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Sep-22-14 18:57:32
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Marmetal wrote:

^ Calm down, everything's gonna be alright current/smile. And since you're home alone, watch some movie or listen to music loudly, at least you won't disturb anyone current/wink.

Oh, I did both. current/smile I also read a book, and did some Internet surfing. Unfortunately my choice for a movie was bad - I watched a horror comedy about the end of the world - so now I have to do more reading , so that I can get into a mindset to finally go to sleep.

Good night everyone!

Sep-22-14 17:42:45
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Currently feeling pretty freaked out! I'm staying alone in our home tonight for the first time in a long time (husband's in a business trip and the kids are at grandma's), and I can't sleep, because my mind is playing all these tricks with me. Well, it wasn't actually a trick, when a little while ago I heard noises just outside of our second floor bathroom window. I had to see what was going on, so I stuck my head out from other window and came face to face with a hawk that was sleeping on the window ledge.
We were both a little startled, but I was so happy it wasn't any kind of robber; It was a less that a month ago I witnessed one morning three police men chasing a criminal through our yard. I have been a little jumpy after that.

Sep-22-14 17:21:34
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Marmetal wrote:

peterlondon wrote:

Wondering how we can bring back some action to this place current/big_smile

New album followed by a tour could be one of the ideas current/tongue.

Hear hear!! I'm with you on that one current/wink

On another note. You can obviously choose the color of the characters, but is there an option for blinking characters?

Apr-22-14 09:36:00
Category: Off Topic
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Last night, after a night of drinking, my husband came back home late at night with two CDs for me. (Well, he had bought more CDs for himself, but that he had remembered to check for bands I like was touching.) He had bought the Japanese versions for Hybrid Childrens Stardom Is Here and Black Rains License To Thrill. (I already had both CDs with European versions, but am always on a lookout for the Japanese versions with the bonus tracks). It was a really nice surprise this morning - made me really happy! current/smile

Apr-08-14 14:36:42
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Still Accepts Fast As A Shark. I don't think it's gonna change for a while. Sigh!

Apr-08-14 14:30:49
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Marmetal  wrote:

katribear  wrote:

It seems that other people have been busy too, because the last month has been really quiet in here...?

Not really, everyone was just waiting for you current/tongue .

Ha haa! current/smile I'm pretty sure that the consensus would be more under the line: "Oh shit, the bich who yaps on and on about insignificant things is back. Argh!" current/tongue

It's funny how I can go on and on about meaningless things on the Internet, but in real life, I'm not the type of person who likes their own voice - I usually speak only if I have something important to say. Well, I guess the facelessness of the Internet lets us to be something we normally aren't!

That said, I'm going to follow in suit and yap little more. current/tongue

Applying nailpolish is something I can't do! I'm pretty sure, that any guy who frequents on this forum can do a better job than I do. Today was my sons first day at school, so I wanted to have pretty hands that would have mached the rest of my pretty outfit (first thing on a busy morning wasn't probably the best time for it current/sad ). What I ended up having, looked like I had tried to make a tunnel through the Earth with my bare hands.

Apr-07-14 14:51:15
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Surprise, surprise... Accept: Fast As A Shark current/big_smile

Apr-07-14 14:48:05
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

My six-year-old son loves Accepts Fast as a shark song, so for the last tree weeks we have been playing it in constant repeat. First 10 times we listened it, I was really amused (he is really delicate boy, and usually likes pretty songs, so I was really surprised that he took a liking for a song like Fast as a shark), after that I got really annoyed, but now, after 100 times of listening to that song, I'm again amused. I just don't understand why my son likes that song so much???

Apr-07-14 14:33:27
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

I've been so busy the last month that it would be so nice to take a break from my life and hibernate for a month or two. At least I've gotten rid off my insomnia... I've slept like a corpse the few hours I have had dedicated for sleep.

It seems that other people have been busy too, because the last month has been really quiet in here...?

Sheila  wrote:

I feel I look like a country singer once I put on light or blue jeans, haha.

