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May-27-07 21:34:40
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

What kind of "alkoholfritt" do u mean , can u drink before the gig ?
or do they have "alkoblås"?

May-01-07 23:10:35
Category: Archive & Trash
Forum: News Archive

peterlondon wrote:

We have decided to escape the studio to do a gig
for ya at TANTOGÅRDEN the 31st of May.

Opening act - SISTER (

Tikketz will be released the 7th of May, and can be
purchased from Tantogården (Ringv. 24, sthlm) and
Pet Sounds Records (Skånegatan 53, sthlm).

The price is 60SEK, and it's an ALL AGES SHOW!

Only 200 tikketz will be available so you better be quick current/smile

See the attached flyer for more info.


I sure will be there , but you have to buy the tickets at Pet Sounds or tanto?

woho.. i´ll be there..

Oct-08-06 16:30:24
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

sweet_is_hot wrote:

lovemachine wrote:

sweet_is_hot wrote:

thanks gays! current/big_smile

just a little pointer.. i think it's "guys" not "gays" hehe

haha yeah! current/lol  it is! i cant listen to music and wright at the same time current/lol haha now it's right!! current/lol

ha , ´gays´ is cooler  current/lol

Oct-04-06 00:51:26
Topic: David
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

sweet_is_hot wrote:

Randee wrote:

Thank you for those  current/smile  They look familiar, but I can't remember right now what they are from...anybody know?

yeah on it is a smal vid, that i  think the pics are from! current/big_smile

and thanks for the pics! current/big_smile

he, i know what video you mean , and yes its mine .. but the pics are not from that vid..
but it is from the same day current/smile

Oct-02-06 20:19:59
Topic: David
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

miss u

Oct-02-06 19:11:08
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

hoho ..
here´s my cat ; ... 0081-1.jpg


Oct-02-06 18:51:18
Topic: David
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

I havent post anything here for a long tyme..but yesterday i was looking through my old david pics and found these..
i hope i havent post them already ... CN4557.jpg ... CN4556.jpg ... CN4555.jpg


aww , im always late  current/neutral
but happy bday current/smile

Sep-20-06 17:10:55
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

sweet_is_hot wrote:

It was a man who told us that it was a "Riot in everyone" and everyone shod "Breakin' the chainz".
And get a "Tikket" to "Straight otta hell".
And even if you had a "Needle in your eye" and you where "Out of line" you shod "Knokk 'em down" and get "Bakk on trakk".
Coz you don't have to be a "Queen obscene" to make it to "Tomorrow".
So if "We play it and you scream it" we be "Too hot to stop".
Coz it's a "Perfect day" and "It's a miracle" on the way.

naaw , that´s sweet. current/smile i love it .. hih

Jul-27-06 14:42:57
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Thank you guys current/smile

Jul-25-06 19:28:52
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

thats beautiful..
be strong grrl..

take care&keep going

Jul-25-06 19:27:20
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Happy b-day SpiffyGriffy .. hope you have a wonderful day current/smile

Jul-24-06 17:27:51
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Happy birthday Misspain darlin´..

its beautiful..
take care

Jul-13-06 17:19:21
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

im so sorry for u darlin..
and im sorry that i always lay all my problems on you ..
im sorry if i (from tymes to tymes) act like im pissed or that i dont care.
you know that the hardest thing for me is to tell people how much i love them and how much i need them but i try as hard as i can hun´.
i know what you´re going through and i will always be there for you whenever you need me , call me in the middle of the night if you want to.
im sorry that i didnt even mention something about your grandfather yesterday and i fukkin hate that the only thing i was thinkin about was that i had been fukkin heartbroken.
but think about everything we did .. think about "det kostar att titta" , "har jag sagt hej till dig" when we first meet and where going to Max , when we stood outside the hospital with beer and cigg and i did broke someones bike , and those huges icecreams current/smile  ..
i love ya darlin and i love you for always being there when i need you and even if it seems like i dont appreciate the things you do for me i hope you know that every phonecall and mail  matters to me . .
i try to do the same for you..

Jun-16-06 21:34:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

have a great birthday RIOTACT ..^^

Jun-13-06 16:13:09
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

haha.. awsome XD

Starcarr Lane wrote:

I recently got a awesome haircut!!
I was thinking about dying it black or bleaching it, but my natural colour is brown, and I think it looks pretty good after all, so maybe I'll keep it.
Since most sleazies dye their hair black or white, It feels a little bit awkward to goof around as a brunette.
Brown works very well with my gold bracelets and glasses though... gaah

geez help me out with this one!!!

my natural colour is blonde , and i coloured it black for 2 years im almost white.. hard tyme to colour it from black to white/blonde .
but if your hair is brown i think you should stick to that or if you want to colour it black or blonde i think you should choose black.. ^^
good luck current/smile

Jun-12-06 15:26:16
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

MissPain wrote:

this one got to big, so just click on it instead current/wink   : ... 020847.jpg

you´re the best jennyfer.. see ya soon ^^

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