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Jan-26-09 04:35:22
Topic: Monroe
Category: Off Topic

thank you! don't have much time to search things ya kno... thanks for the help..

Jan-26-09 03:41:45
Topic: Monroe
Category: Off Topic

so what? I'm just wondering, couldn't find anywhere else to write it.

Jan-24-09 19:12:29
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

L3nalena wrote:

Hollywood_Coco wrote:

you're such a dick dude! the kid is so young and he wants to sew up a doll of one of his favorite musicians, and you gotta be a dick like that! It's people like you that should go fuck yourself! piece of shit

And you're retarded. The whole idea of a forum is to express your opinions and that's what I'm doing. The doll looked like shit, the idea was cute but the result was horrible, kk?   current/neutral

fak off

Jan-24-09 18:06:28
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

L3nalena wrote:

Crashcrueroxx wrote:

L3nalena wrote:

What the fuck is cute with that?  current/roll

not gay enuff for yaa?{SMILIES_PATH}/Sexe03.gif


nice work bro current/wink
(to the doll dude...haha)

I don't care if it's gay or not.  I just can't see the cuteness in a pair of sewed doll-pants.

you're such a dick dude! the kid is so young and he wants to sew up a doll of one of his favorite musicians, and you gotta be a dick like that! It's people like you that should go fuck yourself! piece of shit

Jan-24-09 17:55:40
Topic: Monroe
Category: Off Topic

has this forum died or something?  Because I've been reading posts everywhere... and some date back like 06 and shit... Is there anybody out there?  And what's up with Crashdiet?  are they like looking for a new singer? writing new material? Honestly I've been showing every single soul I know here in Montreal Crashdiet, and they just can't get enough!!!!! C'mon guys!!! Crashdiet is huge and there's only one way to go from there!

Keep rockin' in the free world!

Hollywood Coco

Jan-23-09 17:59:36
Topic: Monroe
Category: Off Topic


Monroe is a straight up in yer face rock n roll band with a grind yer face in the cement sound! Coming straight from Montreal Canada!!  5 super talented musicians make this band and we don't give a shit bout anything! You guys can check out our myspace and all comments welcome! Tell us what you think about our music man!!!

Keep rockin' in the free world!

Hollywood Coco

Jan-21-09 21:52:36
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

wicked ass interview, Dave was the fuckin man! still is... It's all about the attitude

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