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Nov-14-14 19:00:01
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Me and my 6 years old son are gonna see CRASHDIET Next January current/wink
This was soooooo long story for us...
See you in Japan!!

Jun-02-13 21:19:57
Topic: Peter?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Hi, Long time no see, forum members=)
Maybe I am one of the best collectors of Peter's pixx  current/tongue
If someone had already uploaded this one, sorry current/smile

This is one of my favorite " on stage " Peter...

Dec-03-12 14:18:13
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I love Christmas, I'm a Buddhist though (~_~)....
For Japanese, Christmas is one of beautiful festival things....strange ppl, hehehe

My favorite Christmas songs are "December Will Be Magic Again" by Kate Bush, "Winter Wonderland" by STRYPER, and more...

Dec-03-12 14:02:26
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Marmetal wrote:

I might not be as long here as you are but I remember you of course. No worries!

hehe, Marmetal, thanks!!

mrs v. viper wrote:

definatly not!! at least not the ones that are here for a while already! You are a bit of a forum legend, you know!
and you've been always kind to me when I came new to this forum, so I'm glad you're back too

mrs v.viper, long time no see!! Thank you that you remember me still now!!

Dec-03-12 13:55:24
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

peterlondon wrote:

Cool, how old is the little thing now?

I've disabled the Shakes Japan forum for right now because it was a little bit dead and I'm having some plans for starting more forum categories in other languages and so on, not sure what I'll do yet exactly but just so you know, it's not gone, it's just hidden for right now while I decide what to do with it

My Emiya is 4 years old now, he said " I'm not the little thing!! I'm big, 106cm!! " hahaha,
If you start other languages forums,  Leave Japanese forum to me again current/wink


Nov-30-12 22:48:58
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Fhina & Marmetal, thank you!!
I'm glad you two say hello to me current/smile
I thought everyone already had forgotten me, hehe

Nov-30-12 22:42:41
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

peterlondon wrote:

I'm speechless! I've missed you so much hitomi!!! Welcome back! How's Emiya?


Dear Peter!!

I always wanted to come back here cuz I love CRASHDIET, YOU and forum members, you know!!

It's really hard to find words now, maybe you understand my mind, feeling...
I'm proud of you indeed, Peter!!

PS: Emiya is sleeping well, JAPAN is 5:40 am, hehe

Nov-30-12 22:17:49
Don't be shy :)
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Hi! I’m almost new here,
Long time no see, our forum!!
Hello, old and new DIETERS!!
I’m hitomi from Japan.
Well, I can’t find words now, cuz we had hard time once.....,
But what a wonderful time we have now!!
Don’t you think so?
I’ll post something again, see you, everyone!!

peterlondon wrote:

Thanks for the update hitomi. Been thinking about you alot but I've lost your number. I'm of course, very glad to hear you & emiya are safe.


Dearest Peter!!
I'll write an e-mail to you current/smile
You know, It cheers me up that you are happy there current/smile
Someday, I really want to meet you again with my Emiya.
I hope I can do so early...

//hitomi and Emiya

P. fizzy Suxx wrote:

Hitomi,I hope you would visit this Forum more often, like you did in the past!


OFC I want to back to here soon!!
I'm gonna do so as possible as I can! current/smile


FailingBreath wrote:

It's great to hear you're okay and I really wish that things are getting better over there instead of worse current/hmm It's so sad when things like that happen.. I hope you get as much help as possible over there!

Hi FailingBreath
Thank you for a kind comment!
Japan's situation is a little better than yesterday's.
The Self-Defense Force and The Fire brigades are fighting against the aggravation of the nuclear power plant.
They are in the awful crisis for radioactivity to rescue Japanese ppl...
I really hope that their strategy succeeds...

Sheila wrote:

Glad to hear you're ok! current/smile
The whole thing is just tragic : /

Hi Sheila !
Thank you for a comment!
I really hope we can win this tragedy...

Hi verstely!

Thak you for a kind comment!!
Yeah Brazil has lots of such experiences.
So you can feel and understand our feeling...
I fear that victims will not be able to live in their land in the future.
They lost their families, friends, houses, ships and farmlands, offices...
And radioactivity polluted farmland and FUKUSHIMA's people.
I hope we can be strong and patient still now.
And we west of Japan ppl must help them.
I hope we general ppl can do anything for them early.
Only thing that we can do for them is the contribution just now....

Dear fizzy!
Don't mind such thing, anyway, we are safe current/smile
I rather want to say thank you to Germany.
Germany, South Korea, Switzerland and China sent ppl and dogs for rescue to Japan quickly!!
We were very glad and stouthearted about that.
Actually they came to dangerous Japan while earthquakes were frequent.
Not only earthquakes, there are danger of radioactivity.
We will don't forget such brave ppl who came from all over the world.
Now, over 100 countries help or think of Japan current/smile

Anyway, I'm not angry at you.
Sorry I don’t want to discuss “this”.
“ If we prepared that, we could help ******”
Many victims think about it all day.
One mother cried and said,
“I took my daughter's hand, but huge waves tore her hand off.
Why I am alive now,
My daughter had gone...
If I took her hand more strongly, I would be able to help her"
I just want to help such ppl, do not want to discuss about “this” “something”.


Generation_Sleaze wrote:

Glad to hear you're safe, hitomi!
This must be really hard for all of japan... all my thoughts are with you.
It's terrible. A total disaster. ._.
Hope it'll be okay soon!!

Hi!! Thank you for a comment current/smile
We don't give up, at least I want to say " We don't give up!! " now.

Anyway, thank you for minding me and Japan, everyone current/smile
I hope I can write something happy here again!!

gothMINd wrote:

the only thing is all these country's should be prepared for this stuff, i know you can never be exact when stuff like this happens but, knowing you live in such worst areas when it comes to natural diseases, then you'd think they'd be somewhat prepared in a way, ...
it means to find some better way to protect stuff like the nuclear plant

Hi gothMINd
I must explain a little.
Such earthquake was not generated more than 1000 years
in Japan.
We had very strong and high dike there.
But over 25m waves broke it easily.
How can we predict over 25m waves break the dike?

Any countries can not stop such waves.
This TSUNAMI was such awful natural 

Japan is proud of electricity and technology.
When such a country encountered such a disaster,
how can the country and ppl win natural phenomenon?

The human prediction and preparations is powerless for huge nature things unfortunately.
OFC there are natural phenomenon that we can stop or prepare, but it is not so big natural phenomenon.

Scales are different.
Maybe You've never experienced such natural phenomenon, I think.
So you cannot imagine and understand Japanese situation now.

I hope ppl in the world can learn something from this tragedy.

Even in Japan, The safe people criticize crisis control of the government.
However it is necessary to think how we can help ppl and towns and villages at first.

It is unnecessary to criticize crisis control just now from outside.


XiLaii, Marmetal
Thank you!!
Actually we don't know how we can recover from such terrible situation...
However, for Japan, the worst era was absolutely World War II.
But we ever recovered!
I think that we can do it again so that I expect it!

Thank you, mrs v. viper!!
Recently I cannot use the internet almost, so I couldn't do anything for CRASHDIET.
But you are so powerful and I saw you and some ppl sent a happy message to Peter current/smile
I was glad bout' that either!!


Hi, izzie
Yeah I don't have lost any relatives or friends now.
Actually I found a friend is alive online today!!
(Cuz the telephone and the cell phone don't move from the stricken area)

I wish all infrastructure recovers at stricken areas soon...
However the stricken areas are really terrible...
I don't know when we can meet and talk directly each other.


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