I just bought blue jean skirt yesterday, and my husband was really against it. In his opinion, it made me look like a country singer. I bought the skirt anyway, because I liked it (if I like something, I don't really care what other people think about it. I just like to wear clothes that make me happy), and because I don't trust my husbands opinion (he thinks, that the only proper color for clothes is black). current/big_smile

Marmetal wrote:

Weather got better, sun is shining, it's nice and warm so I went out of my dark cave for the first time in a couple of weeks. Result? Troubles and police, I'm so fuckin' reckless... Time to lock myself in again for a month or two.

current/big_smile I'm sorry for laughing - it must have been a really shitty experience for you - but that was funny.

Sheila wrote:

Tattoo time today.. Uuugh current/big_smile

Jealous current/tongue

MissHurricane wrote:

University stuff is eating me alive, I don't have time for anything else than doing fucking worthless projects and writing my thesis in between... Oh damn. Something new here, guys? Hope you're all fine.

I must sound weird, but I'm actually jealous of your life too... current/wink I miss university life!

Mar-07-14 14:27:57
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

As of late, I have been walking home with neighbours little girl and her high-school aged older brother after picking my son from preschool. It feels just so weird, but my son is friends with this girl and they want to walk home together. Not that I care what people think, but out of interest, it would be nice to hear how people who see us view our little group; One half Japanese and very tall (for a Japanese) young man walking in the front. One half Japanese little girl and one half Japanese little boy walking hand in hand in the middle, and me, tiny European woman walking behind everyone pushing a little boy in a stroller.

mrs v. viper  wrote:

this day was so borderline up and down and weird, I don't even know where to begin. It wasn't bad tho.

also sex toys.

Weird day with sex toys, hmmmm.......OK! (Thumbs up!)

Marmetal wrote:

I'd say it's both age and life situation, because as far as I remember, I never was the kind of person treating musicians like gods (well, maybe except Metallica, heh). They're people too, they're not better or worse. We gotta respect and we can admire 'em, but that's all basically.

Now that I think of it, I don't think I have treated any musicians (or any other people) like gods, ever. But that is probably because of my own issues. I have always had to bust my ass to earn anyones respect, people usually take an one look on me and diss me as little girl, so I'm kind of returning the favour. If anbody want's me to respect them, they have to work hard to earn it. There isn't too many people I look up to.

It's a cool thing to see the band we like performing live, but it's just a rock show. I don't know, maybe I'm too old for it or just burned out. I'm not sayin' I won't ever attend any concerts again but for sure I won't wet myself at night because of that, hah

Try going as long seeing bands play live than I have (last time 2007), and you'll have a completely different view on that. Trust me! I'm starting to be so desperate, that I think the next time any interesting band is coming here I'll leave my kids on my mother in laws doorsteps, ring the doorbell and drive away as fast as I can. current/tongue

Got to go, monday is my son's birthday, so we are going tomorrow to Disneyland. Have to leave tomorrow morning before six, so that we can find a parking space and don't have to wait too long at the ticket counter.

Mar-07-14 12:35:14
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Kraljosovina  wrote:

Judd wrote:

I have no class today

Lol! I read that totally wrong xD


Lady in Black  wrote:

amazing concert of Steel Panther yesterday night, I'm really satisfied, they are great and very nice !! current/big_smile

Jealous! Would you like to change lives with me?

Marmetal  wrote:

Making enemies is good current/big_smile.

Beside listening Backyard Babies, you don't seem to like people too much... current/big_smile

Raven Phoenix wrote:

I've finally finished decorating my new home! Wooohaaa!

How did you do it? We've lived in our "new home" for 2 years and still not finished decorating.

Sheila wrote:

Realizing that I dont have any lessons at school tomorrow. Woho current/big_smile
And I just saw a video me and a friend made years ago.. Hahahah. We were almost free to choose what we wanted to do at school, it just had to have something to do with travelling. So we made a video where we "travel" to Germany, Mexico, France and China. Doing "typical" stuff and talking the language in every country. The things we do are so stereotypical that I wouldnt dare to show it to anyone from any of the countries, and we are talking google translate-language.. Hahah current/big_smile But it was fun to see again.

