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Dec-02-07 16:17:41
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Was wondering if anyone here saw the show last night at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham?

Nov-25-07 23:45:20
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Hah hah! yeah! You look like her in the early series of Married With Children. She was (and possibly still is) a rocker. Think she went out with Fred Coury from Cinderella at one point.

Depends - if sent by airmail to the UK then you should have recieved it by now (assuming they shipped as soon as you ordered). If it went by surface mail it can take aaaaaages.

Nov-01-07 19:53:29
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Someone may make one at some point if they feel inspired with Freehand. Ray Larabie (http://www.larabiefonts.com) has made many font sets based on heavy metal band logos: "Metal Lord" is based on the Iron Maiden logo, "Iomanoid" on Def Leppard , "Die Nasty" on KISS and "Squealer" on AC/DC.  Go check them out - I think you can still get them for free!

FakuGlam wrote:

mmm , I wanna this T-shirt


Is possible ??

It's an old one. I think your only hope is e-bay.

I got an answer from one of the guys who runs the shop.....

Please have patience until the end of next week, since we need system updates to make it able for other countries than the Nordics.
Due the Social Security Number, please just type YYMMDD, nothing else!

So wait till next week outside of Scandanavia and we should be sorted. Don't think the t-shirts are released for a while yet so should be OK.

Anyone from outside Sweden managed to place an order? I'm trying to order some stuff but can't get past registration stage.

One of the compulsory fields is "social security number". As we don't have this in the UK (at least not in the same format) I can't get past this part of the order procedure.

Can anyone help?

Oct-10-07 23:20:09
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Hi Larska

Martin hinted that a lot of the demo material would be released at some time, so hang tight!

Evz- Crashdïet had a lot of great demos and B-sides that never made it to the first album “Rest In Sleaze”. It’s no longer possible even to download those tracks any more from the Crashdïet website. Will these tracks ever be released again?
Martin - Yes they will. Dont have any info on it yet.. We do have a Live DVD coming out later on that we just completed.

You can get "Tomorrow" as a B-side on one of the CD singles if you can find in on eBay. Sorry, I can't remember which one - I'm sure one of the dietheadz will know.

Finally got it today becuase UK have had a postal strike for the past few days!
Spare a thought for my friend who will have to wait extra time for his coz I ordered it for him!

Just taking the first listen now and I think it's great. It's still got to "grow on me" fully, but I'm always like this. It's weird, most times an album reminds me of something I've heard before but this seems unique almost. Lots of nice strange melodies and breaks.

Review will be added to the Wildside site when I get chance so I'll post a link once I've done it.

Oct-03-07 23:31:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

crashdie wrote:

can someone send me some songs? crashdie@hotmail.com if you want to ...
they dont sells cds, right?

Yeah you can get "The Demos" which is a collection of most of the demo material they released.

You can get two versions of the first studio album "Lit Up, Let Down". There's one on the RLS label (the original) and one on Bam Margera's label called Filthy Note. I think you can only get the Filthy Note version now but there's not much between the two, it was just re-mixed slightly and there's video stuff added.

One new track called "Enemy In Me" is on the new "Viva La Bands" cd also on the Filthy Note label.

Sep-23-07 22:02:09
Category: Off Topic

All great fuckin stuff!

Foby, you're marooned on a desert island by pirates for stealing the last weevil-infested biscuit. Even so, they're quite generous and feel bad about leaving you. Before they dump you there they give you a solar powered CD player and they say you can take:

5 of your favourite CDs
5 of your favourite books
1 Luxury item (you can't take food or a means of escape)

What would you choose for each??

Would be a pity if he left. I would imagine the album will be released regardless. But let's reserve judgement until there's an official announcement.

Aug-05-07 03:28:04
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Good band but they seem like crazy guys. Donny was on the UK version of "Celebrity Big Brother" last year. He was pretty funny and ended up vaulting over the wall.

Snell and The Rev split with the band recently.

