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Dec-16-13 19:04:07
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Hey guys! current/smile I don't hang out here at the forum even close to as much as I should these days. But I am so busy with school (finishing my teaching degree) and planning my move to the States where I will be working as an au pair. In the last couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about Crashdiet though and wondering why they are being so quiet... all of a sudden a facebook-event pops up saying that they will be playing a gig right here in my home town current/big_smile soo happy!! Bought my ticket immediately. I'm so excited that I get to see the guys play once more before I leave for the US in June!

Sep-21-13 14:49:57
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I did this two years ago... will be interesting to see what my answers will be. Much has changed since then current/smile

1. I will be 23 years old in 11 days

2. I'd love to see beautiful Croatia again. Other than that I am very much looking forward to going to the US as an au pair next year. Will work there for one or two years current/smile a dream coming true!

3. I don't have a favorite place. As long as I have a good friend with me, I can be just about anywhere.

4.Any kind of chocolate

5. Probably something unhealthy but let's pick something that I love making at home...vegetarian schnitzel, potato wedges, champignon mushrooms and bearnaise sauce.

6. I love all animals, big or small as ants.

7. Blue and black

8. Västerås

9. Västerås

10. I wish it would be night time so that I could finally get of the house and see the joker group TRiX perform.

11. Elin Maria

12. OCD I guess, not that I would call that just a bad habit

13. Haven't had a real job yet. Been in school most of my life. Finished with it soon.

14. Crashdiet, Black veil brides (yes I know a lot of people here think they suck, but I think they're great), Hardcore Superstar and a couple more.

15. Dancing or going on silly trips with my friend Sofie.

16. Chicco here in Västerås or Michelangelo in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

17. Hugs

18. Every kind of weather is amazing and makes me happy.

19. Not a huge fan of sports but I like following soccer during the world championships.

20.  zalando.se and boozt.com

21. Laying on one of Croaties amazing beaches and then jump into the water and look at the cloud covered mountains behind me wouldn't be too bad...

22. No freaking clue

23. Photo albums

24. I don't hate any celebrities. I'm not particulary fond of many of their music styles. But until I have met someone eye to eye and realised that their personalities or life choices sucks, then I don't hate them. I'm friends with celebrities who I have heard terrible rumors about and I am still clueless of why these people hated them so much, because they are wonderful. So don't believe anything you read until you actually meet the person yourself!

25. I don't know much about cars but our family car - a Toyota camry - fucking rocks.

Sep-16-13 22:20:25
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Watching "School of rock" for the first time. Never saw it when it came out, it's really good current/tongue

Sep-16-13 19:19:34
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Oh cool!

ElyTheWriter wrote:

This morning i took from my garden a lot of hazelnuts because i found the recipe for do home-mede Nutella! (or hazelnuts cream!) current/big_smile

I can hardly keep myself from smiling right now, because I just handed in a paper in school that I reeeeally think I am going to get a good grade on. This is the second time I am re-writing it and I need a good grade to get money from CSN (I'm basically being supported by my parents right now) so I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Sep-16-13 19:16:29
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

Haha oh right, haven't even thought about that! I don't think I am the right person to be in charge of this, but if someone takes on the leader roll then I am more than happy to help out of course current/smile

Sep-16-13 01:35:47
Category: Off Topic
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Went to my friend Sofie's house and gave her two of my home made cupcakes... her reaction made me smile current/big_smile

Sep-15-13 18:11:49
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Lily Allen - Fuck you

Sep-15-13 17:49:26
Category: Off Topic
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Hey ya'll, I'm back! I needed a little break from the world of rock n roll (not the music though) so I haven't really seen any rock shows since Crashdiets release party. I just went to Skogsröjet for one day and that's about it. When certain people who you relate going to gigs with messes up your life, then you really need a break current/wink One of the few bands I want to see live right now is Crash. So I guess I've jumped back into the right forum current/smile

No problem! current/smile

So, since not everybody could listen to Martin and Simon on BANDIT Rock this evening I wrote everything down for those who are interested! They were on air for two hours… haha… I’m pretty tired now current/wink But it was fun! They played their favorite rock songs and discussed some of them. I missed some things that they said, especially in the end. But the podcast will be up on the web site later for Swedes to hear it so maybe you guys can clear up some question marks for me…


Being played: Crashdiet – Riot in Everyone

Host - Welcome to the show Martin and Simon from Crashdiet! So how come you chose Black Veil Brides new single as your next song to be played?
Martin - They are a cool band and I have listened some to their new album and think it’s pretty good!

Being played: Black Veil Brides – In the end

Being played: Accept – Fast as a shark

Host - Any reason why you chose this song?
Simon - I wanted to play this song because it reminds me of a time when I was helping a friend out with renovating and setting up stuff in his apartment. We listened to Accept then and I happened to get the nickname "Fast as a shark" because I guess I was so quick and good at doing this.

