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  • bunkyloo


    I did not find crashdiet until november damn I missed the tour
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  • DenaB


    Love this PLAYGROUND!
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  • CC Martini

    CC Martini

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  • lynn99


    not sure how to work this site
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  • misssleaze


    your my sex bomb love machine! 69 shots of gasoline! \m/
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  • RATT88


    I just heard Adept's version of Riot In Everyone and I think it sucks.
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  • eldkins32


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  • AzzyPoizon


    i am too superstitious not to think this band has brought me amazingly good after getting on here 2 days ago, i woke up to a job interview (i took my crashdiet guitar pick with me because i think its lucky) and they offered me a job but said i had to dye my hair...after that, i went to get some lunch & ended up getting a surprise interview at the restaurant i love that not only payed more but will let me keep my crazy hair and be myself...they offered me a job today and hell yeah i took it! if this band hadnt been keeping me happy and inspired during everything happening the past few months i probably would be curled up in a ball in my room all sad and pathetic...they bring the outgoing badass person out of me that i need to be! life turned back over, i've never been better
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  • Glamdan


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