Those are from a company in the USA called "Lip Service".


I don't think they make ones specifically ones for the arms but a cut down pair of the stockings should do.

I don't think they have them at the moment but they usually have this style in stock from time-to-time.

Sometimes HotTopic have their items too...


A few shops stock their stuff but it's rare. Also eBay might be a good bet - but try not to pay too much in case they're counterfiet.

Jul-26-07 01:10:09
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Kyle Kyle from Bang Tango was awesome.

Jul-18-07 22:34:28
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Just a quick note to say that I hope Japanese Crashdiet fans weren't affected by the recent typhoon accross Kyushu or the earthquake in Niigata and your family and friends are safe.

Take care

Jun-28-07 22:07:54
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

sweet_is_hot wrote:

HAHAHAHA! shit you can really wright! current/lol  but i have to say it was not boring, not a bit! current/big_smile  i love glam rock to but i don't know soo much about it!

Glad it didn't bore you guys too much  current/lol

Jun-26-07 01:03:43
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

MrLee wrote:

point breaks soundtrack owns!!!

Yeah! Too right bro! Ratt and L.A. Guns on a soundtrack and you can't go wrong!

My favourites are soundtrack to "The Big Lebowski" and "Conan The Barbarian" (don't laugh! It's really good - although not very metal).

Game tunes for me are only things like "Golden Axe" and "Super Mario World" I'm afraid - LOL. I don't play video games much any more - but I do like the music from the Metal Gear Solid games I played a while back.

In case you don't know there's a metal band from Brazil called "Megadriver" who cover tunes from old SEGA games!!


There's lots to download - and check out that guy's "Sonic The Hedgehog" guitar!! :twisted:

Jun-25-07 00:40:52
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Tommi Lippstikk wrote:

but, what about the "Tonight Belongs to the Young"(2003) album?, i've listened and it's pretty cool.... all the 80's style

That's an album of old demos that they recorded before "Leather Boys...". was put out. Ariel Styles it seems was a prolific songwriter. I think it's estimated they recorded about 150 songs in demo format! Some of them are awesome so it's definately worth checking out these "demo" albums.

There's only two "real" albums:

"Leather Boys With Electric Toyz" - mostly written by Ariel Styles
"Size Really Does Matter" - mostly written by Les Sanders and T-Chad

I think the third "real" album is on the way though!

"A Wise Guy Production" was good stuff (mostly because they had Kerri Kelli on board) but only an E.P. unfortunately.

"Pornstars" was pretty much a re-recording of "Leather Boyz..." to be honest. I think it was done so they could put the songs out there again as the original's been deleted from circulation in all countries apart from Japan I think. Althogh there was a small re-run through Perris a couple of years back.

I think Steve Summers is a great front man but I don't think he writes many songs hence the lack of any new "true" PBF material for the past 20 years or so ("Size..." was really too much like Les and Chad's old band, "City Girls Boys").

Steve Summers has been mooting a re-formation of the original line-up for a few years now. He dropped Les, Chad and Dish around the first proposed re-formation and then the Peppermint Creeps guys for the second proposed re-union. Both times the re-unions have fallen through coz Steve Summers and Kristi Majors don't appear to get on very well. Last was heard they were threatening each other via Metal Sludge!

If you guys really wanna hear some original PBF sounding material you can't go far wrong with a band called "Shameless" from Germany run by a guy called Alexx Michael. He records albums with Steve Summers a lot of the time, plus other guest artists like guys from KISS, WARRANT and TUFF.

Check out the site for Shameless.....


They've a lot of good albums but I'd recommed "Queen 4 A Day" as the ultimate Floyd-sounding album.

