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CRASDIET 2024 1080x1080 news
The time has come to enter the next chapter in the CRASHDÏET book of madness.

After much soul-searching, Gabriel has decided to leave the band to focus on other things in life.

We are shaken by his decision, but we respectfully wish him all the best in his future endeavors and thank him for the years he worked with us and his contribution to the last two studio albums.

Taking over the vocal duties will be none other than John Elliot. A good friend and excellent singer from the band Confess! He has the drive and the hunger to lead us into a promising future.

We also welcome Martin's brother, Michael, as the band's permanent drummer! He has stepped in for Eric on countless shows since 2011 and is a natural fit for us. Now that Peter is back and full of energy, we can proudly announce the lineup of CRASHDÏET in 2024:

John Elliot
Martin Sweet
Peter London
Michael Sweet

See you on the long and winding road!





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