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Feb-27-14 23:41:48
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I get your point Viper. But I'm a bit scared because I see an unofficial release for sale every now.

How much time has passed since the last "hey buy this now"?

I'm not totally against this kind of stuff... I mean, nobody is forced nor bound to buy it. But sometimes it seems like Crashdiet has lost the way and got attracted by the market thing. And this isn't Crashdiet!

Do you remember the line "be yourself not a puppet in their freak show"? And the one that say "I can't stand be in the spotlight?"

I know that fans kept asking for the old demos to be re-released. So why sell only 8 tracks?

Don't get me wrong. I still love these guys but I'm just scared by those fancy banners.

Feb-27-14 20:47:04
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

To be honest, I probably won't buy this one. I'm sorry but 22€ are too much for 8 songs which I already have and listened to for years...

What is happening? I see too much business behind Diet's music these days...

I'm sure lots of people won't agree with me but I feel a bit disapointed.

Just my two cents... Cheers guyz!

Oct-03-13 15:20:15
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

These songs are A W E S O M E!!!

I think that Crashdiet never released them because they are a bit far from their typical sleaze. But hey, they deserved that money!!!

Cornestone Trippin' was the "Sample 1" from Generation Wild era, while Unforgettable is older stuff. I remember an old instrumental demo called  "Can't Stop Loving You"...

I'm still missing sample 9 and Parasite, but I hope it's just a matter of time. One day, we'll probably taste them too current/wink.

Sep-05-13 22:17:24
A news article featuring a youtube video with Danny, Dave's cousin.
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

mrs v. viper wrote:

^yeah I noticed, but I haven't seen you for a while. I've been worse actually.. going to move to England for a couple of months for a student exchange in 3 weeks current/smile Hope you are well too!

Yeah, I feel alright. I hate my job, but since these are hard times for Italy (especially for young people), I could say I'm lucky current/smile.

Sep-05-13 22:07:46
A news article featuring a youtube video with Danny, Dave's cousin.
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

mrs v. viper wrote:

cool to see you here again Julius!

Hi Viper, how are ya? I have been following this forum regularly since 2009, but I don't write lots of posts. I'm glad this playground is still alive.

Sep-05-13 21:58:49
A news article featuring a youtube video with Danny, Dave's cousin.
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Nice version, it was kinda rare.

Even though I miss the "alarm-like" scream of Olli before the solo, I overall prefer the way Simon actually sings it.
I know they will never re-record it, but I had the chance to hear it live and was awesome.

Sep-05-13 21:54:25
Thoughts, Reviews, and Comments
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I really really really liked this live.

I written a review on the market, but I'd like to share it with ya forum fanatics too. I apologise (as every post :p) for my bad english, but I hope it's understandable current/tongue.


The opening track, Change The World, is a sort of hymn. It encorauges people to think with their own mind and live is just awesome. Circus is another track which comes from the street. Every word smells like gutter, while the guitar keep screaming like a hot girl for the entire song.

The third song, Tikket, is a nice piece of songwriting and it's well performed by the current line-up. Although it has been written by Dave Lepard, Simon and the guyz play it with lots of feeling. Anarchy is just perfect for a live show: it has the words, the power and the blast of a riot.

Then, Breakin The Chainz reminds us the old days, but nowadays it's played in a nice original way, so it sounds like it was written yesterday. Rebel: the title says all. It's one of the most loved track in Generation Wild, but the stage's taste glorify it in a mystic way.

The work behind records infects the studio version of Chemical. Now we have the chance to hear it in a more natural way, enjoying every single note. Queen Obscene is a classic and one of the most beautiful song of the last decade. Live is pure madness, and the guyz know how to exalt it. Then we can admire the sounds of Got A Reason, with experimental riffs and guitar works. This is a nice piece of classic Rock 'n' Roll, and live is as raw as dirty sex.

It's A Miracle and Riot In Everyone are pearls of Dave Lepard; but he's still in Crashdiet's hearts. We clearly feel him, even if they are sang by another rocker. Simon Cruz performs 'em well: in a personal way, but with the right sensations and emotions. Between those two masterpieces, we find Garden Of Babylon. The oriental shades are excited by this live version, which shows us that Crashdiet can make the difference with every song.

