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Apr-24-07 21:37:25
Category: Off Topic

hey everybody! the new traxx are now available for download at:


also, im sending out the first 100 copies for free. so hurry up and send an email to: info@jennyferstar.com with the subject "free cd" and your postal address..

theres not many left but of course you will be able to buy the cd later on as well.


Apr-08-07 22:05:33
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

i just felt i had to write something here...

im sure dave doesnt feel any pain anymore, and i think we have his blessing whatever we do. so i feel comfortable in defending the rest of the crashboys.

RIS was a great event even though it was really emotional and devestating.
i personally couldnt enjoy the crash show because, even though i like olliver as a person, it was hard to see them without dave.

BUT.. i have to say one thing. the fact is that the band did have their doubts about chosing to reval their new singer on RIS but after getting th blessing to do that from both daves mom, family and girlfriend, they chosed to do that.
therefor i dont think they should get the blame for anything.

as for the persons on the event that didnt pay their respects in the right way.. yes maybe they didnt but as kalypso said. they are just fans. maybe some of them doesnt think about dave in that way since they never even met him.. and i have to say that i met alot of the fans after the show that i know had been crying.. many of them were upset and emotional. so this doesnt include everyone.

to idassister: i agree with everything you said. im really sorry for your loss. but as you said.. they are probably dancing together now, and they are so much happier now than they were in this life. so lets try to enjoy our lifes even though the pain will still strike because of our loss.

dave, youre always in my heart. see you in nagiala...

take care everybody

Mar-30-07 16:12:51
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

yes kattahbaby. soon we will be drinkin pink longdrinks at the poolside. i looks forward to it toooo!! wiihaaaa.

a few dayz ago i wrote a song about how the sunshine really can affect u after a long, miserable winter..


Mar-24-07 01:58:45
Category: Off Topic

as most of you probably already have heard, starlet suicide is takin a break.
i am focusing on a solo project and the boys will do a project together.

i have just launched my new website so chekk it out at: www.jennyferstar.com and sign up for the newsletter if u wanna stay posted!

i will soon add a soundclip of one of my new songs which i am currently working on the recording of.

take care sweeties!
and never forget to...

starlet suicide has cancelled this show due to sickness.
but go check out the other bands anyways! current/smile

Feb-06-07 22:32:43
Category: Off Topic

two new gigs booked:

15/02 - kafé 44, stockholm, sweden (ALL AGES)
+ panzer princess & major scandals
24/03 - ungdomens hus, kiruna, sweden (ALL AGES)
+ streetwalkin cheetahs & peter london of crashdïet (solo)

we got some new photos on the website. live pics as well as misc pics & fan stff.
also uploaded some live clips from rest in sleaze at youtube.
you can chekk em out here:
shake it up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTOhJkHxP7M
hairspray lover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlTw72PbxKI
you make my heart go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcKmU2IbBLY

we got a new load of t-shirts for sale in the merch section of our website.

dont forget to vote for us to play at these swedish festivals:
hultsfredsfestivalen: http://www.snarthultsfredsfestival.net/onska.php
sweden rock festival: http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?pageID=77
kirunafestivalen: http://www.kirunafestivalen.com/onska

visit our website for the latest news - http://www.starletsuicide.com


Jan-29-07 13:20:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

ohh u got this a bit wrong..
starlet has cancelled the show and reckless love is the band that will play instead of us.
sorry bout the confusion.

we will come back to finland in april. to the the tour schedule go here: www.starletsuicide.com

Jan-27-07 23:27:16
Category: Off Topic

2 gigs cancelled next week due to various reasons.
the gig in gotheburg (31/1) and the one in helsinki (2/2).
sorry bout this but hope to see ya soon anyways..
the tour schedule is updated so chekk it out.

cheers! (and thanks to all of you who screamed your guts out with us at rest in sleaze, LOVE YA!!)

hehe he wore that shirt when they played with hammerfall a few years ago in finspång. it was fun hoho..

Jan-20-07 23:35:58
Topic: one year
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

exactly one year ago i got the phonecall about your death.
it feels surreal that a whole year has passed.. it feels like its just been a month..
tomorrow we will kikk some ass at rest in sleaze to honour your existance & memory.
and i know you will be watching us babe. i can feel your presence stronger again...
hopefully you wont fukk with us.. we´re too vulnerable right now.

miss you like krayzie.. i would do anything to see you just for a minute again.. even if we would fight that minute it would all be worth it.

sugarlipglosskisses & blisters

Jan-19-07 16:23:23
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

thats beautiful. you really captured his eyes and lips.