Sounds just like the stuff that comes really popular in Youtube. Maybe you should think on going viral. current/smile

Mar-07-14 12:08:13
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

@Marmetal Ok, I might forgive you two if you want to destroy the mankind (I'm not the biggest people person in the World), but stay away from me and my family while you're at it. current/tongue

Mar-06-14 16:23:57
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Marmetal  wrote:

Yeah, but it's not just about people only interested in rock. More of a whole thing actually. Like people posting photos with musicians, telling they're gods or someone like that, I find it quite childish. I have my heroes too I love and respect, but everyone's just a human being after all. With this kind of difference they're famous and talented, heh. Or people getting so excited about concerts. It's a cool thing to see the band we like performing live, but it's just a rock show. I don't know, maybe I'm too old for it or just burned out. I'm not sayin' I won't ever attend any concerts again but for sure I won't wet myself at night because of that, hah.

Oh, you meant that with your original post. I hate to break it to you, but it might be the age thing. When you are getting older, you just start to see things in different light. If it's any consolation to you, there is other people like you, who don't see these "god-like" musicians other than people who have to take a dump like the rest of us. current/wink

Mar-06-14 16:01:20
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Kaaoksen ystävät - Pietari Brahe

(Old friend has been spamming my Facebook page this week, so I finally went and listened their new song. Not bad!)

Mar-06-14 13:39:44
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

I have some extra time on my hands tonight, so I might think about this a little. current/smile
What are my life dreams, hmmm....

1: I know this is a bit lame, but I would like to work behind the scenes on "Mythbusters". It would just be so much fun to build all the weird gadgets they make.
2: I would like buy and renovate an old factory building and make it home (made out of bricks, not corrugated iron).
3: I was thinking that I would like to have a cow or a horse in my livingroom, but I probably couldn't live with the smell, so I go with Mini Cooper. So I want to have a Mini Cooper in my living room. (Don't have a faintest idea on how I would get it in though. Or out. ???)
4: I would like to be a writer, writing novels as living. Would have to learn to write before that dream would come trough. current/big_smile Never gonna happen.
5: For some reason, I would like to have a stairs which lead to nowhere in my home. current/big_smile I don't no why, but I actually really want them. I would also want to have many weird features in my home, like secret rooms and maces as garden. I think I might have had too boring childhood, or something. current/tongue
6: I would like to live alone in an old log cabin in the middle of nowhere for a while, just to see if I'm as introverted person as I think I am.
7: I would like to learn to take as good photos as the real pros.
8: I would like to go back to university and study something. I don't know what I would like to study, probably little bit of everything, but I really miss that time of my life. current/smile
Extra dream: That ^ GunsNCrüeSWE doesn't succeed with his second dream. current/wink

Those were my big dreams, and none of them will ever happen. The only dream which I would like to come true though, is that my sons would live a long and happy life. And that nether of my sons dies before me. I don't think I could live anymore if I'd had to bury my own child.

Mar-06-14 12:21:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

For me food = better mood. Every time I start feeling that I would like to kill all the people around me it's a sign that I have skipped some meal. After I eat, I'm happy as a clam again, and nothing can make me mad. current/big_smile It must be some kind of survival instinct.

Sheila wrote:

I just finished a paper for school, woho current/big_smile I still cant understand why I have one document where I write the paper, and three seperate documents with notes. xD And with notes, I mean mostly bullshit I remove from the paper, because I dont like it, but I dont wanna delete it. Just in case.

So you actually make four times the work to get the paper done. current/big_smile

Marmetal wrote:

Fair enough. I listen to things from country to extreme metal so it's not really about different rock genres, but rock music generally. Got tired of it recently, same with people who are so passionate about it and what I cannot comprehend lately, heh. It's just a guitar music after all.

Well my music taste doesn't deviate much from punk, hard rock, metal, but I can understand if you get tired of people who are passionate about rock. It's just so hard to communicate with people who are passionate about just one thing, because they don't usually want to talk about anything else. It really gets boring after a while. Especially for someone like me, who gets interested on new things on daily basis and tries to go 500 miles an hour on every direction at the same time. current/wink

mrs v. viper wrote:

I was just browsing this forum a bit and ugh. I'm not that dwelling on the past kind of person, but the "good old days" on this forum were awesome. Kinda miss Axl's and JBs (and sometimes izzie's) pranks, the könsrock references, discussing how semen tastes, Xilaii's level headed comments in heated discussions.. the heated discussions...being pissed of by fizzy... I remember when Generaton Wild (the single!) got played on the radio the first time and we all were on the online radio to hear it, and people ditched school for it.

is it very wrong to be a bit miffed those times didn't last longer?