Excited could be the sountrack of a Hollywood's Movie. The rythm and the lyrics explode on stage, this version is so emotional and unique. The piano of Otto Welton and the technique of Crashdiet narrate this urban story with feeling and pleasure.

The presence of Liquid Jesus is a good surprise. It's a bonus track, so it wasn't expected to be heard live. Thin Lazy, Linda Öst and Otto Welton give the right “color” at this exibition. This song is perfect for parties and sad days. It took yer pain away. Another anthem is Generation Wild. The title track of the third album of Crashdiet was clearly written to be lived on stage. The lyrics are thrilling and attractive, clearly speaking about the rising of a generation. But every good generation should follow them.

The last track of “Scandinavian Hell Tour 2013” is Cocaine Cowboys. The blues jam acting as intro is something Crashdiet never shared with the fans. It's another revelation of this show and introduces one of the rawest song of the latest studio work. On stage is just wonderful.

So... This is my poor review. I just shared it with you all because this record was worth every money I spent. 100% recommended!


May-10-13 22:53:22
Japan bonus track
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Not bad at all, I like it current/smile.

But now I'm waiting for  "Parasite" and "Sample 9"

May-05-13 23:59:16
I think many here make their own music, and I'm curious about your actual working process.
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I've written countless songs too.

I find inspiration in everyday life. That's why I nrmally start with the lyrics.

Once the lyrics are quite right and reflects my feelings, I chose a scale and start the music.

I cut some words and sentences, just to fit the rythm.

Sometimes I work with bass 'n' paper, sometimes directly via TuxGuitar. The only limit is your fantasy.

I try to find the notes for the voices too, but this is the hardest part since I'm not a good singer.

May-05-13 14:58:42
Japan bonus track
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Holy shit... The Cult! What a surprise!

Sounds interesting. I love stories behind lyrics and musical inspiration.

01. Change the World 29 (-)
12. Excited 36 (+)

Feb-07-13 20:00:59
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Sorry, but to me it's quite good, but nothing special.

beautïful wrote:

I was on the brink of getting bored, just expecting something to happen.

I had the same feeling.

My favourite video is "Cocaine Cowboys": funny and entertaining  current/smile

Feb-07-13 19:55:33
your thoughts on the production
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

izzie wrote:

ust beacuse everyone is comparing it to RIS

Am I the only one who hates the production in Rest In Sleaze?

And to stay in topic, I think they changed the production because the songs are also different from the standard of Crashdiet. They looked for a rougher feel, which is far from Generation Wild.

But it doesn't exactly sound like live stuffs: listen to the back voices on California for example.

I like the whole thing (it took me some time though, because it's different), but I hate some vocal overdubs (chorus of  "Got A Reason"). I can't find the right words, maybe I'll express them in the "fan review" thread.

I miss the "RamPac" duo on some riffs (think about "Drinkin' Without You" with the bass sound of "Down With The Dust"), but Excited is like a pearl (seems like it's ready for a movie).

01. Change the World 8
02. Cocaine Cowboys 5
03. Anarchy 4
04. California 5 (-)
05. Lickin' Dog 4 (+)
06. Circus 8
09. Drinkin' Without You 5
10. Snakes in Paradise 4
11. Damaged Kid 7
12. Excited 9
13. Garden of Babylon 7

Feb-05-13 22:23:10
What you think?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I think Simon sings it with more feeling, but maybe it's just me...

And it's not easy to change a song once it's written (think about scales and melodies). Especially for vocals...

You can also listen to the demos before TUR: the song is nearly the same, although singers 'n' lyrics are different.

Feb-05-13 19:53:26
What you think?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Albianrock 2010!!! I was there: what an amazing show!

I agree. Simon sings Falling Rain very well: what a gust of emotion!

It's Circus right now, but I feel something good in every song.