Being played: Ghost – Ritual

Being played: Crashdiet – Cocaine Cowboys

The guys discuss the song afterwards and describes it as… heavy, makes you want to dance and makes you think of the wild west.
Host – Was it inspired by the documentary?
Simon – Yes it was partly inspired by that.
Host – So the next song is from Gemini Five? Do you think they are on their way back?
Martin – Yeah I think they are on their way back. They took a break for a while, some of them had kids and so on, but I think they are hungry to get out there and play again. I was a stand-in guitarist for them for a while. Great guys.

Being played: Gemini Five – Scream 4 me

Being played: Dropkick Murphys - Your Sprit's Alive

Being played: Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World

Being played: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

Being played: Crashdiet - Falling Rain

Host - How come you chose to play “Falling rain”?
Simon – Because it is the best song on that album.
Martin – He wants to record it again but with his vocals on it instead, is what he is saying… haha!
Simon - Hahaha!
Host – So what do you guys think about KISS?
Martin – KISS is the best!
Simon – Yeah they are very good.
Martin – I have listened to them since I was like 7 years old.
Simon – One of my first memories is actually from when I was about 6 years old and lived in Skåne (south in Sweden). I saw them playing on TV and I saw Gene Simmons sticking out his long tongue. Let’s just say that the TV was shut off damn quickly… haha! I couldn’t watch it.
Host – Haha, yeah those guys usually look more dangerous than what they really are. Is there any reason for why you chose to play this particular song?
Martin – Nah, it’s just one of their latest songs from the new album. I just like it.

Being played: KISS – Wall of sound

Being played: Crashdiet – It’s a miracle

Host - Good song.
Simon -Yeah that one is darn good.
Host -You’re going out on a Scandinavian tour soon?
Simon -Yes, we’re playing six dates in Sweden and then we head out in the world. The plan is to go back to Sweden and play there again this fall.
Host -The next song is from the “Chinese Democracy” album. Who chose it?
Martin - I guess that would be me, haha!
Host -What expectations did you have on that album when it finally was released?
Martin - I actually started listen to Guns N Roses pretty late in life, when I went to school they were considered too main-stream and not very cool. But I got into their music around -99 or year 2000. It was just when Axl got the band together again so I started following them frantically. I knew pretty much all of the songs on “Chinese Democracy” when it was released. I’ve grown up with it… or well, at least for the last 10 years, haha!

Being played: Def Leppard - Photograph

Being played: Crashdiet – California

Host - You’ve recorded a video for the song “California” right?
Martin - Yeah it’s the second single so we recorded a video for it recently.
Host - Will it be like soft porn?
Simon - Haha yeah, us going wild and being rebels in a hotel and so on…
Martin - Yep just that and then us performing in front of a white background.
Simon - I actually hung out one day with the director and went around singing among (kinda hard to translate this, but I think he says something about there were clothes hanging up on lines that he was walking around in)… so I went around that shit and sang my ass off. It ended up with the director telling someone to take over because ‘Simon is acting like a fucking monkey’… haha!!
Host - Is this song simply about California?
Simon - Yeah it’s simply about our trip there.
Host - We’re gonna play some Hardcore Superstar now. Buddies of yours?
Simon and Martin - Yes for sure. We had a lot of fun touring with them and The 69 eyes. We would love to go on tour with them again real soon!

Being played: Hardcore Superstar – One more minute

Being played: Crashdiet – Beautiful pain

Host - Simon and Martin from Crashdiet is here with us in the studio. And that was a song from your last album.
Simon – Yeah it was actually the last song on the album “Generation wild”.
Host – A pretty emotional song…
Simon – Yeah it really is. It’s about me actually, when I was younger… not really something that I feel like going into any details about though…
Host – I understand and you absolutely don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. But it’s pretty personal I gather.
Simon – Yeah.
Host – And here comes a bit darker song… I’m guessing this one was picked out by you Martin?
Martin – Haha yeah I guess it was. I had times when I was younger when I listened to a lot of that kind of stuff. Maybe not so much this band, but I started listening to them a while ago and they are so freaking good!
Host – A bit of a retro sound which I bet you like?
Martin – Haha, yeah I guess that’s what I fell for!

Being played: Opeth - The Devil's Orchard

Being played: Crashdiet – Alone

Martin -This song was from the second album “The unattractive revolution” and we actually wrote it together with Mick Mars from Motley Crue, which makes it pretty special.
Host - What was that like?
Martin – Surrealistic. It feels pretty unreal now a couple of years later…
Host – So when Mick Mars plays a riff for you, can you even say ‘nah that wasn’t very good…’?
Simon – Haha… ‘can you come up with something else?’.
Martin - Haha! He's actually a very humble guy. I was terrified of him before he walked into the room but he was alright.
Host – But when he gave ya’ll the thumbs up and said that the song was good enough, did you just agree and said’fine’?
Martin –… and then we ended up not using the song, it got kicked out…. haha!
Host – But things are going very good for you guys now isn’t it?
Simon and Martin– Oh yeah absolutely
Host – About the next song… there is something special about death metal isn’t it?
Martin – Yeah
Host – But you’ve never felt like starting a band like that?
Martin – Been there done that!
Host – But you don’t want to do it again?
Martin – I actually played in a band called (I couldn’t keep up with the writing here so I missed the band’s name… but something in the lines of Dimnen, someone else probably knows which band he was talking about)… maybe a reunion is in order! If you guys are listening, what would you say about that? Haha!
Host - But let’s play this song now
Martin – Yeah this song is very, very good!

