice Cooper: You And Me
Black Stone Cherry: Hell And High Water
Blackrain: Nobody But You
Sentenced: You Are The One
Ramones: Baby, I Love You
Vains Of Jenna: Paper Heart (Maybe about a broken heart though, not so much love, love, love current/smile )

Feb-10-14 18:02:20
Sleaze, Glam rock/metal, etc. how did become one?
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Hahaa current/big_smile , I don't think I have ever been a glam rocker or ever had very glam rock look, even though I have always listened glam rock (among other genres).

When I was a teenager, my style was really punk rock; I had for years fire-engine red hair, black/grey second hand store clothes, and black/grey army boots (gramma kicking shoes, as my mom used to call them). I was listening lots of old school punk back then, but to balance that, I also listened to bands like Hanoi Rocks and Skid Row too, so my dressing style wasn't that much tied to the music I was listening.

Then I found black metal and my style evolved to more goth, but then again, I only went half way there and ended up with punk/goth mix style. That period didn't last too long though (maybe a good thing).

Nowadays my style is a nice balance of half cute half edgy with lots of pink and grey. (Still not tied up with the music I like and listen.) I would like to be able to pull off more sexy style, but I'm too small and baby faced for it (only 153cm, and still at 33 people ask for my mom when I go open the door without makeup), so it doesn't look good on me. I'll leave that style for the people who are better equipped to pull it off. current/wink

Feb-10-14 17:33:12
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katribear wrote:

We got the first and last snow of the year last night. It brings chaos every time.

I shouldn't have said that, it came to bite my ass a big time. Last Saturday the whole Kanto area got a biggest snowstorm in 35-45 years. In one day Tokyo had 27cm of snow and in our area (north of Tokyo), we had about 35 cm. It does't sound much, but in an area where there is no snow ploughs or winter tires, it makes life very interesting.

But I must say, that wading through the snowdrifts while the houwling wind covered my face with snow that felt like pins and needles, and made the visibility close to zero, made me feel like I was at home. It was really nostalgic feeling. Can't really say the same about the process of clearing our parking lot and the road in front of our house from all the snow the next day.

Feb-10-14 17:01:55
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Whole album, without any doubt about it. It's usually those not so cachy songs, songs that don't open up to you with first listening (and which you don't necessarily like at first), that you end up liking the most. At least for me.

You would end up just missing so much good music, if you would only buy the singles.

Feb-10-14 16:45:58
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All you lucky people, you have something to look forward to. My next gig will be somewhere in the very distant future.

I have an agreement with my husband, that if Alice Cooper, Misfits, Sebastian Bach, Hybrid Children, Crashdiet or Mötley Crue is coming to here, my husband would stay home watching the kids and I could go out, and not the other way round, which is usually the case.

I should have included Skid Row in to the list, because they are coming here this following spring, but it's too late now. I couldn't foresee the future I guess, and now I have to just wait....

Feb-07-14 18:10:41
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Anthrax - I'm Alive

Just wanted to see my name in the top of the top members of the month. current/tongue Sorry!

Good night!

Feb-07-14 16:49:00
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Just wondering how I could make a round trip to Australia to count as "just a night out".

MissHurricane wrote:

Thanks God for my best friend, she is the most precious thing in this world.

Yes, it's important to have have at least one good friend. They really help keeping us sane, and it's easier to face all the bumps and bruises you get in life when you have a nice shoulder to cry on. The crucial thing is to remember to be a good friend back to them current/smile  (Something I sometimes unfortunally forget.)

vilatichoslapka  wrote:

Two days off! A time to celebrate my birthday. Finally! :-D

I hope you had a nice birthday, and relaxing time off work! current/smile

Feb-07-14 16:19:27
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Shotgun Messiah - Nobody's Home

Feb-06-14 15:18:28
Don't be shy :)
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Welcome Bram!

I have to go with you there, I have also seen a lot of bads play live - some even 20 to 30 times - but I have not have had the pleasure to see Crashdiet play live. Yet! For some reason I always manage to be in a different continent than they are, when they are touring.

Feb-06-14 15:05:17
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MissHurricane wrote:

Haha, that's really impressive, Katri! current/big_smile

... I totally forgot about the "Filthy Empire" album by Heaven's Basement I bought when I was in Berlin but comparing to you I feel like a loser now, hahaha.

I knew I shouldn't have bought that many CDs at once, but I couldn't help myself. (Called addiction maybe, hmmmm.) Now for the next couple of months I try to stay away from all the record stores and Amazon.

