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Jun-19-11 01:26:47
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I got two things to say current/smile

1 - Lady Gaga is a walking nightmare. I don't really like her music and I do feel sorry for her, 'cause for me she looks total psycho who needs a good therapy.

2 - I can't wait for Crashdiet's next album, whenever it comes out. The cd with Oliver was crappy, but I'm sure their next cd won't be anything close to it... Why? Simon rules =]]]]

Jan-19-11 22:01:13
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

brave current/wink

Jan-17-11 18:33:31
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Now it worked out current/smile Pictures are simply amazing!!! thanks!

Jan-17-11 17:42:20
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Sorry, the link just doesn't work for me.. current/hmm

Jan-17-11 16:26:21
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters


Jan-17-11 16:15:28
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

hmm.. I cant' see any pictures there current/hmm

Jan-17-11 16:04:39
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

@P. fizzy Suxx - I've seen that one! The boys looked GOOD current/smile
@miss obscene - any chance to see it?

Jan-17-11 16:00:00
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

@gothMINd - hey thanks! current/smile
@PeterLondon - I also count my cat as a family member current/wink

Jan-17-11 00:19:23
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Back to Peter-topic.. current/tongue Does he has any kids?

Jan-16-11 20:55:30
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

@izzie - I meant Miss Obscene current/wink But you're always free to write me too current/tongue

Jan-16-11 20:43:18
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Hey, I'm tolerant current/big_smile

Jan-16-11 20:34:12
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

I've tried to send you PM, but it didn't worked current/hmm
can you send me one? I gotta extra questions current/big_smile

Jan-16-11 20:25:36
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

oh wow, that some choice current/smile Didn't know that Miss'es and rockstars can get along current/big_smile  Wow, super current/smile They look cute and she is pretty, that's for sure current/smile

Any more news? Maybe other Crash-guys got married too? current/big_smile

Jan-16-11 20:15:24
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Thanks a bunch! Do you know anything extra about her?

Jan-16-11 20:09:06
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Oh wow! that's amazing news! I didn't know that current/smile Congratulations to the nice couple{SMILIES_PATH}/Fete02.gif

Jan-16-11 19:42:34
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

Hey guys,
please don't kill me...

I haven't been here for ages, and I just saw on Peter's blog, some pics, and under one of them it's written (my wife). Ok, did I missed something? Is he married?

Just a curiousity.

Apr-08-10 13:19:44
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Ok, I don't if that's the right place to post my question here, but hope it's alright...
So... I just got a new pc, and the old one (of course) got a problem, and my all mp3 or/and videos on my old pc has gone...
I'm in call for help, form you guys: I'd be so very thankful if anyone who uses skype or msn (or by e-mail), could send me some mp3, from various bands, such as: Warrant, Warlock, Bonfire, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Journey, Black Sabath, WASP, Tigertailz, REO Speedwagon, Axel Rudi Pell and so on... I lost them all, and I have no way to get them current/hmm
If anyone has it and would be kind of sending me some, I'd be glad!

Oct-14-06 13:23:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Faster Pussycat - House of pain

Oct-14-06 12:39:32
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Accept - Fast as a shark

Oct-14-06 11:35:38
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Pink floyd - Comfortably Numb

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