You have had a pretty interesting conversation here at the old times. current/big_smile

Mar-06-14 09:36:09
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

OK, even though I'm not agreeing with you, I can kind of see why you are so upset about the release Illegal Rarities vol.1. current/wink  I hope you don't lose your faith on the band though, because I'm pretty sure their intention wasn't to piss off anyone with the release of these old songs. They must have some kind of reason (other than greed, I hope) for why they are doing the things the way they are doing them.

Mar-04-14 11:51:11
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

mrs v. viper wrote:

Has anyone actually read Into the Wild? juts saw the movie again and thought of it might be worth it?

I gave up on trainspotting. it's on the same difficulty level as Clockwork Orange with all those words no one seems to actually use.. the language is just so difficult. Has anyone read it? Might get a translation and then read the original again...

Well, I haven't read Into the wild, but I have also seen the movie, and it really put me off from reading the book. (For some reason I seem to be in the minority of people who didn't like the movie.)

As for Trainspotting, I read it in the original language around the time the movie came out. I remember it being a very hard read, because if I remember correctly, it was written in some (Scottish?) accent. I managed to read it trough, but I was studying in an international school at the time, so english was like a second language to me back then. (With all these spelling mistakes I'm making it's hard to believe, I know, but because I haven't used much english in the past 10 years, my ability to write has really deteriorated.)
I remember liking the novel - back then I was really into that kind of stories - but my reading tastes have changed a lot, so I can't really give advice on whether you should read it or not. Maybe it's time to go and find it from my bookshelf and reread it, so that I could give a real advice on whether anyone should read it or not. current/big_smile That way I could also read the sequels and know who is who and what is happening.

Mar-04-14 06:14:58
Category: Off Topic
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roknrol  wrote:

Hi to everybody, on my mind I am planning to make an european trip as long as can save enought money (I am from Argentina), it might be this year or the next one.
I don't want it to be the classic tourist visit. I'd like to get to know the places in a different way...
As many of you are from different countries from Europe, I would like read your suggestions and advices about it. Which places to visit, time of the year to go... Anything you think that I should do if I go there...

There is lots to see in Europe, and much depends on whether you want to see cities or scenery. current/smile

If you want to see city life, I would suggest to go and see praque. I don't really know, if it's liked by other people, but I really like it's gothic atmosphere. There is plenty of tourists in there, but if you want to have less touristy experience, I would recommend on just walking around without any destination and see if you can find something interesting behind the next corner. It has always worked for me. current/wink

If you are, on the other hand, more interested on the scenery, I would recommend a trip through Scandinavia. You can get from Helsinki to Stockholm by ferry. (Some of the ferries take a quick stop at Åland, which is an island between Finland and Sweden and most definitely a beautiful place to see.) From Stockholm, you can get to Oslo by train (Or by hitchhiking as I once did.) . The Norwegian coastal line is a very unique and beautiful place to see with all of the fjords, but I'm afraid that you would have to rent a car to see it. Or find someone willing to show you.

Mar-04-14 05:33:51
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

As it seems that only the guys are complaining about the remasterings of the songs, it just made me wondering if guys listen music differently than girls, because even if I hear the difference between the original Too Hot To Stop and the remastered version of it, I can't really say that I would like one version better than the other. For me it feels like I have acquired just a new song to my collection, like they are 2 differnet songs, and I can keep them separate from each other.

I have also always felt that guys are much more aware of the little details in the songs. For example, my husband is into very technical bands, and he can hear if someone plays even a one note wrong. I on the other had don't like if bands get too technical, because in my opinion it makes the music more mechanical and less human. I like to listen music that has some emotional value to me. 

Starting to get really out of topic, so better stop here. Sorry!

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