Hey there! I'm closing this place down and the migration of data to a new, improved website has started already, so keep in mind that anything you post from now is gonna be wiped! Will be back shortly with news. Cheers //LONDON

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I guess collecting can be a curse sometimes, but more often a thrill.

I hoping to get one of these demo CDs... Will see what happens and let you know how I go.

Oct-09-14 11:57:08
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

I see that the soundwave promoter retweeted a crashdiet song today. Hoping that is a good sign of things to come...

Sep-26-14 14:03:41
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Bulletrain - Start Talking

Probably one of my top 3 albums of the year so far!
Awesome disc.

peterlondon wrote:

glam_junkie wrote:

If you have some of these, I wonder what other treasures you have...

Next time you come to Sweden you gotta visit my place. Probably have lot's of stuff you'd be interested in current/smile

don't tempt me....
although i think with a little baby now, traveling may not be possible too soon.
but never say never.

miszczurek wrote:

dammit I wrote a message to this guy, because wanted to buy them too but he's not answering. current/hmm

glam_junkie wrote:

if these are original I would pay a good price for 1.
PM sent.

have you recieved anything?

I did hear from them today.
I will ask them if they got your message.

peterlondon wrote:

glam_junkie wrote:

Are there different versions with different coloured logo? Or are some with different colour logos fakes?

The first edition we did had yellow color in the logo and the CD looked it a little different. And they were numbered current/yikes. Can't remember how many we did. Maybe 200 or so. Did it all by hand current/smile.

The one above is the second edition with 2 extra songs I believe. I don't think Riot is on the first edition, probably not California White either.

Still have a few of these somewhere.

EDIT : I'm almost 100% sure the CD's above are legit btw because I do recognize the sleeve now. We bought these at some store in Stockholm, haha, I remember everything now. It's easy to spot fakes if you know what the original sleeve looks like current/smile

Thanks for the info.
So now you are telling me I need to find 2 different editions?!?!
The thrill of collecting.

If you have some of these, I wonder what other treasures you have...

Are there different versions with different coloured logo? Or are some with different colour logos fakes?

Sep-22-14 05:09:38
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

Line Up so far...
Soundwave Festival 2015

Day One
Adelaide – Saturday, 21st February, 2015
Melbourne – Sunday, 22nd February, 2015
Sydney – Saturday, 28th February, 2015
Brisbane – Sunday, 1st March, 2015

Faith No More
Lamb Of God
Gerard Way
New Found Glory
Fear Factory
Hollywood Undead
The Aquabats
Area 7
Crown The Empire
The Interrupters
Icon For Hire
Emily’s Army
Patent Pending
The Bennies
The Color Morale
Nothing More
Ne Obliviscaris
The Treatment
Day Two
Melbourne – Saturday, 21st February, 2015
Adelaide – Sunday, 22nd February, 2015
Brisbane – Saturday, 28th February, 2015
Sydney – Sunday, 1st March, 2015

Marilyn Manson
Fall Out Boy
Judas Priest
All Time Low
Papa Roach
Of Mice & Men
Escape The Fate
Tonight Alive
Butcher Babies
The Swellers
King 810
This Wild Life

The Wonder Years

+ more to be announced!

Sep-22-14 05:07:01
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

peterlondon wrote:

As far as I know, there are negations happening right now. Hopefully we can make it happen this time!

Great news. Hope things work out this time around.
I haven't purchased a ticket yet based on the first lot of bands announced, but was hoping some bands I want to see were in the 2nd line up to be announced.

This year the festival will go for 2 days instead of 1.

Make sure you negotiate to have some of your own shows aswell. If not, I'll be putting on one here in Adelaide!

Sep-22-14 04:36:25
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

Anything happening for Soundwave Festival 2015 London?
I understand that the promoters were talking with crashdiet for 2015 but i didn't hear any more after that,

peterlondon wrote:

They play in Stockholm on the same date as GHOST... That's a shame for them current/sad

Damn! GHOST will be upset that half their crowd is missing then current/wink

peterlondon wrote:

Sounds pretty good!

you should get along to see them if you have the opportunity.
their live show is awesome.

they have this modern sleaze sound mixed with a 70's hard rock sound, heaps of dual-guitar

Sep-22-14 04:10:32
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

remember about 1 year ago we talked about giving people the opportunity to ask the band questions....

that was more based on facebook pages, but would maybe work for the website aswell.

ok. unfortunately they are not mine, but I would like to get my hands on one.
but with fakes out there all the time it's hard to tell, and this is the only item I am chasing now.