Being played: Dismember - Casket Garden

Being played: Rancid - Time Bomb

Being played: In Flames - Cloud Connected

Being played: Crashdiet – Save her

Host – Is this song about some girl you know?
Martin – Yeah it kind of is… but this has probably happened to a lot of other girls too… I don’t know, how should we interpret it?
Simon – Swedish winter depression…
Martin – Haha!
Host – The next band is a big one, Europe…
Martin – Yeah I chose one of their new songs. I have always been a big fan of them, they were actually the first band I really liked. I love their new album, it’s a good production. And I like good productions…
Host – Haha, we’ve noticed! Is he difficult to work with?
Simon – Haha, yeah he can be tough to work with but it’s also important that the songs turn out great. Also, if you get to hear the songs recorded very early on then you most often know immediately if they are any good or not.

Being played: Europe – Firebox

Being played: Crashdiet – Breakin´ the chainz

Host – It’s been great to have you guys here! New album out, tour coming up…any dates in America?
Simon – First Bueno Aires, Sao Paulo and those places… then ?? (was too busy writing to hear what he said).
Martin – Then we’ll play in America too. (at least that’s what I think he said)
Host – Is there any room for me on the plane to South America, then save it for me will ya!
Martin – Of course
Host – Last song is from the Rolling Stones.
Martin – Yeah I’m very excited about this song. I haven’t found this band very interesting lately but then I saw this music video and loved it.
Host – They are the sort of band that you love from time to time.
Martin – Yes I prefer their stuff from the 70’s.
Host – Good luck with the album and the tour!
Martin and Simon – Thanks a lot! Bye!

Being played: Rolling Stones - Doom & Gloom

Dec-03-12 17:57:19
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Most of the best bands have already been mentioned, I'd like to add these two to the list current/smile

Miss Behaviour

Dec-03-12 17:48:11
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters
Forum: Street Teams

New cover photo up on my facebook now too current/smile good job Anna!

Dec-01-12 13:14:44
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

Not sure what my next gig will be... perhaps going to Stockholm the 19th for a charity thing that Ryan is throwing. (Btw, please show up at Sturecompagniet if you are in town that evening. We are collecting money for the wonderful musician Jack Mittleman who are fighting cancer!).

Otherwise I have bought tickets for Lana del Rey and Robbie Williams next year. Really excited about that! current/big_smile

Nov-30-12 11:56:20
Category: CRASHDÏET Matters

The little that I've heard of this song... I like current/smile it had this sort of... bounce... in it.... haha.

Nov-30-12 11:44:37
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Off-topic

Hi everybody current/smile haven't been here for a while. Thought I'd check out the forum again since Peter sounded so excited about it in his blog, haha!
It looks great and I'll try to spend more time here, just like in the good ol´ days.

Jun-09-12 19:56:13
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

My next gig will be Billy Idol at Peace and Love. But will be there most of the evening I guess so I'll see other artists too.

Jun-07-12 20:05:33
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The story of Anvil

Utøya, en liten ö i världen

America's most hated family
America's most hated family in crisis
(both can easily be found on YouTube)

My favourite documentary about that day. Two french brothers were actually filming a documentary about firefighters, so it starts off with their everyday life at the firestation. Then America is all of a sudden under attack and these two brothers filmed it all. Both on the inside of the towers and on the outside. Incredible footage. This Youtube account doesn't have part 3 but you can find it in the list to the right, where someone else has uploaded it.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crSW1zE3 … re=related

These are the ones that I come to think of as of now current/smile

Jun-05-12 21:19:12
Discussion and recommandations
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Music lovers

I have an eclectic music taste, which means that I like listening to pretty much all genres. I always say "there are no such things as bad genres, only bad songs". It's not like I listen to country music every day, but I don't mind a beautiful country ballad on a late summer evening current/smile Or a bit of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" or "Jolene". I like some rap songs but don't have any big rap idols except for Eminem. He's just brilliant. I used to like rock n roll as a child too, but I was waaaay more into pop music current/wink

Jun-04-12 20:44:42
Trading points for merchandise - good or bad!?
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

It's not about being negative though. It's about seeing all sides of it.

Jun-03-12 22:31:28
Trading points for merchandise - good or bad!?
Category: Off Topic
Forum: Forum Support

CurrentlycRazie wrote:

Everyone has some really nice ideas, and it's sad to see people getting annoyed about it. I think it's all very well for us to express our opinions, but ultimately it isn't our decision. We can just present the pros and cons of the user points, and think about them that way. No one's ever going to manage to get us all to agree entirely, so some of us will just have to compromise ^^.

Exactly current/smile

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KerLondonLepard: I am studying swedish hehe :D
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Mcinsanity: now i need to go! we have talked alot today :D it was again so nice, it's always so nice:)
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KerLondonLepard: :-*
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