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Mar-15-13 02:29:27
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I'm Jorge... The spanish-est name haha...

It's George in spanish...

Generation Wild. Fuckin' good!

Only one?
One per CD, maybe...

Rest In Sleaze: Queen Obscene 69 shots... mind-blowing.
The Unattractive Revolution: In The Raw (the best way to start a CD)
Generation Wild: hard to decide... Native Nature or Rebel (I like the aggressive way Native Nature punches you right in your face after the first strophe; and I like the anger Simon transmits during the whole Rebel song)
Savage Playground: I'm still getting used to this CD... Cocaine Cowboys might be my favorite... but I really like Lickin' Dog's words...

I'm gonna be honest... at first... I didn't like it very much... But it's a classic thing on me... I don't know why, when I buy a new CD i usually don't like it very much at first, and afterwards I finish loving it...

So I'm still listening to it, and it's growing on me little by little... Maybe after a couple of loops I'm gonna say "this is fucking good".

For example, Cocain Cowboys I didn't like it very much during the first 2 or 3 times I listened/ watched it, and now... I think it's really good...

So wait for a week 'till I write again hahaha....

Sep-14-09 01:23:26
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

m_p wrote:

i have it , msn

UPLOAD THEEMMM!!!! I want themm!!!

Sep-14-09 01:18:07
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Exposed

Ok, upload something, man... I wanna download some things!

I understand you, guys... but think this: I'm from Argentina... things as CDs, DVDs, and accessories of this kind of music it's impossible to find...

I'd like to have it... but I don't have the way to buy it, not because of the money, 'cause I have it... but we don't have rock culture... so... I think I'll die without this DVD...

Can you upload the video clips at least?? Pleassseeee!!!!

Sep-14-09 00:53:50
Category: Off Topic
Forum: New Members

Shizu wrote:

Hello beautiful people!!! I`m Shizu ( is not my real name) i`m 19 and  and i`m from Argentina...

I like Crashdïet so much but I discovered them so later...you know ...well...

I registered in this forum before  but i couldn´t login me and and had to do it again..

Sorry for my english, is not perfect n_n jejejeje i´m learning

See ya

De a poco vamos sumandonos más Argentinos!!!

Sep-14-09 00:52:18
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Nikki J Springers wrote:

who speak spanish?  i live from Argentina, por favor alguienn que sepa hablar español, no me puedo manejar muy bien en esta pagina, porq me cuesta mucho el ingles :S

My name is Nikki Joskick Springers

My favorites bands are Guns N Roses, and Cräshdiët

Please, my inglish is realy bad  :s...... who speak spanish?!

I'm from Argentina!! Soy de Argentina!!

Así que cualquier cosa, avisame, man. Por dónde vivis? Cómo andas?

May-29-09 22:33:40
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Hey there!

I'm from Argentina, is there anybody else from here, or around?

When is Crashdiet coming here!? C'mon, maaann... I need to see you!

In spanish:

Soy de Argentina, hay alguien más de acá o alrededores?

Cuándo viene Crashdiet para acá? Dale, man! Quiero verlos!!!


May-29-09 22:18:51
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

NAME: Crucifyxae (not my real name)

AGE: 22

LOCATION: Argentina

LIVE: the moment: Carpe Diem.

BOY OR GIRL: me? Boy.

BODY COLOR: yellow (i'm a simpson  (?))

BODY TYPE: not fat, not thin.

HAIR: blonde

EYES: Brown


IN A RELATIONSHIP: Naaaooooo... never... i'm fine alone.

SMOKE: whatever you want.

DRINK: I can live without women... but the beer... it's an addiction...

HAPPY WITH MY LIFE: yes, I'm fine...

TATTOOS: looking forward to have them...

I LIKE TO DO: sex, drugs, and rock & roll!!

HOW I GET MY CASH: working...

THE RECORD WHO CHANGE MY LIFE: Magos, Espadas y Rosas (Rata Blanca)

MY FIRST RECORD I BOUGHT BY MYSELF: Hermética (Argentinian Heavy Metal)

HOW I GOT INTO CRASHDIET: searching swedish-not-black-metal bands...


MY FAVORITE SONGS WITH DIET: It's difficult to choose one... i'm gonna say: Queen Obscene 69 Shots

FAVORITE SONG OFF ALL TIME: Highway Star, and La Leyenda Del Hada Y El Mago (Rata Blanca)

FAVORITE TV: I hate the nowadays TV.

FAVORITE MOVIES: horror and funny...

I LIKE TO READ: the news paper, or cops historys hehehe

FAN OF: Rata Blanca (an Argentinian band... it's so good!), Nightwish, Poison, Scorpions, Helix, Britny Fox, XxX, Europe, Mötley Crüe, and all that great 80s music...


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