Katta wrote:


gaaah!! current/tongue

dont forget to be there when the doors open though! you dont wanna miss the early acts i suppose (incl starlet suicide) current/tongue

see ya there fukkers!! its gonna be such a blast!

Jan-13-07 18:23:49
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

GotlandsDavid wrote:

Since the date is uncertain I take the safe before the unsafe and drink both friday and saturday. So I wont piss him off for drinking on the wrong day.  http://www.crashdiet.org/components/com_agora/converter/{SMILIES_PATH}/Fete03.gif

hahaha that made me laugh.. cuz no ones wants to pizz him off..
hope to meet ya at the gig. its gonna be a blast but probably a hard time as well....

Dec-20-06 21:44:45
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

mrlee wrote:

cool i aint seen any of them. haha daves wearing a denim mini skirt WTF XD

its his silk skirt! not denim current/wink
and he looked awesome in it current/smile

Dec-12-06 20:05:46
Category: Off Topic

Raksu 13 wrote:

jennyfer_star wrote:

2/2 helsinki, finland - all ages

hou! where's that hell-sinki gig?

at oranssi club. the address is at our website! current/smile

rokk with us!! current/smile

Dec-12-06 15:38:33
Category: Off Topic

updates dates agaaaain...
two more shows added.
2/2 helsinki, finland - all ages
23/2 uppsala, sweden - all ages

Nov-29-06 00:02:01
Category: Off Topic

updated gig list..

gig in gothenburg added, so all of u that wanted su to come there better show uP!! current/tongue

Martin_Monroe wrote:

How much does it cost?

Man I wanna go. Maybe I'll show up.

it costs between 40-80 crowns. not sure..

Dyego Star* wrote:

some voices talk about starlet suicide in italy.... at cancio's rock club exactly... it's true??

where is that? maybe we can play there..
the only gig we have booked is in pescara at first floor rock the 20th of december.

Nov-09-06 14:27:26
Category: Off Topic

Foby wrote:

Today it's concert at Mango Bar, and i can't go current/sad

it was a cool gig last nite! but come to kafe 44 instead on november 23rd. its gonna be a blast!

Nov-08-06 13:12:24
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

awwwww i said his eyez probably would be bluuuue! thats so cute.. i cant wait til hes here!!!
tricky & trubbel sittin in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Nov-08-06 00:03:46
Category: Off Topic


klittbritt wrote:

www.moore.se "Stora grabbpriset" - "årets mest saknade" you know what to do... Sorry my swenglish...

jobbit att man va tvungen att svara på massa andra meningslösa äkklia frågor bara..

Nov-06-06 10:58:02
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

hehe yeah hes a big boy but he still thinks hes a puppy.. but i dont mind having  33 kilos in my lap. hes our little angel. current/smile

pp7 gaftzeb rulez!!

Oct-23-06 18:08:16
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

misspain: yeah i have that period right now too, cant stop crying. and it hurts so much...

gotlandsdavid: yeah i was at the memorial in sthlm as well.. didnt get a chance to talk to u though.. but david talked so much about u, you lived together when i got to know him.

Oct-22-06 17:27:55
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Hanna Rokk wrote:

I saw the show to. I also knew that he was goin' to dedicate his song to Dave. When Danny said his name I started to cry. And when he sang he insted of she I cried even more  current/sad  It was so beutiful!

exactly the same for me... it was fukkin awful.. i miss him so much right now..

Oct-21-06 15:26:35
Topic: Sister
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

it was a damn good nite!

Oct-11-06 14:55:09
Category: Off Topic

the starlet suicide street team is here!
read more at: http://www.starletsuicide.com/streetteam

see ya!!

Sep-28-06 20:36:59
Category: Off Topic

yeah come on grrrls! be there! current/smile

Sep-28-06 03:23:41
Category: Off Topic

new tshirts are available at our website now: www.starletsuicide.com

and two more gigs added:

18/10 bryggeriet, motala (all ages)
- with sister, blackheart & the nifters
08/11 underground swe/mango bar, stockholm (18 year age limit)
- with salvation star brigade & apes iq


Sep-18-06 01:11:48
Category: Off Topic

hey! check out our new website with new killer traxx!!! this rocks more than ever!

Aug-30-06 21:46:31
Category: Off Topic

the gig in söderhamn september 16th is moved to september 23rd.
BE THERE! current/smile

I can´t belive it has past 7 months now... I woke up the other day crying like a baby because i had a dream about him..

Heres some lyrics I wanna share:..

"It seems like yesterday that my world fell from the sky
It seems like yesterday I didnt know how hard I could cry
It feels like tomorrow I may not get by
But I will try,
I will try wipe the tears from my eyes..."

