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Street Teams - General discussions

Wednesday, 16 October 2013
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Help us spread the word! Miscellaneous Street Team oriented discussions are to be held here.
Wednesday, 16 October 2013
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Mcinsanity: Only last summer ;)
KerLondonLepard: I mean that in 2014 they became my favourite band :D
Mcinsanity: yeah :D
KerLondonLepard: mmm last summer? 2013 or 2014?
KerLondonLepard: :/
Mcinsanity: 2014
Danny Oliveira: and who is your favorite guy Mcinsanity ?
Mcinsanity: in crashdiet? oh... hard question, gotta say Simon, and yours?
KerLondonLepard: Peter!
KerLondonLepard: absolutely
KerLondonLepard: hehe
Danny Oliveira: PETER *-*
Danny Oliveira: love so much him
KerLondonLepard: me too <3
Mcinsanity: :) <3
KerLondonLepard: I think that Peter is a fantastic person <3
Mcinsanity: How long you have been fan, Danny?
madcandy: and me too! i love him soo much! awespme man
Mcinsanity: Hope he will read these messages in this chat! :) Peter, we love you! <3
Danny Oliveira: I met the band April 2014
KerLondonLepard: haha yeah! *-* <3
Danny Oliveira: Love you so much *-*-*-*-*
KerLondonLepard: I don't remember your names :(
KerLondonLepard: sorry girlz :_(
Mcinsanity: Saga :) one letter difference with you ;)
madcandy: i've never seen them :(
Danny Oliveira: that's what i will ask right now hahha
Danny Oliveira: you mean live ? madcandy
KerLondonLepard: ah yeah!!! :D
madcandy: yes
Danny Oliveira: me either :(
Mcinsanity: me either :(
madcandy: i hope one day i'll see them :)
KerLondonLepard: yeah! me too! **
Mcinsanity: me too, very much <3
Danny Oliveira: the next time they come to Brazil I will go *-*

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