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    5 minutes ago

    Oh I forgot! I'm german, 24 and I'm studying to be a graphic designer! not too far to go to be done with it!

  • KerLondonLepard replied to get together!
    7 minutes ago

    Hello!! Nice to meet you! I'm Sara,I'm italian and I'm 19 years old :) and you? :)

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    9 minutes ago

    get together!

    Hello! I'm a bit of a granny meaning I hate all things new and miss the old forum, buuut at least in this new thing there are some people left :D So...

    Anything goes
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    21 minutes ago

    Check out Hong Faux (swedish band), D-A-D (Denmark), Man Man (US), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (US), Shotgun Express (germany) oh and these guys:...

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  • Bootyplank
    10 hours 27 minutes ago

    I wonder how active members are on this website anyway?

    mrs v. viper not that active I'm afarid
    but we could alltogether chnage that
    16 minutes ago
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  • Bootyplank
    10 hours 36 minutes ago

    Apparently I forgot my last account's username so I made a new one, done! c:

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  • peterlondon
    22 hours 25 minutes ago

    Been SICK! Hope to be back on track soon! - feeling angry

    mrs v. viper ugh get well! xx
    15 minutes ago
  • alz
    23 hours 39 minutes ago

    o yea that sleaze bag on facebook joey baker is of course me c ya , al

  • alz
    23 hours 40 minutes ago

    yo hope everybodys doing great . cheers from south florida usa , rock guys n gals , yo CRASGDIET its me alz from fl , missing you guys , 1 show was not enough , but kicked ass , thanks congrads again martin