Still can´t believe that he wont come back... fuck..

Aug-24-06 09:15:35
Category: Off Topic

starlet will be on stage already at 14.00 (2pm) on saturday at tantogården, so dont be late!!

Aug-15-06 16:53:54
Category: Off Topic

we will try to book gigs in all the cities you suggested! we wanna go everywhere to rock you!!
hopefully we will be able to come to any of those places soon.

seee yaa! current/smile

Aug-09-06 22:01:34
Category: Off Topic

we have alot of gigs comin up. hope to see ya there!!

upcoming gigs 2007:
15/02 - kafé 44, stockholm, sweden (ALL AGES)
+ panzer princess & major scandals
23/02 - rock bloody rock/grand, uppsala, sweden (ALL AGES)
+ cancer dancer, miss honeytongue rifle, cirkus, crash course highway &  dirty licks
24/03 - ungdomens hus, kiruna, sweden (ALL AGES)
+ streetwalkin cheetahs & peter london of crashdïet (solo)
10/04 - on the rocks, helsinki, finland
+ parasite city & crystal kicks
11/04 - metropol, hämeenlinna, finland
+ parasite city & crystal kicks
12/04 - vastavirta, tampere, finland
+ parasite city & crystal kicks
13/04 - vimma, turku, finland (ALL AGES)
+ parasite city & crystal kicks
14/04 - bar maksim, salo, finland
+ parasite city & crystal kicks
05/05 - semifinal/tavastia, finland
+ parasite city & stereo junks

more info at: http://www.starletsuicide.com

Jul-05-06 15:52:03
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

peter doesnt have any tattoos on his legs. but dave did..

Jun-20-06 12:42:21
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

sorry to hear that kattah.. :-/
kisses for u. and r.i.p. sven.

Jun-07-06 12:20:56
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Last night Peter London was guest starring the Tempus gig at biljardpalatset in Stockholm. He played guitar on two songs and sang lead on one. As you can see he is in great shape and he sounded better than ever!!current/big_smile And the rumours about a haircut can now be forgotten. Here are some exclusive pics I took. Enjoy!

May-31-06 13:21:06
Category: Off Topic

we will play at björkan open air JUNE 9th in bromma, stockholm, sweden.
its no age limit!
be there and check us out!!

more info at:
www.starletsuicide.com - website
www.cherryfuckfanzine.com/starlet/phpBB2 - forum
www.myspace.com/starletsuicide - myspace

RestinSleaze wrote:

A FRIEND wrote:

Good for her i say!!! current/wink

Hugz C xx

really... someone said that she was martin´s girlfriend or something?..  haha actually i don´t know at all.. there are too many rumours... hahaha

yes she is martins girlfriend and she is adorable!!
she has taken pics of starlet as well..

May-23-06 22:26:16
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

they have done stranger as a cover as well but not on that gig regarding to peter at least... ive been to most of the gigs and the only cover i saw at tantogården was riot act.. of course we both can be wrong though..

May-14-06 17:38:21
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

its funny how you reflect over this as well.. this year has been tragic for many of us.. first dave.. then my grandmother died and two of my friends lost their mothers in cancer..
its strange. i hope it will change soon..
its not fair...

miss david so much...

May-12-06 21:56:54
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

no i think you mean "riot act"...

Mar-21-06 19:26:11
Category: Off Topic

leadguitarist wrote:

Hey!! You have to come to Jönköping and play. An all age gig current/big_smile

ill see what i can do! current/smile email or pm me if you know any cool place and ill forward it to our booking lady.

Mar-19-06 15:20:02
Category: Off Topic

come check us out!! current/smile

22/03 - brygghuset, stockholm (all ages)
10/04 - tusen toner, kiruna (all ages)
12/04 - mosebacke, stockholm
13/04 - smedjan, köping (all ages)
15/04 - kartago, sölvesborg (all ages)
16/04 - båset, trollhättan (all ages)
30/04 - club sisters, söderhamn
17/05 - alcazar/nalen, stockholm

more info at:
http://www.starletsuicide.com (official website)
http://www.myspace.com/starletsuicide (myspace)
http://www.cherryfuckfanzine.com/starlet/phpBB2 (forum)

Mar-08-06 16:47:47
Topic: MySpace
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

leadguitarist wrote:

Thanks for the lyrics Elin. jennyfer_star It's really sad to hear that you cant listen to music anymore. but you can try with some songs that are happy. Like: Motley Crue - All in the name of, or Smokin in the boyz room. Those makes me happy. But that's just me. But you could try.

thanks. thats nice. ill try current/smile

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