Sorry to bore you guys but I love glam rock!!  current/lol

Jun-18-07 00:05:44
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

The 69 Eyes - "Angels"

It's pretty funny. Just a couple of weeks ago my friend was joking with me about hair metal and nu metal. So I pointed out the similarities to him about the careers of Coal Chamber and Britney Fox! LOL

Jun-17-07 02:25:19
Category: Off Topic

Thanks! current/big_smile

Jun-16-07 22:16:14
Category: Off Topic

LOL - OK so it's not my band but Jennyfer Star deserves a lot of publicity. I recently did a "catch up interview" with Jennyfer after her split from Starlet Suicide.

http://mainsite.wildside-net.com/module … amp;pid=10

Martin Sweet and Peter London helped to produce her new E.P. and there's a small mention of some other Crashdiet things in the interview so it might interest you guys.



P.S. If you enjoy it, please check out my original interview here.....
http://mainsite.wildside-net.com/module … &pid=4

Jun-16-07 00:27:51
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Hah hah - that was great! I used to do things like that in my teens  :twisted:  now I'm paying for it in a bad way current/lol

Jun-15-07 23:46:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

The 69 Eyes - "Babysitter"

Sorry it took so long to send - I wanted to choose the right words to say. I hope you understand.

I sent you another Hitomi - in reply to yours current/smile

The internet is really tough to get accross a real feeling or meaning sometimes. I'm sure message boards have been the site of many an argument since they began.

I know the fansite means so much to you - I can understand perfectly (and your intentions) because Wildside means so much to me too and I do that with the same premise as you. It really wasn't my intention to give you a lecture, or to imply I know more than you in any way. I thought we were discussing CSS in a wider context, and only mentioned XHTML etc so you'd know I understood the issues. And I mean that honestly.

I sent you a PM about this as it's personal.

hitomi wrote:

Haha You seem to love CSS so much.  current/lol
You can make lots of YOUR sites by CSS if you wanna do it.
You cannot force me it though.

Muhah haaaaaaaa (like DEMON KOGURE voice). I will convert all to CSS!  :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted:

When I come back to Japan maybe i'll bring you a book about CSS (jk!) current/lol

Of course you must design you site however you like, I wasn't trying to force you into CSS. I just thought you'd like the info about the scroll bar.

Heh heh - you can punch me for being bossy next time we meet :p

NetScape & IE still offer support for CSS to a sufficient level to use the box model. You just have to take into account the diffences in the way they interpret the markup. I only mentioned Firefox becuase it interprets CSS quite closely to the original intentions. IE and Netscape just have their own little problems you have to code around.

It's possible to make a site with CSS that's compatible with all browsers (I've done it) - it just takes a little more time - and a lot of patience!!!!!!!

In fact your IFRAME is actually using CSS styles already by the looks of it - you just need to change one element!

Change scrolling="auto" to scrolling="no" in the IFRAME tag and see what happens. I think this should solve your problem. If not, then I give up - LOL

hah hah - OK sorry everyone, boring web code discussion is over

Hitomi, you can remove the scroll bar on the centre image by using some Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) box model techniques. If you know about this already then I appologise.

If not, please contact me on my regular e-mail and I can explain how you can do it.

CSS kicks the ass of table layouts and frames, but as you mentiond there are some differences in how IE/Firebox/Opera etc interpret the rules. Firefox is closest to the truth but most people still use IE unfortunately.

I used to do a job similar to yours before I moved back to programming. XHTML/CSS/ASP/PHP/Flash etc etc. I didn't want to bore you with this kind of thing in Japan - LOL

Jun-08-07 00:49:34
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I think Kinji is "on the road" to becoming K-1 champion. Lately I gave some  advice to the guy who helps with the Kinji fanclub - they wanted to know an English phrase to put on Kinji's posters. At last I can repay Japanese people for helping me so much!

I saw a couple of his fights - he described his style as "street fighting" to us.

It will be sad if a real competition turns bad if guys like Rodman get involved. I like Rodman but he's a basketball player, not a fighter. I always remember when "Macho Man" Randy Savage threw him into a portable toilet on WCW a long time ago when I watched pro-wrestling.