Oh, and I forgot these from the above list.
Deathchain - Death Gods (New CD in Amazon Japan would have been almost 50 000 Yen (300+Euros), so real bargain)
Slash's Snakepit - It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Feb-06-14 14:45:23
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Two weeks ago I went a little crazy in an used record store. Nothing I can say in my defence other than I love music and have always used all my money on buying it. (And because it was an used store I actually managed to buy everything with 12 000 Yen (less than 100 Euros). Here's the list on the CDs I bought that day.

Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation
Babylon Whores - King Fear
Beautiful Creatures - Deuce
Crazy Lixx - New Religion
Dio - The Collection
Duff McKagan's Loaded - The Taking
Hollywood Rose - The Roots Of Guns N' Roses
L.A. Guns - American Hardcore
L.A. Guns - Vicious Circle
Misfits - DEA.D Alive
Motörhead - 1916
Mustach - Latest Version Of The Truth
Poisonblack - A Dead Heavy Day
Ramones - Mania
Skid Row - Thickskin
Terveet Kädet - Musta Jumala

The next day, I tought a lot about the future college fees of my boys.

I already told the tale of how I first discovered Crashdiet when I introduced myself to this forum, but I might tell the longer version now, so that people who haven't been into this part of the forum can find this thread more easily. current/smile

OK. The first Crashdiet song I heard was Riot In Everyone, and I head it in the old fashioned way: on the radio while sitting in my car. I was staying only less than a week in Finland with my (then) japanese boyfriend. We were there to say to my parents that we will be getting married in a couple of months. I was a total mess and kept postponing the announcement; "Let's say tomorrow", and come tomorrow, again, "let's say tomorrow."  Hahaha. current/big_smile

All along we were in Finland, we spent most of our days driving around Southern Finland visiting all these really weird places even I didn't know existed before I had done some Internet reseach. Rest In Sleaze had just been released, so Riot In Everyone was on a power push on the local radio channel. I think they played it like once in a hour or something like that, so we heard it a lot. And every time it was playing, we would put the volume up, current/smile and I would say, that after getting back to Japan, the first thing we would do, was to buy that album. (I have no idea why we had to wait after getting back to Japan. I'm not the brightest tool in the box I guess.)

Anyway, I think we finally said about the wedding the second to last day. My parents took it really well.

Even today, when I hear Riot In Everyone, I remember that week and how nervous I was. current/big_smile

Actually every time Crashdiet has released a new album, something major has been happening in my life. When Unattractive Revolution was released, I was pregnant with my first son. When Generation Wild was released, I was pregnant with my second son. When Savage Playground was released, I hadn't listened to any music for two years. I think it was some kind of post traumatic stress related thing after the big earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown, and all the shit that came after it. But finally last year I figured out, that I shouldn't worry about things I couldn't control, and started to enjoy music again. Weird! Savage Playground was one of the first CDs I bought after that.

Feb-06-14 06:48:34
Post yours!
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Kyary pamyu pamyu - Fashion monster (traslation from japanese)

Break down this cage made of narrow mind,
I wanna be free
fashion monster
It's not fun when I can't live my own way
and people think it's strange
don't be judgemental,
don't wanna be a good girl,
don't you feel the same

don't wanna be bound by somebody else's rule
be selfish,
heart pounding,
I wanna stay this way

fashion monster
I don't like the song (I hate J-Pop), but I'm strangely facinated about the weirdness of the girl who sings this song, and the lyrics - albeit simple and childish - hit home.

Feb-06-14 06:11:32
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Sick day number 2! How I wish I could go back in time when I could stay in bed when I was sick.

MissHurricane  wrote:

That's exactly what I think. However, I'm simply too nice (or maybe too stupid) and I always give in to the illusion that people will need me and appreciate me even after few months when I'm not "fresh" and "cool" anymore. I guess I'll just never learn, even when I swear that "this was the last time"...

I guess there are a lot of those 'everybody's friend' kind of people. At first they can be really charming and make you believe that you are the best thing that has happened to them, but they'll soon lose interest on you, because in their twisted mind they think that they can find someone even better. In the end, they are the ones ending up all alone; they are always searching but they can never find what they are looking for.

Unfortunately those type of people are the ones easiest to get to know to... It's much harder to befriend the type who'll stick with you throught thick and thin. current/sad 

Hope you have better luck next time. current/smile

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