Feb-05-13 14:10:44
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

2 years have been gone since I saw Crashdiet live...

I think it's time to jump on a fucking train and leave Trento behind for a gig.

01. Change the World 8
02. Cocaine Cowboys 4
03. Anarchy 4
04. California 6
05. Lickin' Dog 5
06. Circus 7
09. Drinkin' Without You 5
10. Snakes in Paradise 6
11. Damaged Kid 6
12. Excited 8
13. Garden of Babylon 7

Feb-04-13 20:21:45
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

Woah! An italian fan page!!! Nice to know girlz!

Oct-10-11 21:05:53
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Great surprise! Especially because it's not a typical Crashdiet's song.

I like it, even if it disappears against hits named So Alive, Save Her, Down With The Dust etc...

The guyz prove us another time that they don't care about genres: they really play what they feel.

This is great!

(btw, I love the video because it's so raw :-))

my favourite is the demo of "So Alive" right now

Mar-09-11 12:34:39
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

peterlondon wrote:

Nahh, on R.I.S we used the real stuff. T.U.R is another story, though

I really like, for example, the bassline on TUR's "Alone".

I'm not so much into the bass of RIS. I prefer how it sounds on TUR and GW.

But it's a matter of taste.

Mar-09-11 12:27:53
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Uhm... I think I play it a bit different...

I discovered Crashdiet because of my brother.
TUR's songs like "Alone" and "Thrill Me" still remember me how I was feeling at the moment... Around March 2008!

A storm of bad feelings and good memories...
- My ex-girlfriend kicked me a week before I listened to Crashdiet for the first time. ("...I can be the one, alooooone!...")
- Me and my friends where enjoying speed around hidden streets ("Cheating death burning down the hill...")

I was coming from Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motoerhead) so I became in touch with TUR easily. (But I don't like few songs. I hate "Bound To Be Enslaved" for example).
But RIS blew me away! Songs like "Riot In Everyone", "Out Of Line" and "It's A Miracle" have been staying in my mind since that march 2008.

Anyway, thanxx for this thread!!!

By the way, I think that the real name of "Don't Stop Me Now" is "The Cult".

Listen to the lyrics... I understand:
"All set, ready to go. Don't stop me now, calling at the cult!"

P.S.: (I found this title in a interview)

Feb-06-11 15:04:08
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

So Alive - 8 (+)
Save Her - 11
Down With The Dust - 10
Native Nature - 11 (-)
Chemical - 13

Feb-02-11 16:04:20
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

joey_baccardï wrote:

well said. I don't get all the people calling themselves for "Sixx", "Sleaze" or "Lepard" when there's hundreds of people already using those names.

That's why I added the O on mine

And because I can't compare myself to Dave

Back in topic (maybe  current/lol ), I bet Sample 6 is called "Parasite"... Isn't it?
Anyway... I want the number 9...

Have you guyz heard the demos of So Alive & Down With The Dust yet?
I think they fucking rocks, especially So Alive  current/big_smile

:twisted:  MrLee I hate you for that "Don't Stop me Now" :twisted:

Jan-29-11 11:49:29
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

So Alive - 10
Save Her - 9
Down With The Dust - 10
Native Nature - 10 (-)
Chemical - 14 (+)

Yesterday I learned to play Chemical with my bass. Such an awesome song with extremely catchy chorus! So, for today, my vote goes for it!

Jan-28-11 23:01:28
Topic: Drugs!
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

current/lol Something I think I'm a very rare kid  current/lol

...Because I hate alcohol and especially drugs (but I'm not against people who drink)

http://www.crashdiet.org/components/com_agora/converter/{SMILIES_PATH}/Fete03.gif I enjoy my life even without them http://www.crashdiet.org/components/com_agora/converter/{SMILIES_PATH}/Fete02.gif

Jan-14-11 22:22:22
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

XiLaii wrote:

noooo I love falling rain, and I'm not hot on XTC

IMHO, Falling Rain and In The Raw are much better with Simon than Olli!!!

I really LOVE how he sings them live!!!

