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Mar-16-06 22:50:05
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

As I've written before, in another Crashdïet future-plan-thread, the right thing for me to see, is to keep the bandname. For everybody's sake, the fans, yourselves and for Dave.  Keep on doing your thang, yours and Dave's vision was Crashdïet, and please let it live.

I suppose it would seem easier to go on with a new bandname. But the great promotion u guys have had, and the huge respect you have earned in the last couple of years, worldwide, in the industry as well as in the public eye, will make everything a thousand times more worth your while, if u guys choose to stay together as the amazing Crashdïet.

Taken everything into consideration, I truly believe that would be the right decision for you.

Anyways... I wish you the best of luck and fortune in the future, and may sleaze be with you...all the way to mega stardom{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif

Can't seem to make a direct link, but look under letter C for Crashdïet on this amazing scandinavian hard rock site:

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Mar-04-06 00:18:32
Topic: Book? =)
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

And Mötley Crüe had twenty years on their back..

Well, you're not the only old dude with kids, listening to this music. I will without hesitation say, that I'm a fan of this amazing band. I was young in the 80's, and I've missed this kinda music for ages. And even though there's quite a lot of 'hair'bands out there now, Crashdïet started it, and they were by far the best of them.

Great songwriting, strong compositions and an image so authentic, that one could easily compare Dave Lepard and Crashdïet to Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue.

Jan-24-06 22:22:44
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

And to you scandinavians, also visit to post your feelings, svenska, norsk, engelsk och dansk er tilladt.

Jan-24-06 20:37:03
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Please pay your respect to the memory of the mighty Dave Lepard on RockReport's forum, here:

We must show and tell our respect and feelings everywhere we can, and this is a largely visited site for rockfans. So please post your feelings, 'cause spreading the word on this fabolous band does not have to end with Dave..

Love and respect

I know the bands decision right now is to not continue as Crashdïet, and all respect too that.

But as time will heal wounds and sorrows, I truly hope that Crashdïet will continue as a band, under the same name. For your own sake, for the fans, and last but not least, in honour of Dave and his vision. You guys where part of that vision, and to me it seems it would be in sthe spirit of Dave and rock n roll heaven, to carry on the torch..

With a couple of new tunes, u guyz have enough material to put out a new album eventually, and somehow I think it will be respected and regarded as an important piece of work, in the name of rock and roll..

But all this is in the future, not something the band should be thinking about at the moment, theres a time to mourn and a time for business and fun.
But it's all good with this forum, and I believe in time, that the fans would want a place to request Crashdïet's return..

We all love you..

Cockrock and Glam/Sleaze Metal was basically back on the map by now, thanx to the incredible outfit called Crashdïet - a great foursome led by the amazing persona and songwriter Dave Lepard.

First I was shocked, in shock for hours wondering wether this was a publicity stunt or the real deal. Then shock turned to sadness, not just because of the musical failure it is, when Crashdïet will record no more music, but also beacause you guyz where a gang, you where one in a million, similar to the great Motley Crue, Skid Row or Guns n Roses - you truly had the chance of bringing my favourite music back to life.

But now I'm angry and frustrated...why'd u have to be so selfish? Why'd u have to be that spoiled brat with diva tendencies, always wanting the last word? Where you blind to the fact that u made 1000's of lifes worth living? Could you not see what u where about to accomplish, or already had?

Do you really think you will go down i history as another Jim Morrison? Think again, and come back to life, and fullfill the dreams of the youth gone wild.

Rest in sleaze Dave...and may Crashdïet remain.

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