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Feb-03-09 15:14:45
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Nope, but i know where his tshirt is

Jan-30-09 06:29:33
Category: Off Topic

Fornicators will play at Klubb Gås in Stockholm 21/2 ( Brother Tuck)
Link to the clubs page:
Link to Fornicators:

Jan-29-09 19:36:09
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Alot of pictures at
Go there and then go to "Bilder"

Nice price, got 2 of those, traded them with david for my bands 7"....good deal i guess (for him that is:o)

Yep it sure is

just talked to rikki from sister, and aperently the herpes thing is over now so they are good to go current/big_smile

Im looking into it..

Yup, but more booze and drugs for me :twisted:

Sister will not play due to an unexpected outbreak of  herpes , we wish them all the best regarding that:o)

January the 16th these bands will play at grand in uppsala, starting at 20:00.


Lizzy Pistol    

Wacky Vamps                                   


Oct-17-08 07:21:22
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Uppsala bandet Fornicators tänkte minsann också spela en trudilutt på R.I.S, antagligen det ända bandet som kör lite mera åt punk hållet, men hoppas att det ska behaga några av er som tänker ta er dit.

syns där!!!

cinderellafan86 wrote:

is it ok to have songs on my crashdiet myspace?

if not then i'll just delete the myspace..........

so can i? pleeze?

If you read the TOS (Terms Of Service) on MySpace it says that by uploading/presenting files (Music, Pics and so on) you grant MySpace to a licence to use, modify, perform, publicly present, reproduce and distrubute that content....worth thinking of right?

Second: Youre NOT allowed to present, upload ANY copyrighted material on MySpace. And that goes for all sites, Copyright means that someone owns the rights to that material. And in this case we dont know if CrashDiet owns ALL of the rights, so you may want to write to the record company aswell:o) So ofcourse its not OK.

So just Do it, but remember its NO difference between putting up a Movie on Piratebay then putting up a song wich you dont own on MySpace or YouTube, cos its just as simple to download it from those places.'s a little difficult thing to judge I think.
Personally, I think we should not spread songs before fans buy those .
And I think we should not write about illegal DL on the official forum.
( OFC we always wanna listen to new songs and demos early.
So we search songs by online or DL from my friends PERSONALLY. )
Basically illegal DL things are performed under the surface of the water in Japan.  current/lol
( Even fan site cannot upload photos of the bands basically. really strict )'s free to do illegal DL things under the surface of the water.
But I think it's not so good to inform such things on the official forum without permission from band members.

However I think PunkMartin can get permission from members though? hehe

Well..I havnt spread it, I accually bought mine on, but since im such a pirate, I hang around these sites current/smile
I've noticed that many people post the url to crashdiet songs on youtube here, , there's NO difference... If we wanna be legal 
you've gotto ask permission for that too.

Anyway back to the subject, the album gets better for each listening , but I still think Punkrock Rules :twisted:

i can't say i like it.
i think everyone who didn't get it should go and BUY it instead downloading. :!:

And I think its up to oneself, just telling the people where to get it if they are curious if they want to spend their money on it or not, im pretty sure youve downloaded something without the authers promision, like a photo, game, song etc... So dont be judgemental on me!

For you who didnt buy it yet, or didnt get it in the mail today, you can download it at a certain pirate place.... :twisted:

Just got the record, not my style, but a good record anyway, liked "Falling Rain" and "The Buried Song".

Sep-16-07 11:58:42
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Im VERY sorry, had a big party over here last night and i was logged into this forum so it WASNT me who wrote the last post! No ofcourse it doesnt cost 5000 EUR it was just a joke.

Dany_Thunder85 wrote:

hmm!!! exuse me!!..have you ever met me??..have you ever talked to me!! you even now who i am!!...NO!!

soo i would appriciate!! if you didn´t called people whom you know jack shit about stuff like that!!..

and so what if i wanna know what lipgloss he has in the video.. that´s my reason and mine alone!!

and if someone SERIOUS!!! now´s the answer i would be happ y to here it

Sep-16-07 03:02:47
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

As sure as a i am the least gay on this site, please fuck off and die you retard! who cares about lipgloss?  It's all a gimmick. The video was alright but they're still a mainstream band! But in my heart I love Erik and Peter 'cuz tey're true retards aswell as me...

sieg heil{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe03.gif

Dany_Thunder85 wrote:


are you really sure about the price!! 5000 EUR!! cause that´s like 50.000 SEK  current/yikes

Sep-15-07 10:53:31
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

I know the answer to that question, cos i use it all the time.

The brand is called "yxi kaxi", and the color of it is "miassotto" and it cost 5000 EUR.

Dany_Thunder85 wrote:


First of all i just wanna say he new video is sooo fucking awsome!! i love it!! and you look awsome in it...i really liket the tribute to Dave whit the leopard running by...beautiful!!

i got a question you what´s the name on the lipgloss that olli has on  in the video i just love!! tha color... what´s the brand?? and wht does it cost??

i just have to gett it soo fucking awsome color... hope yoo can help me!!

see ya on tour!! YOU ROCK!!

Sep-07-07 08:59:34
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

it was intressting to see, compared to the other nyhetmorgon back in the days...

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