  :twisted:   :evil:  And... I'm still wondering why you guyz hate two songs like Alone and Thrill Me  :twisted:   :evil:

Jan-14-11 22:17:55
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

So Alive - 8
Generation Wild - 4
Rebel - 7 (-)
Save Her -4 (+)
Down With The Dust - 10
Native Nature - 10
Chemical - 8

current/sad I wanted Armageddon  current/sad

Dec-28-10 19:02:56
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Crashdïet - Armageddon

Dec-28-10 18:49:48
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Mrs V. Viper wrote:

uhm not pretending I have a clue but I know that for drums my Brother used this one when he started, itÄs a free dru sampler.


he got pretty good results with it.

Take a look to Hydrogen: http://www.hydrogen-music.org/?p=main

This is a free drum machine for Gnu/Linux. There is an installer for Windows too.

You can download some drumkits to customize your sound.

And it's easy to use!!!

P.S.: Audacity is a great software  current/smile

Dec-28-10 18:27:28
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

In The Raw - 26 (+)
XTC Overdrive - 26 (-)

Dec-26-10 19:14:15
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

You guyz raped my favourite TUR's songs {Thrill Me & Alone  current/sad }

Bastaaaaarrrrrrdsss  current/big_smile

In The Raw - 24 (+)
Falling Rain - 4
XTC Overdrive - 24 (-)

Dec-25-10 13:49:09
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

I received a new bass (Eko MM300 with DR HiBeam Strings... Fucking great bass for my style! ONLY 230€!!!), money and a USB-Key for watching TV on my PC  current/big_smile


Aug-12-10 14:24:15
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Mrs V. Viper wrote:

help me fill the gaps please  current/big_smile


you're slidin down the ???-floor

Isn't it bathroom-floor???

Aug-08-10 23:55:23
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

The bass's sound is awesome on GW... Exspecially on "Down With The Dust"!!!!!!!!!!

Jul-16-10 15:43:39
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

AxL Whïte wrote:

JuLiuS Leopard wrote:

I'm wondering of Generation Wild with "Sick Mind", "Fear Control", "One Of A Kind" and "Caught In Despair"....
I think the guyz wasted a bit these songs...

Maybe not fear control, that doesn't feel as catchy as some songs need to be. But I don't really care if they're on the album or not, I just want them in better production, Caught in despair with real drums! Sick Mind with better mixing! Awesome!

IMHO, Fear Control has a good solo!!!

Jul-16-10 15:02:16
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I'm wondering of Generation Wild with "Sick Mind", "Fear Control", "One Of A Kind" and "Caught In Despair"....
I think the guyz wasted a bit these songs...

Jul-11-10 13:10:04
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

I like the way Germany plays football... They always go far in the competitions...

I mean...

2nd place on 2002
3rd place on 2006
2nd place on Euro 2008
and now 3rd place!!!

Well done!

Today it's the final step! Good luck to Spain and Netherlands! Both are good teams and I don't really know who will win!

Jun-28-10 16:34:27
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

emilio wrote:

Is the song up on youtube yet?

I don't think so...

Jun-28-10 16:32:28
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

current/sad  Sad after Italy's matches...  current/roll

The team was completely disastered... We need young guyz!!!

Anyway... In my opinion, Germany, Netherlands or Brazil will won the World Cup!

We'll see  current/big_smile

Jun-18-10 13:38:27
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

JuLiuS Leopard wrote:

So undecided...

Armageddon, Down With The Dust and Bound To Fall are so great!

Save Her and Beautiful Pain are so emotional!!!

MMM... MMM... MMMM... Undecided yeah....

After 2 months I voted for Armageddon!

mmm I prefer Martin's version at the moment, but it's without solo

Jun-07-10 13:41:31
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

lisse_93 wrote:

Anyone who have the lyrics for bound to fall i cant find it anywhere  current/smile

Please don't answer...

If she/he wants them, she has to buy the cd and remove the downloaded one...

Jun-04-10 22:32:21
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

My favourite setlist is something like this: http://www.crashdiet.org/phpBB3/viewtop … amp;t=3579

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