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Anything goes

Monday, 20 January 2014
Group Admin
All NON-CRASH related stuff goes here!
Monday, 20 January 2014
Group Admin
  • mrs v. viper
    get together!
    Started by mrs v. viper Thursday, 28 August 2014 5 Replies

    Hi Anna . Thanks for checking in . I have plans to put the forum back here once I've figured out how to make it fit with the rest of the site, design-wise. It will happen, eventually. This playground isn't officially launched yet so everything is pretty much in test mode here but I'm slowly getting the pieces together.

    And nothing is too random for this group so keep it up

    Best wishes


    Last replied by peterlondon on Sunday, 07 September 2014
  • katribear
    Band Recommendations
    Started by katribear Friday, 22 August 2014 6 Replies
    mrs v. viper

    Check out Hong Faux (swedish band), D-A-D (Denmark), Man Man (US), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (US), Shotgun Express (germany) oh and these guys: ROTOX (SE)…

    Last replied by mrs v. viper on Thursday, 28 August 2014
  • peterlondon
    What's up??? (Just testing things out... help me!) :)
    Started by peterlondon Monday, 20 January 2014 15 Replies

    While you enjoy the summer. In Brazil is in the winter and too cold for us. You can be sure that 17 degrees is too cold here in Brazil. haha

    Last replied by Luana.Crow on Friday, 11 July 2014
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Mcinsanity: klock is so much, and i have school tomorrow :( Tomorrow i think i can talk little bit later.. and Peter I hope you 'll figure everything out :) Good night everyone!
Mcinsanity: clock* :D
KerLondonLepard: Good Night my friend :D
Legion: I can't post again..
FrilansReklam: test the chatt hi all
FrilansReklam: hi again
KerLondonLepard: Hello :)
Carl Tap: hi
KerLondonLepard: Hi! :)
Mcinsanity: Hi! :)
Mcinsanity: I ordered shirt in M-size ;)
KerLondonLepard: Great! :D
stinger: Hello :)
Mcinsanity: hey! :)
KerLondonLepard: hey :)
Mcinsanity: How are you everyone? :)
KerLondonLepard: I'm fine now! :D thanks and u?
Mcinsanity: I'm fine :)
KerLondonLepard: :D
KerLondonLepard: Anyone there? :)
thaisaltessor: Hi !!
KerLondonLepard: Hey! how are u? :)
thaisaltessor: I'm fine thanks :D what about you?
KerLondonLepard: I'm fine thank you :D
thaisaltessor: Where are you from?
KerLondonLepard: Italy! My name is Sara,nice to meet u :) and u? Where are u from? :D
thaisaltessor: Nice, I would like to meet Italy *-* I'm from Brazil! My name is Thais, nice to meet you too sara :D
KerLondonLepard: :D Nice Brazil :) I'd like to visit :)
thaisaltessor: Cool! I loved your tattoo to peter ♥
KerLondonLepard: Ohhh! Thank you so much ♥ ♥ ♥
Mcinsanity: hey! :)
KerLondonLepard: hey :)
KerLondonLepard: Hello :)
Judd: hi!!
KerLondonLepard: How are u? :)

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