Jun-07-07 22:28:59
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Here's the picture with Kinji!


Jun-04-07 15:00:14
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

My favourite summer song for driving fast in the car "with the T-Tops down" has to be "Bad Boys" by MSG. If you can find it and play it you'll know what I mean.  current/big_smile

Jun-04-07 00:20:28
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Just saw them again last week at Rock City, Nottingham. Such a great show again.

Those that wish back to the days of "Juicy Lucy" and "Hot Butterfly" should definately check out "Angels". More back to the old style - more roll than goth in the goth n roll now current/big_smile

Here's a pic I took recently in GODZ bar in Tokyo.....


And in case you're interested an interview with Jyrki I did a while back together with at least one photo of him you've never seen before.....

http://mainsite.wildside-net.com/module … &pid=6

and a review of the first single from "Angels", "Perfect Skin".....

http://mainsite.wildside-net.com/module … t&id=5

Yeah - you guessed it I FUKKIN LOVE THE 69 EYES!!!

May-23-07 16:28:51
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Hey Hitomi. I`m glad you enjoyed the trip to Godz with us! I was scared we drunk too much beer for your liking - LOL

By the way I didn`t know you liked K-1 fighters. In Nagasaki me and Gavin met a K-1 fighter called Kinji....


He gave us his card and commemorative towel! We watched some of his fights on DVD - he`s a tough guy but he was very quiet and polite.

My friend in Nagasaki took a picture of me and Gavin with Kinji - I will post it when I get home.

If my (limited) experience is anything to go by they'll probably just ask you to jam with the band. Maybe play some covers or something or try to keep up with one of their own songs. I doubt they'll ask you just to play on your own - it's not "the X Factor". But in case they do you could learn a cool bassline like "She" by KISS (dead easy but sounds great) or "Sweet Child O' Mine" (I was never good enough for that one!!).

If in doubt just ring up one of the guys and ask. Unless it's a name band or they're all like Yngwie Malamsteen freaks so long as you turn up looking cool, can play a bit and look enthusiastic you'll do fine.

GOOD LUCK BRO! http://www.crashdiet.org/components/com_agora/converter/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif

Dec-29-06 22:45:31
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

Just to clarify - I may have come across a little dismissive before...

I agree Dave Lepard shouldn't be forgotten.

I just feel that Crashdiet has always been about more than one person. They've got so much to offer us now more than ever and to dwell on the past isn't good for anyone.

I know that it wasn't RockEyez intention to dwell on that stuff and like people said it's good to find out the truth about rumours (I asked something similar in my interview with Martin).

Dec-23-06 00:22:36
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

Good interview but RockEyez seem obsessed by Dave Lepard's death. Martin's interview was mostly about Dave Lepard too...

Dec-23-06 00:19:05
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

Great news! Can't wait to see who you got!

Dec-05-06 20:47:04
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I asked a similar question to Jennyfer from Starlet Suicide (hi Jen!) when I did an interview with her....

Evz - Even though we’re in 2006, you’re still one of the few women in the rock n roll/punk scene. Do you feel women still get a hard time in this scene and the music industry in general? Or is it not even an issue anymore as bands like Betty Blowtorch have proved women can rock just as hard as the guys without portraying themselves as sex objects at the same time?

Jen - I don’t think it’s an issue anymore and I don’t think I’m one of the few women in rock. To mention a few: Fabulous Disaster, Tuuli, The Dollyrots, Crucified Barbara, Joan Jett, Queen Adreena and so on..

And a similar question to Scarlet Viper from Maeven, she said

"...being female you do still get the "Oh, it's a girl band" thing. But luckily with us it's always BEFORE we've played. In a way it's good, it drives you to be better, to prove them wrong. And luckily for us people always seem more impressed by the fact that we ARE girls, but we're still out there doing it."

There ya go - some responses from women in rock n roll bands

Nov-06-06 20:06:06
Topic: Poison!
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

mrlee wrote:

i dont know about these. i dont think they were too good personally, i feel they were the bands that gave glam the bad name some nowadays would give it.