Peter, Just wondering if you can tell from the photo if these are originals or fakes.


I recommend any of you guys on here should go check out these guys if they're playing anywhere near you!
If you like Crashdiet, I'm sure you'll enjoy Laced In Lust

23/9—Escobar, Aarhus, Denmark

26/9 – KGB Bar, Stockholm, Sweden

1/10—Rocker Bar, Hannover, Germany

10/10—Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster, UK

15/10—Chesters Live, Berlin, Germany

16/10—Marie Antoinette, Berlin, Germany

18/10—Star Club, Uster, Switzerland

23/10—Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany

25/10—Aldstadt Cafe, Eindhoven, Netherlands


Here a little promo clip they just done up to promote the tour:

May-06-14 09:59:23
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

tried emails to different addresses, but still getting no reply.

Mar-20-14 15:01:26
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Will have to have a listen. Have got all their older material so keen to hear what they deliver this time.

Mar-07-14 03:57:02
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Skate board deck would rock.
I got an old brides of destruction deck at home... One of the coolest bits of merch I've seen.

Mar-07-14 03:54:37
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

Still no updates...?

Mar-07-14 03:52:46
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I think it's awesome this is released.
No one is forced to buy it or listen to it, but I bought my copy immediately after seeing it for sale.
Regardless of if these are available for download or elsewhere I'm glad the band has released it. I don't download or burn CDrs for listening very often at all so I'm excited the band has decided to release some stuff from years gone by in official format.

Looking forward to vol 2!!!

Feb-12-14 04:00:23
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

LONDON, are you able to give us an update on the outstanding pledges from the 'save the tour' campaign?
Still haven't heard anything about my purchase...

Jan-29-14 05:58:46
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

so many bands releasing their stuff on vinyl now...
the new Sister album and 7" singles, Heavens Basement album and 7" single, Hardcore Superstar 10" star shaped single...
And i already need to get the vinyls from Casablanca, Dregen (12" and 7") , Sister Sin, and more

haven't heard the whole album yet, only the tracks they have released as singles on YouTube.
from this i think they might be getting a bit heavy for my liking now. I can still enjoy listening to this style, but not as often as other sleaze music. I think i need to be in the right mood for a sound this heavy.

Jan-16-14 02:52:41
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

My wife received her 'save the tour' shirt today. Great design.

Even though I purchased a different reward from this campaign, if there are any spare shirts left over Peter please let me know as I'd still like to purchase one.

Any updates on child / baby design merch?

Jan-15-14 09:50:34
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

Last chance to tell us Peter before the announcement on Friday. Did negations progress at all or will we have to wait a bit longer to see you back in Australia?

Dec-17-13 23:18:11
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

Hertsi88 wrote:

What rumors have you heard? finally we will get the shirts current/smile

I don't want to repeat them and hence spread them further. It would have just been someone upset making up stories.
It's just great to hear there have been updates and progress on this.

Dec-17-13 04:13:52
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

ok, good to hear something from Peter. i didn't get this email (likely because i didn't order the shirt).
wonder if my wife got it cos she ordered the shirt...

i purchased the 'ultimate fan package' item, which was gonna be left overs from the tour, so keen to hear what is happening with that.

but at least those other rumors I was hearing can be put to rest!

Dec-17-13 02:51:42
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

I believe the third and final announcement will be made before xmas so not too long to wait now until we find out for sure (either way).

Dec-17-13 02:48:57
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

Some people were telling me some bad rumors about this campaign just last week.... hope they're not true, as I'm sure we would have heard if any issues had arisen.

Are you able to update us on the campaign purchases Peter?

Dec-09-13 00:16:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

vilatichoslapka wrote:

Andy Pierce singer Nasty Idols is dead..current/sad

Sad news.
Only 45 yo.

Nov-07-13 23:07:14
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

strike 2!
one more announcement to go.

Nov-06-13 11:51:08
anyone got it?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: The Market

No one?

Nov-06-13 11:49:40
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

1 day til the announcement. Fingers crossed

Nov-05-13 01:37:56
anyone got it?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: The Market

I see there is a recording of crashdiet live in Melbourne going around.
Has anybody got this one, as I'd love to hear it!

Oct-30-13 23:45:23
Soundwave Australia 2014?
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: On Tour

1 week until the second list of bands is announced for the 2014 festival.
Hopefully there is some new involving crashdiet this time.

Oct-30-13 23:40:45
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

The crashdiet flag was almost the perfect size for his cot...


Oct-22-13 01:11:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Thanks for all the congratulations.
I'm sure my time will be very limited these days with work and hospital travels filling all my days.

Livingdead4life wrote:

Hope you get home to celebrate xmas evening current/smile

That would be the ideal scenario, but we won't know how he is traveling for a while yet. I would definitely prefer to celebrate Christmas by bringing the little fella home instead of sitting in the hospital/.

Oct-21-13 03:48:47
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Hi guys, as i'm sure some of you are already aware via facebook, I've got a bit of news to share.
1 week ago i became a daddy of a little baby boy 'Oscar'. Weighing 1030g (2lb 4oz), he was born last sunday afternoon 12 weeks premature in an extreme rush, but has been doing as well as can be expected for his age. He / we have a long road ahead with Oscar likely to be in hospital until xmas / new years time and requiring a fair bit of care, but everyone is doing well.
Here's a few pix of the little warrior.




Oct-18-13 07:45:08
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

peterlondon wrote:

glam_junkie wrote:

Maybe u need some crashdiet merch printed on some baby clothes current/wink

Already working on that actually, will have it done before the end of this year

Cool. I might just have to be you first customer for this one.
Something using the phrase "it's a miracle" would work nicely.

Oct-16-13 16:36:24
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Maybe u need some crashdiet merch printed on some baby clothes current/wink

Oct-11-13 06:51:22
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers


half a reunion of legendary 80s/90s sleaze band The Candy Harlots!
w/ Kill Shott & Sunset Riot

beware... someone selling the demo EP recently... it is a copy.
They do not say that in the listing, but i emailed and asked and they were honest.
But incase people didn't ask.... they might get caught out with this one.

Oct-04-13 06:44:02
discuss and dipslay your records here!
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Received the Vitecong Pornsurfers 7"
Still waiting for Toxic Rose.


Oct-04-13 06:35:42
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

My wife placed a new order for me!
Some shirts, some patches, the flag, the drum sticks and the live download.
Too much good stuff keeps appearing in this store.

Oct-04-13 06:33:37
Thoughts, Reviews, and Comments
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I finally got around to purchasing, downloading and listening to this.... and am loving it.
Makes me want to see a live show even more (so get down to Australia!).

I thought Simon struggled on a few occasions throughout the show, but then redeems himself straight after. Martin definitely mixed this very well. Love the set list. Great release guys!

Oct-04-13 06:28:42
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

riKki reKkless wrote:

I had a pretty bad phonograph, so I was afraid of playing vinyls on it. I rather didn‘t play my signed Crashdiet LP on this horrible thing that destroyed my vinyls. Today I got a new phonograph for my birthday and I listened to the Savage Playground LP for the first time. I was really sad when I saw it was completely bent even though I never took it out of the shell and just stood it into my vinyl cabinet. It‘s ok to play Side A but Side B is bent upwards so it sounds horrible and I‘m afraid to destroy my needle. current/sad Just wanted to let it out.

how disappointing!
looks like it has been exposed to heat. Warping will happen to vinyl even if stored correctly, but gets exposed to heat. Was it left in a  car or anything like that?

Oct-03-13 02:04:21
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

wow... 169 kr! Pretty pricey for a download but nice stuff to have i guess.

Oct-02-13 02:12:50
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

How many tracks are there?
(track list anyone...?)

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