I guess they're a stereotype so they're always the ones that get targeted.

I've got to say at one time I loved the band but I don't think they're so good anymore. HOWEVER I think they're a good "intro" to this type of music. And these guys were there pretty much right at the start of the LA glam scene along with Ratt and Crue so a lot of bands might not have exisited if it weren't for them. You gotta give 'em their dues.

Nov-06-06 20:01:16
Topic: Poison!
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Cherry Pie is a warrant song like you thought!

Nov-06-06 19:59:22
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Vietnamese Baby!

Mackey wrote:

Perfect Japanese evz san! current/big_smile

Arigato gozaimashita!!

Ohayo gozaimasu Mackey san!

Hey bro! Can you post a link to your website for "Mr.Mini-Mites"?

hitomi wrote:

I will write a long reply about Mishima next time.
I have to go now, wooo---!
I always don't have time lately!!!

I'm killed by my thesis about a Japanese Art of the end of Edo era now.
I will write about that in "Japanese Art" thread someday, I think probably you are interested in it.

That's OK - work comes first! Maybe the discussion is a bit too "heavy" for the forum so you can e-mail me instead if you want (do you still have my e-mail from the CD/Burrn trade?)

Unless other Dieters are interested in my rambling posts! If so, speak up!

hitomi wrote:

Do you know this figure?  current/lol

Hey - no I haven't seen that figure before! It's pretty cool current/big_smile

hitomi wrote:

That is a reason why they did not let go of KATANA till they died like LAST SAMURAI.
That is NOT strange thing....I think you understand now.

Yes I understood before. I was just complaining about Last Samurai's unrealism in giving the impression that Japan had no knowledge of firearms. As both you and I know that wasn't the case, we can put our own interpretation on it. But imagine those who don't know of Japan's history...what would they make of the film? Would they thik Japan was a "backwards" country at that time? A tough subject I guess.

hitomi wrote:

That is BUSHIDO.
KATANA is soul of SAMURAI.
SAMURAI did not want to throw KATANA away and live.

I know a little of Bushido. I read Hagakure and the critique by Mishima Yukio. He killed himself didn't he? I was upset that he dwelled on the death aspects so much when there's so much the book has to offer us. I think he mis-interpreted a lot of the references and held some foolhardy ideas. I interpreted a lot of the references to death in Hagakure as not "go looking for death and die even if it's not neccessary" more as "don't be afraid of death - always try your best" - does that make sense?

Didn't seppukku among Samurai become such a problem the Emporer had to issue a decree it was banned and anyone committing seppukku would bring shame on their family? That's why the auhor of Hagakure couldn't commit seppukku when his lord died and retired to his shack isn't it?

I believe Mishima's obssession with Hagakure led to some hardcore nationalistic ideals? That's always dangerous. I enjoyed reading his book just the same though.

hitomi wrote:

Old type Japanese love them still now.
Katsumoto(LAST SAMURAI)'s character is the accumulation of such SAMURAI. I think.

In the middle ages, England has fuedal system similar to that of Japan. Our version of the Samurai was the Knight. We hold a romanticised vison of the Knight much like Japan holds for the Samurai. It's funny how the feudal lord in both Japanese and English films is the bad guy a lot of the time - hah hah
Do you think the popular image of Samurai would still be present if they were still around today? Or would people opinions have changed?

Heh heh - this discussion is more university style - I like it!

hitomi wrote:

Do you know Tomisaburou Wakayama?

Yes! My friend Soichi told me that he was the brother of Katsu sama! I have seen "Sword of Vengence" and "Babycart at the River Styx" - I'm not sure what the Japanese titles are. They are the first two of the "Lone Wolf and Cub" series I think. They're great films! I wish I could find more of them.

Is the character, Ogami Itto based on a real executioner? Or is he purely fiction?

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